Whispering Shadows



An eery mist cloaked the DarkClan camp, a shriek echoing out of camp. The dilute calico queen huddled her newborn litter in closer, their hungry mews being muffled by her paws. Her eyes were wide, but she did her best to soothe her newborns. A dark, giant figure loomed in the nursery entrance, making the Queen shiver with fear, flattening herself against the ground. The figure drew in closer, blood smothering it's jet black pelt. 

"...Is our litter ok?" The tom's voice was utterly deep and dark, yet his tone was sweet. But this didn't stop the queen's heart from pounding loudly in her chest. Grunting as he didn't get a response, he leaned over to see his three healthy, perfect newborns. The queen pushed him back with a small, delicate paw, her eyes still round with fear.

"D-Don't touch them! You're covered in blood." The queen whimpered, shrinking back once more and quivering with fear and she wrapped her tail around her kits. The massive black tom blinked simply in response, his ears flattening as he turned away.

"Fine. I'll be back after I finish that miserable scrap outside, don't have all the fun without me, Viper." Muttered the black tom, his studdied collar gleaming in the faint moonlight, glossy with his victim's blood. When the tom left, Viper gazed down at her kits with a softening gaze, her breathing slowing once more.

"...It's alright my dears, daddy doesn't mean you any harm..." She cooed, gazing up once more and watching the black tom sink his claws into the white tom's throat. "...He's just taking care of some business...Spade has always done his job, hasn't he?" She murmured quietly, placing her head on her paws as her kits' squirming calmed. She then watched Spade motion for a Spike to carry off the body, and then made his way to his den. Viper flattened her ears and let out a sad, fearful sigh, closing her pale eyes.

Chapter 1Edit

"But why not?" Complained Bethany, her head tossed back into a wail. Amber slumped beside her sister, towering over her as well as her brother, who happened to be growing as well.

"Because daddy's...Working." Viper meowed, pulling her kits back inside as she caught a glimpse of Spade dragging a cat by his tail.

"Fool! I told you to go hunting, and what do you bring back?! Nothing!!" He roared, causing Viper to shrink back, her kits gazing around in confusion. Amber stood bravely in front of her littermates, as if she was going to protect them.

"Momma? Why is daddy mad?" She asked, her blue-green eyes round in confusion. Viper flattened her ears, pulling Amber back into the nest.

"...He's...Complicated." The dilute calico queen sighed, shaking her pale head slowly. Bethany scowled quietly, turning to Maxwell and Amber.

"Well, we'll just have to play Clans in here! I'm Bethany, leader of DarkClan!" She announced proudly, her tiny tail waving as she moved to Maxwell and batted at his forehead, causing him to squint and grumble. "You're deputy!" She added with a curt nod. Amber frowned, gazing at her sister.

"What about me? Am I a Spike?"

"No, you're smelly FlameClan scum." Growled Bethany with a twitch of her tail tip, turning to her brother with her head held high. "Maxwell! I'd like you to lock up this FlameClan scum!"

"Hey, I don't wanna be FlameClan scum, I wanna be a DarkClan cat!" Argued Amber as she glared at Bethany, but her sister ignored her. 

"That's an order, Max!" She snapped, watching the gray-and-white tom flinch before rolling his eyes and nodding. He pushed Amber to a clutter of boulders, eventually pushing her inside the clutter.

"H-Hey, no fair, I can't get out!" Amber wailed, struggling about in the clutter of boulders. Maxwell slipped off the boulders, panting due to his efforts to push his sister into her "cage". "Momma!" Complained Amber, but Viper had left to speak with her mate.

"Hah! Weakling!" Spat Bethany as she curled her lips, turning away and marching to the other side of the nursery. With a frown, Amber sat back on her haunches with her ears flat, scowling quietly. Bethany was such a jerk.

Eventually, Viper returned and plucked her daughter from her "cage", scolding Bethany and Maxwell for doing such a thing to their sister. "I'm surprised you two could even trap her in there! When you're father is done with work, he'll have a talk with you two." Growled the dilute calico queen, lashing her tail once as Amber sat bitterly at her paws.

"It's not our fault she's weak." Bethany grumbled under her breath, glaring at the ground as she snorted angrily. Spade slipped into the nursery, his green eyes narrowed.

"I've heard that you two have caused some trouble. Come with me, we're going to talk in my den." Spade growled down at Maxwell and Bethany, watching them shrink back. He lead them into his den while Amber sat with her mother.

