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Prologue Edit

"Mama! Mama! Tell us the story again please! pleeease!" A pale brown she-kit shouted at her mother. The mother, a silver tabby she-cat, leaned down and nuzzled the kits head. "Whisper? Would you like to hear it again?" she asked her other daughter, a white she-cat. She nodded frantic. "Yes, Fallencloud, Yes!"

"Settle down now, Here is the story of the brave Spirit Cat, Iceon," Fallencloud began softly. The kits climbed onto the dark brown flank of their father who was fast asleep. "Iceon wasn't very look up to, She always wanted to fit in, she was the Queens daughter so way not? it was because they thought of her as disloyal, unlike all her other siblings, she had another father, one part of the Evil Spirits. She couldn't help who her father was, she showed how loyal she was every day, she caught the most prey, trained the hardest, was kindest, but still, the Spirit Cats were too stubborn."

Whisper leaned to her sisters ear. "I hate the Spirit Cats for doing that to Iceon!" she whispered. Her sister nodded. "She's my role model!" her sister squealed quietly, her green eyes shining.

They stopped when Fallencloud noticed that they stopped listening. Fallencloud puffed out her feathery chest. "Anyway, when the great battle between the Evil Spirits and the Good Spirits came, Iceon was forced to chose a side, go on the Evil Spirits side, where she'd be treated like their own every day, or stay on the good side."

Whisper began shaking. She loved this story so much! "She picked the good side because she was loyal to them, no matter how long it had to take to gain their trust, she would go through it, she was loyal to them and to them only, Then her mother, the Queen, was murdered by the lead Evil cat."

The kits held their breath. This was the best part! "Iceon, much smaller next to this Evil cat, looked him in the eye, without flinching, she flew at him and killed him with one mighty blow. The Spirit Cats at last saw her for her she truly was, not the killer her father was, no, she was herself brave loyal Iceon. She then later became their Queen and still rules over her kingdom in peace to this very day." Fallencloud finished.

Whisper's sister squealed. "I love her so much! will we ever meet her?" she asked, eyes shining at her mother. Fallencloud purred. "One day, but trust me, not soon, Willow." Fallencloud pressed up next to her mate, Hollow. Willow bounced down and cuddled between their bodies purring and needing them. Whisper followed her lead, and snuggled next to Willow. Her sisters purring relaxing her and she drifted to sleep.

Chapter 1 Edit

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