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Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age Approx. 72 moons at death
Status Deceased
Debut FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 19
Death Natural causes
Names Whiteclaw
Mother Gingerblossom
Father Brokenface
Littermates Flamepaw, Sandfur
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Silverstorm
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None/Unknown
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Flame

Whiteclaw is a small white tom with gray markings.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Whiteclaw is a short, lanky tom, his pelt being predominately grey with a few white splotches every here and there. He has a medium coat, which is shorter around his face. His neck fur is very fluffy and large, his eartips having a fluffy edge to them. Whiteclaw almost looks like he has a mane, and he tries to keep his pelt clean so he can look presentable. If he is tired, he doesn't nearly clean his pelt out as much, though. Strangely, he is shorter than most cats, and suprisingly has more fur than normal. Most of his fur lies at the very top of his neck, circling around his ears and chin. 
He has a small, rounded face that is slightly wedge-shaped, and has a square like muzzle that lifts up to his chin. He has small, triangular ears and rounded tufts at the top of them, almost making him look like a maine coon mix. He has sharp white pointed whiskers, and his nose is a greyish black. His muzzle and paws are snowy white, almost making a pattern like a tiger on his legs. His pupils are a pitch dark black, shining in the crescent moonlight. Around his eyes are a dark grey, matching with the grey the outlines his pelt.

Character Edit

Whiteclaw is very misleading, and whenever being picked on, yelled at, or even plain disagreed with, he'll often grow a dramtic sense to him and start retorting back. He has a high tolerance of being annoyed, and doesn't take insults very thoroughly. He usually keeps his opinions to himself, but reacts rather suspiciously when somone asks him a question about something he may or may not know. He is rarely stubborn, but when he is, he disagrees with everything one says, and goes with his own opinion and rules. Ever since Flamepaw had bosses him around, he had learned to stand up for himself, and doesn't let anyone pick on him or make fun of him.
Whiteclaw has a small soft spot for kits, but doesn't like whenever they get in trouble or crawl all over the place. He usually believes that he is right, but will let others help and correct him if needed. Whiteclaw gets annoyed and upset by the smallest things, and doesn't joke around much. He likes to see hmself as a serious and bold cat, willing to cooperate with anyone and follow directions. If he disagrees with somone or something, he'll stand up for himself and give a big long speech about the certain topic, and quickly try to end the topic if somone is yelling at him.
He is seen cruel and cold to Outsiders such as Loners & Rogues, and especially DarkClan, but has a hidden soft-spot for Kittypets. In his eyes, Kittypets are just defensless kits that want adventure, and doesn't mean any harm to them. Whiteclaw is laid back more than he is supposed to be, and rather enjoys hunting more than fighting. He will often butt into a conversation and not know what anyone is talking about, and bring up a random topic that nobody else knows about. He is very trustworthy, and some even say that he is a little to trustworthy for his own good. 
He doesn't overreact very much, but he does stand up for what he thinks is right, even without stating his opinions. He likes to think he is very calm and plesant, being relaxed and stable most of the time without any problems whatsover. He likes to take risks, and believes that it makes enemy cats cower in fear when they catch sight of him. He is very loving and compassianant, and will often run to the rescue when somone is in trouble. He is well known for his loyality to FlameClan, sometimes saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Overall, Whiteclaw is a noble and respecting cat, known for holding grudges for a short amount of time and eventually getting over it. 

Skills Edit

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Life Edit

Roleplay Edit


Whiteclaw first appears in Archive 19, seen laying on his back and grunting quietly as Flamekit sticks his tongue out at him. He lets out a sigh, and growls at Flamekit to leave him alone. Flamekit starts to cockily retort back the question 'why?' and smacks him in the face with a paw. Whitekit lets out a yowl and falls backwards, stuttering that she wasn't supposed to do that. Flamekit snaps back at him to stop his mewling so he doesn't wake their mother up, and Whitekit crazily backs away. He wailed his mother's name, and she quickly awakes and demands to know what happened. 
Whitekit simply stutters in reply that Flamekit smacked him across the face, and Flamekit snorts back that Whitekit is pathetic. Whitekit snaps back that he isn't, and rubs his wounded face with a paw. Before the arguement goes any further, their mother, Gingerblossom, picks up Flamekit by the scruff and and places her next to Sandkit. She then tells the two kits to behave themselves, and gets ready to pad out of the Nursery. Whitekit then grunts quietly, and snaps at Flamekit saying, 'yeah, Flamekit!'. Gingerblossom then licks Whitekit's head, and tells them to sleep well.


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Quotes Edit


  • Whiteclaw will eventually become an elder, and will get a broken leg from saving one of his Clanmates.
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Pedigree Edit


Gingerblossom - Living


Brokenface - Living


Sandfur - Living (?)
Flamepaw - Unknown

Relationships Edit



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Coming Soon


Coming Soon


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Images Edit

Life ImageEdit


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