"Momma? Is it true that I'm weak?" Amber murmured quietly, her gaze on the ground. Viper flinched, her blue eyes wide.

"Goodness now, my sweet! You're the daughter of Spade, his strength runs in your blood. One day, you'll grow into your tall body, and you will show your strength." Cooed Viper as she gently wrapped her body around her she-kit. Amber rested her tiny, delicate head on Viper's paw, letting out a sad sigh. Bethany and Maxwell eventually marched back inside, but they looked...Proud. Something seemed different about them, what was it? Then she noticed it. They had their own collars! Amber gaped at this, rising to her paws and quickly scuttling to her father's paws as he entered.

"Daddy, daddy! Wh-Where's my collar?" Amber whimpered, noticing that his jaws were empty. Spade paused with a roll of his eyes, eventually looking away from his daughter.

"Gee, it seems that I've run out..." He mumbled, making his way to Viper and gazing down at her. "Viper, we need to talk." He muttered through cold green eyes, watching Viper shrink back. The queen made her way out of the nursery, leaving Amber with her littermates.

"Awww, poor little loser! No collar for you!" Teased Bethany, puffing out her chest proudly to show off her new object. Maxwell simply frowned, quietly shuffling his paws.

"...Maybe he's taking momma to look for one for you...?" He murmured to Amber with a slight decline of his head. Bethany hissed at her brother, cuffing him around the ears.

"No, idiot! Spade told us that he was talking to mommy about our weakling sister!" Bethany declared, her cold gaze falling onto Amber. "That's right, daddy knows you're weak! And he's not pleased either!" The gray-and-white she-cat gave her sister a cruel smirk, revealing sharp little fangs. Maxwell simpy frowned, but nodded his agreement.

"You better run sis..." He warned with a sad tone, his shoulders slumped slightly. Amber lay her ears back, shaking her head rapidly.

"No! Momma said I will get stronger!" She argued, flexing her little claws. Bethany laughed, not believing her littermate at all. Amber flattened her ears and scowled, stomping out of the nursery, only to run into Spade and Viper. Spade narrowed his eyes at Amber, his gaze cold and unwelcoming, while her mother quickly fled into the nursery, looking helpless. With a growl, Spade led his dilute calico daughter out of camp, his fur rising along his spine.

"I am very disappointed with you and your weakness, you don't resemble my strength at all! You have a few choices, Amber, but I will decide for you. You will either die, be kicked out, or get trained to be stronger." Growled Spade, watching Amber shrink back in fear as he unsheathed his claws. "You do take after me in size, so that can come in handy. You're quite beauitful like your mother, but DarkClan needs strength." Spade snarled as he began to pace, occasionally lashing out at things with sharp, deadly claws. Amber flinched whenever he did this, her blue-green eyes round with fear.

"I-I....I..." Amber began, shrinking back and looking terrifed. Spade roared in anger.

"Don't look weak like that!" He yowled angrily, lashing at his daughter's ears, taking out a large chunk in each. The kit wailed in pain, batting at her father with worthless paws. "That's right, suffer! Find your own way back to camp, hopefully you'll get lost and die a long and agonizing death." Spade curled his lips and snarled before stomping off back to camp, leaving his daughter to cry.

H-He hit me, why?! I'm just a kit, not even Bethany is that threatening! Amber sat there, sniffling quietly as blood threatened to trickle into her eyes. I-I'll show him, I'll show them all! I'll make it back to camp like no-one else! Amber rose to her small paws, flattening her cut-up ears. She would prove her worth, she'd rub it in the faces of Bethany and Spade. It took her quite some time, but Amber eventually trudged back into camp, Spade meeting her with a cold glare.

"Well well welll...Perhaps you're some use after all." The black leader gazed up at the bright creamy moon, narrowing his green eyes. "See that moon? You'll remember it for the rest of your life, it'll haunt you, because every moonhigh, you'll be training with me. You'll train until you can walk nomore, until I decide that you're worthy of DarkClan." With this, her father whipped around and stalked off to his den, where an innocent white she-cat lay. "Where were we?" Spade cooed with an evil smirk, the white she-cat being held down by two Spikes. She cried in pain, Spade sinking his claws into her neck, letting her thrash and eventually go limp. "Never steal from me again." He growled coldy, kicking sand over the loner's body. Amber raced into the nursery, her ears caked with blood.

"M-Momma, daddy hurt me!" Amber cuddled into her mother's soft chest fur, squeezing her eyes shut with ragged breathing. Viper gazed down at her daughter with a soft and worrisome gaze, while Bethany glared at her from a distance.

"...He's...Selected you, hasn't he?" Amber blinked up at her mother in confusion.

"Selected?" Amber echoed, tipping her head to the right slightly. Viper let out a soft sigh, closing her eyes and shaking her pale had slowly.

"He plans on training you and murdering you, that's what I mean by 'selected'." Viper explained, lapping the kit's bloody ears and cleaning them.

"...Yeah, he told me every time I see that moon, it means I'll train, and it'll haunt me forever, 'cause he'll train me until I can't walk." Amber whimpered, pressing her massive body closer to her mother, flattening her wounded ears in fear. Viper simply nuzzled her daughter, knowing there was nothing she could do to save her beloved daughter...She could only save herself.

Chapter 2Edit

It was the next night, and Amber was sleeping between her mother's forepaws, hoping her father would forget her and/or she'd blend in with her mother's similar fur. But, that didn't happen, Spade had the eyes of an eagle. He drug her from the nursery by her pale tail, ignoring her wails of pain. He plopped her down in the sandy Training Pit, narrowing his eyes sharply.

"D-Daddy, I'm sorry, please don't hurt or kill me!" Amber wailed, tossing her head back as she pinned her chipped ears against her skull. Spade simply curled his lips, unsheathing his claws and studying them.

"Time to get to training. We're going to learn the belly-rake, but first, you gotta learn to deal with the pain of the belly-rake, and just pain in general! If you can't survive this, then pah! I'm wasting my time." He paused, glaring down at her daughter as he realized that she was a kit, not big enough to pin him. "Look, I'm supposed to be pinned by you, and then I slash at your belly. I'll just have to cut it without you pinning me." Spade flashed a claw under his daughter, ripping at her belly fur and causing her to shriek in pain. The kit whimpered, backing away from terrifying father.

"T-That hurt!"

"Good!" Spat Spade, flinging his kit's blood from his claws. "Toughen up, you look like a lousy excuse of a daughter." Spade curled his lips in disgust, revealing sharp fangs. Heartbeats later, he leaped at his daughter once more.

After a brutal "lesson", Amber returned to camp, her hind leg dangling in the air as she walked, blood smearing her leg's glossy fur. Having no Medicine Cat, Amber would have to figure out what to do herself, so she decided to ask her mother. Viper had no clue, but was furious with what Spade had done to their precious kit. Bethany, on the other hand, simply laughed, insulting her sister even more.

I'm doomed...Spade's gonna kill me...! Amber lay in the corner of the nursery, hoping that she'd just bleed to death, and end her suffering. With a small sigh, the majorly-wounded kit closed her eyes slightly, letting her breathing slow and fur stick to her own blood. Eventually, a shadow covered the young she-kit, causing her to freeze with fear. Was Spade back to finish her off. "P-Please...Just end me quickly, daddy..."

"Huh? I'm not your dad!!" Amber looked up to see a dark gray tomkit, with eyes slowly changing from kitten-blue to a lime-green. Just what was his name...? Snaketooth, it was Snaketooth! 

"Oh, yeah...But please, just kill me anyways..." Amber groaned, her body limp and continuing to bleed. Snaketooth cocked his head, scuttling to the she-kit's side and gazing at her bleeding leg.

"Cool! Wait- your dad did this? I mean, his strength is cool, but hurting you?! That's not cool, you're his kit." The tom sat down beside Amber, beginning to lick the blood from her wound. "And seriously, lick these things clean before you die."

"Sorry," mumbled Amber, remaining still as her new friend helped stop her wounds' bleeding. He eventually sat back on his haunches, gazing at her oddly. "What?!" She eventually snapped, weakly raising her head and glaring into his green gaze.

"...U-Um, could you possibly, ya know....Teach me some of his moves?" Snaketooth leaped to his tiny paws, eyes wide with excitement. To his disappointment, Amber flattened her ears and growled.

"Are you insane?! No-way, I'll kill you!" She snapped, her tail lashing. Snaketooth snorted, circling his new friend slowly.

"You can try!" He challenged, his head held high as he gave the dilute calico she-kit a playful glare. She simply batted him away, still looking exhausted and beaten despite Snaketooth's grooming.

"Not now...I-I need to rest, and try to live through the night..." Spade's daughter murmured, her head lying on her paws once more, her eye-lids drooping. With an upset grunt, Snaketooth plopped himself down beside the she-kit once more.

"Fine, be boring." Amber simply ignored him, letting her body go limp once more and eventually fall asleep.

Amber awoke from a nudge from her mother, blinking up at her with dull eyes. She gazed around of find it still dark, and Snaketooth now gone. The young she-kit was still sore from her "training", and the young kit found her littermates asleep.

"M...Momma? Why'd you wake me?" Amber asked in an exhuasted tone, eventually letting out a massive yawn.

"I'm just worried sweetie, you're hurt...I'm not like your father or his followers." Viper sighed, letting her mini copy cuddle close. The queen gently leaned over and lapped at her daughter's wounded ears, which were caked with blood. Amber eventually fell back asleep, pressed against her mother's soft belly.

"Just how could you lose those idiots?!" Amber flinched as she awoke to her father's sharp and cruel tone, gazing outside nervously. Spade was snapping at a patrol, who were backing away with round eyes. Amber quickly shut her eyes as she watched her father raise a claw, and tried to block out the sounds of cats wailing in pain. Once the cries ceased, Amber gazed around curiously to find Bethany and Maxwell gone. Where could they be? Amber peered outside of the nursery to find her siblings eating with Viper. 

Yay, solid food! The she-kit raced to her family, eyes round with excitement, only to be stopped as a bloody paw slapped down on her tail, making her stop and screech in pain.

"No. You're too weak to eat solid food. Solid food's for strong cats." Growled Spade as he towered over his daughter before stalking off to join his family in a meal. Viper spotted her daughter in the distance, and raised her muzzle to call Amber over, only to have her muzzle scratched by Spade. "No." He firmly told his mate in a cold tone before continuing to eat. Her ears flattening, Amber made her way over to Snaketooth, finding him chowing down as well. Gee, did everyone want to make her suffer?

"Hey," the gray tom greeted between mouthfuls, casually glancing up at Amber. "I'm a Trainee now, I'm apprenticed to the deputy, Kai." He proudly announced, making Amber flatten her ears once more.

"Of course...Well, I'm already being trained by our leader." She retorted bitterly, cuffing Snaketooth around the ear. With a small growl, he leaped at the dilute calico, wrestling around with her before she pinned him. "Hah!" She declared proudly, placing a paw firmly on his chest. With a roll of his green eyes, Snaketooth pushed her off.

"Well, I'm much older than you, and therefore, I'll become much stronger and possibly leader one day. So hah." He poked her nose with a paw before stalking off, leaving Amber growling angrily. If any cat would succeed my father, it'd probably be one of my littermates. Amber returned to the nursery before sitting in her nest with a thud. Her ears were starting to bleed once more due to her wrestling with Snaketooth, so she found herself dabbing them with moss. The young she-kit quickly found herself falling asleep once more.

Amber woke once more to hear some fighting. She flattened her ears nervously as she recognized the voices of her parents, screeching at one and other. Amber curiously peered outside, watching her parents face each other.

"That lousy scrap should be killed, Viper, do you want to end up like her?!" Spat Spade, his black fur fluffing out as he glared at his mate. Viper bared her fangs, flexing her claws.

"She's no worthless scrap, she's a true spike, and even though she's only a few moons old, she would be a much better leader!" Snapped Viper, her tail lashing. Amber's heart began to pound in her chest as Spade began to circle Viper. She had to do something!!

"H-Hey dad, it's, um, m-moon high!" The she-kit piped up as she padded outside, flattening her ears nervously. Spade's cold gaze fell onto his daughter. 

"Very well, and never interrupt me again!" He spat into his offspring's face before stomping off. Amber gave her mother a worried look before nuzzling her chin and racing after her father. Though she just reminded her father about torture, at least her mother would be safe. For now. "Hurry up, before I kill you now." Spade growled over his shoulder, his tail tip twitching in annoyance. Amber let out a heavy sigh, quickening her pace as she followed her father to her torture.

The next day, Amber squirmed as her mother tried licking her shoulder wounds. "Sweetie, hold still."

"But it huuuurrrrtss!" Complained Amber, continuing to squirm from the burning pain. Bethany rolled her eyes, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

"Yeah, it only hurts because you're weak." The she-kit retorted. "Just like momma, like daddy said!" With a roar, Amber leaped at her sister practically out of nowhere, pinning the large gray she-kit, her eyes growing round with surprise.

"Shut up, you're the weakling here! You should be the one being tortured for your rude and selfish attitude!" Snapped Amber, letting her claws sink into her littermate's shoulder. Bethany wailed in pain, squirming about as she tried to free herself.

"A-Amber, stop, don't be like Spade, please!!" Wailed Viper, her eyes round with fear. Amber froze. Her mother was right. She was becoming her father. The she-kit immediately stepped back and let her injured sister get up shakily.

"F-Foxheart!" Spat Bethany, lapping at her wounded shoulders. Amber glared at the ground, her ears flat against her skull. What was she becoming? How could she become such a monster...? With her head shaking, Amber looked up to see her father giving her a pleased glare. Oh no.

He even approves of me...No.... Amber quickly turned away, racing deeper into the nursery. After hiding there for awhile, she padded back outside to see Snaketooth giving her an uneasy glance. He must of heard too...There goes my only friend. She bowed her head in disappointment, trudging on. Snaketooth had rejoined a few moons ago, being placed as a kit for awhile before being moved as a Trainee once more. He was much older than her, but still considered the tom a friend. Her gaze shifted to a cluter of other Trainees. Recently, she had been making multiple older friends, and now trotted over to them.

"You guys overheard as well, huh?"

"Yeah." Responded a tabby tom, twitching his whiskers. "But to admit, we don't believe it. Scram, you're a weakling now. If you were really strong, you would'a killed your sis." He grunted, he and his friends turning away. Amber's tail drooped. There went her last friends.

"W-Wait! What if I could prove my strength and worth?" The tabby tom narrowed his eyes at her once more. 

"...Hmmm..." He began before returning to his friends and speaking in low whispers. Eventually, they turned back to her with a nod. "Well, cats gotta earn their collars, right? You gotta get yours, from one of those dogs." Amber gulped in fear. Her, a kit steal something from a dog?!?!

"I-I-I...!" She began, starting to shiver with fear. Her friends starting cackling and laughing at her, until she hissed furiously. "Fine, I will! I'll show you all!" She spat, her fur on end as she marched out of camp. Am I insane?! I'm not even half the size of a dog!! The kit wanted to cry out, but she couldn't, and couldn't turn back now. She was going to kill a dog, she'd figure out how. The young she-cat found herself wondering into the twoleg place, pressed low against the ground. Before long a shadow fell onto her, and there stood a snarling dog, and she wasn't even looking for one on purpose. With a squeak of fear, Amber fled at top speed, the dog bounding after her with a howl of delight. Just what it wanted, a chase! Gotta hide gotta hide gotta hide!! Amber's muscles screamed in pain as she picked up her pace, her eyes round as she charged for a fence, the dog on her tail. That's an odd fence, it isn't white, it's like that twoleg-mesh stuff! Could she climb it? She didn't know, and didn't want to take a chance. Her vibrant eyes then fell upon a hole in the tall, silver fence. Amber raced towards it, quickly slipping underneath right before the dog could wrap its jaws around her delicate body.

The kit skipped a head a bit, deciding she'd find a smaller dog, only to angle her ears back towards the hole as she heard something struggling. Her eyes darted to the dog, its head stuck as it snarled at her. As Amber neared, it pushed off with its strong hind legs, whining as it tried its best to snap at her. Now's my chance! It's stuck, if I can somehow steal something from it...But what? It doesn't even have a collar, there's nothing to steal! Amber hissed in frustration, working her claws in the sand, until her eyes fell onto the mutt's large, sharp teeth. Hmmm... Turning, Amber eventually found a branch, dragging it closer to the dog. As she had hoped, it snapped out at her, missing the kit and getting the branch...But in the throat. The dog let out a cry of pain, muffled by the branch as it tried to back away, but its head was still stuck. Amber watched in fear as the dog chocked on the branch, not moving the branch an inch until the dog fell limp.

Did I...Just kill a dog?! The dilute calico thought in disbelief, her eyes round as she neared the limp brown pile of fur. She pulled the branch from its month and studied its sharp fangs. Using her paws, she managed to work the four sharpest and longest ones from its jaws before racing home. I did it, I did it! That'll prove my worth, not only did I get four fangs, but I also killed the dog! The pride and surprise in her father's eyes, how unforgettable it was. He even gave her a smirk. "...I've trained you well, my small child." He was impressed, proud, oh it was like a dream! Amber let out a purr, holding her chin high as she felt her collar slip around her neck. Spade dismissed her, so she happily skipped into the nursery, Maxwell giving her a confused glane, while Bethany simply glared.

"Mom, Viper, Momma Viper!" The molly chirped happily, trotting over to her mother with her head held high. "Do you see it? Do you like it? My collar, I killed a dog, momma, dad's impressed!" Viper raised a brow, watching as her mini copy bounced up and down.

"Oh really?" To Amber's surprise, she sounded rather angered, rising to her dainty paws before stomping out of the nursery. Bethany curled a lip at Amber, but kept her distance from her sister, not wanting to get attacked again.

"Way to go, now her and dad are going to fight again!" Bethany spat the words out like venom, glaring at her sister, while Maxwell fled to the farthest corner of the nursery, fearing yet another fight. For a daddy's boy, he was quite a whimp. Amber, enraged by her littermate's words, began to circle the gray-and-white molly, her fur fluffed out, only to be distracted by Snaketooth.

"Whoa, Amber, you got your collar? Sweet!" Amber paused, glancing over her shoulder at the dark gray tom. He was such a good friend, how she...loved him? Shaking her head, Amber trotted over to her friend, bumping her head against his in greetings.

"Hah, I sure did! I killed a dog, and took its teeth!" She paused, shifting her gaze back to Spade's den, listening to the yowls and snarls coming from the inside. "Speaking of those teeth, I should go get 'em, and put them in my collar. See ya in a bit!" She hesitantly approached the den, detecting the scent of blood before shrinking back. That wasn't good...

"You're trying to kill her, Spade, she's just a kit! She's our daughter, we're meant to love and protect her, you fox-heart!"

"I don't protect the weak, you fool, I kill them!"

"Then you're no stronger!"

"You're starting to sound like the weak, Viper! Maybe you should join them?! You're daughter'll be there with you if she doesn't keep up with my training!"

"Over my dead body!"

"So be it!" With a roar, Spade and Viper rolled out of the den in a ball of flying fur and blood, Amber jumping out of the side just in time. The kit watched in horror as the tom chased his mate out of camp, but that wasn't all. The faint scent of smoke wafted past the dilute calico's nose, causing her to freeze up. Frantic, she raced over to the nursery, her eyes round and wild with fear.

"B-Bethany, Maxwell, hurry, mom and dad are fighting, and it's really really bad! Plus, I smell a fire, and I fear this is going to end badly!" Amber panted, Maxwell's fur bristling as he raced over to his dilute littermate. Bethany simply scoffed, glaring at her sister.

"Of course you fear it's going to end badly, you're a weakling-"

"Shut up you little mouse-brain! This is bad, we've got to do something!" Snarled Amber, feeling her hackles raise as she watched Bethany shrink back. Turning quickly on her heels, Amber took off, racing out of camp with her siblings on her tail. Her ears pricked as she heard the echoing screeches and snarls of her parents, the smoke filling the kit's eyes, the air growing thick. The kits coughed, skidding to a halt as they entered a clearing. There stood a tree, wrapped around a large slate-gray rock, the top of the tree on fire. Spade towered over Viper, pinning the molly on the rock, his fangs bared and a claw raised. 


The black tom paused, his sharp glare settling on his three kits, who gazed up at him with little eyes filled with pain.

"Daddy, please! Don't kill our mom, we need her, we need you two to be together and happy!" Bethany begged, her voice heavy with grief and sadness, her shoulder sagging and head low. Spade curled a lip, shifting his gaze back to his mate, and then to his three kits.

"My children, it's time you learn about death. Death is all around you, and is about to happen right here and now. Be weak like your mother and mourn about her death, and you'll join her. This world is all about 'survival of the fittest', and your momma here isn't fit. She's weak, she's soft, and she'd fodder. She had my kits, and I loved her, and now her time's up. She's too soft. She deserves to suffer under my claws!" He plunged his raised claw into the soft-furred molly's throat, listening to her dying screams as she thrashed underneath his grip. Maxwell and Bethany let out a wail, Amber cringing and whimpering softly. The three littermates watched, and for once, they pressed close to each other, watching with their eyes round with fear as their mother's kicks and cries grew slower and quieter, until she went still.

"N-No..." Amber's jaw dropped, her body quivering as she gazed at her father. The white on his paws and chest were stained pink with his love interest's blood, which flowed from the limp queen's neck and stomach. But what scared and scarred Amber for life was what gleamed in her father's eyes. Pure joy. He was pleased, satisfied, filled with glee, as happy as a kit with a new friend. Amber's gaze then fell onto her mother's face. Her blue eyes, which once glowed with with pride and liveliness, were now glazed over. Her upperhalf of her body and her head slumped over and off the rock slightly, her jaw hanging open and trickling with a bit of blood. How could her father enjoy this?

"Amber." Shaking, the small dilute calico glanced up at her father, who still stood proudly over his mate's body. The blood that covered his dark pelt was slowly being washed off by the rain that fell, extinguishing the fire above. The black tom's voice was firm, demanding his daughter's attention, and boy did he get it. He leaped down from the rock, prowling over to his kits before glaring down at them. "We're training now, c'mon. You two, get back to camp, you'll be trainees tomorrow morning." Without waiting for a response, the tom turned, stalking off, Amber slowly following.

Chapter 3Edit

"Amber, get your tail over here. You can blab later." Pricking her ears and nodding slowly, Amber trudged after her father. More training. At least she had added a few more things to her collar. Her most recent nab was two fangs from a fox. It hadn't been much of a fight, she'd killed tougher cats. Nowadays, she towered over both of her siblings, her legs long, muscular, and battle-scarred, like the rest of her pelt. Her attitude had worsen greatly, ever since the death of her mother four moons ago. There was this new tom, a bit older than Amber. His name was Cliff, and boy was he annoying. She couldn't wait until her father killed him, even if the newcomer had some sweet battle-moves and strength.

"What? More training?" Amber spoke in a dark tone, glaring up at her father as he paced back and forth.

"No, and watch the attitude, or I'll cut your tongue off! This is very serious matter, Amber." Spade spoke in a dark tone, her sharp glare landing on his daughter as he ceased his pacing. "FlameClan's acting up again, attacking our patrols. I'm launching a patrol to attack them tomorrow morning. You're coming." Amber grinned as she flexed her claws. She had attacked all sorts of cats: kittypets, loners, rogues, a few tribe cats, but never a FlameClan cat.

"It'll be my honor!" Turning, the molly returned to camp, stretching out her hind legs as she seated herself to Snaketooth. Like his friend, the dark tom was changing greatly. He was colder, meaner, and merciless. Amber loved it. "Battles coming up, Snaketooth, hopefully you'll be invited to the party. Sparkstar's fur will be scared off!" She returne to flexing her claws, watching as her friend grinned.

"Good, I'd happily shred her to little tiny bits." The tom returned to his grooming, Amber padding into the Trainee's den and falling asleep.

In the morning, Amber was called out of the den, along with Maxwell and Snaketooth. Time for war. She paced impatiently, listening as her Clanmates chattered, waiting for the signal to leave. Soon, it was given, Amber racing beside her father. She was holding herself back from turning and cutting his throat out. One day, he would pay for what he had done to her mother.

The battle happened fast. FlameClan had been waiting for them, the two Clans clashing in an instant. Swipe, bite, duck, dive, snap. Another one dead, time to move on. She struck out at a fluffy white tom, his eyes as blue as the sky. He yowled in surprise, turning and leaping at the molly, rolling with her before pinning her. He raised a claw, ready to beat the fox-dung out of Amber, only to be called by one of his Clanmates. "Hey, Owlswoop, help me out over here!" The white tom took off, leaving Amber panting and enraged. Turning, she attacked another cat, until she heard Sparkstar's voice ring out clearly: "retreat!" Spitting, Amber released the tawny apprentice who had been trapped beneath her claws, smirking as he yelped in pain and fled at top speed.

"That's right, tail between your legs!" She yowled, her stance proud and strong. She paused, her gaze falling onto the many bodies around her and her Clanmates...Then she realized that half of them were DarkClan. A bit of sadness beat in the molly's heart, but she shoved it away with pride. They were dead because they fought with honor, they fought to the death! DarkClan had no code, and FlameClan had no honor or dignity! We're no cowards, we don't retreat, ever! Turning, Amber returned to camp with her Clanmates, her tail held high.

It happened so fast, too fast. Once back at camp, Spade summoned the Clan, gloating about his victory. Moments later, he made Amber, Maxwell, and Bethany spikes. Snaketooth was already one, he was simply decent enough to speak with Amber. All of the other Spikes were starting to fear her. Shame. Not like she liked them anyways. Puffing out her chest proudly, Amber retreated to the Spike's den, making her nest nest near Snaketooth's, while Maxwell and Bethany rambled away. Settling in her nest, the battered molly quickly fell asleep.

In the morning, she awoke with a start, screeching in agony as her tail was trampled. Her hackles raised, the she-cat puffed out angrily as her glare settled on Shauna, the silver tabby backing away as Amber glowered at her.

"I-I I'm sorry, Mrs. Amber, I really am! I-I was just trying to get through to see what's going on outside, and I-I...."

"Something's going on?" There certainly was, and Amber was too deaf to hear it! Grumbling to herself, she quickly rose to her paws, shaking off her pelt before shouldering her way outside. There lay Koi's body, mangled and patchy. Now there was no deputy.

"FlameClan did this! They will pay!" Spade towered above the deceased deputy's body, speaking in an enraged roar. Turning, he charged out of camp, his hackles raised. "Snaketooth is the new deputy, and now, to war!!"

On the way to war, Amber raced alongside Snaketooth, watching the pride gleam in his green eyes. She twitched her whiskers in amusement, matching his stride until they reached the battle-grounds."DarkClan, attack!" Listening to her father's roar, Amber raised the fur along her spine as she spat at a pale ginger molly. The two circled one and other until Amber launched herself at the warrior, twisting in the air as the two mollies collided. She was an easy fight, the warrior clumsy with her moves. With a simple blow to the jaw, Amber sent the pale she-cat staggering backwards.

"You're too easy of a kill!" Peeling back her lips, Amber lunched for the she-cat once more, only to be rammed away.

"Primroseheart! Are you alright, my sweet?!" Growling, Amber shook her head, her glare settling on a familiar white tom.

Him! That stupid tom from last time! With a snarl, she rocketed at the fluffy white tom, knocking him off his paws before slamming his back into the hardening earth. He let out a yowl of surprise and pain, raking his claws across Amber's muzzle, but that would do him no good. Amber was determined to end the tom. 

"Owlscream!" The Primroseheart molly was back on her paws, pelting at Amber with her claws unsheathed. She raked her claws against Amber's side, Amber turning with her lips curled to reveal sharp, glistening fangs. She latched her fangs onto the she-cat's scruff, flinging her with a quick jerk of her head. Owlscream rose to his paws once more, giving Amber a few vicious blows to the face as he reared up onto his hind legs, only to screech in pain as Amber dove for his soft, exposed belly. She batted at his soft flesh, leaving his white belly stained pink, until he eventually rose to his paws and fled with his mate.

That's right, flee, you cowards! Amber paused, a familiar scream rattling in her scarred ears. Who was that?! Turning, Amber found her eyes widening with fear. An apprentice, her pelt a blazing ginger-and-white, had pinned Bethany, her fangs locked around Bethany's throat.

"You killed Poppypaw! Murderer!" The FlameClan apprentice shrieked, biting down on Bethany's throat harder. Amber's gaze fell onto a small, crumpled body of a FlameClan she-cat a few fox-lengths away. Baring her fangs, Amber charged at the she-cat who was slowly killing Bethany, but she arrived too late. She fidgeted a few more times before going limp, blood pooling out of her gray-and-white neck. The apprentice released Bethany's limp body before flinging herself back into battling, fighting beside a larger brown tabby tom with bright green eyes of FlameClan. Amber skidded to a halt beside her sister, gazing down at Bethany with her eyes round with fear.

N-No! The cruel dilute calico's eyes grew round as she gazed at her paws. They were covered in blood. Her sister's blood. Bethany's blood oozed onto the grass, covering Amber's paws, the molly stepping back with her flanks heaving. Her Clanmates were dying...over nothing, over her father's sudden rage. Spinning, Amber raced to Spade, the black tom wrestling with Sparkstar. "F-Father! This battle needs to stop, cats are dying over nothing! Our cats!" Spade cast his daughter a sharp glare as she raked his claws across Sparkstar's back.

"Get back into the fight, you fool! They die with honor, they die for me! This battle is to kill off FlameClan, it's not pointless!" The DarkClan leader spat as he rolled with Sparkstar, the two ignoring Amber and hissing and spitting in anger.

"B-But Bethany's"

"GO!!" Flinching in surprise, Amber turned tail and ran. Why did she even care about Bethany? She  tortured her as a kit, she laughed at her over her struggles, she made Amber suffer. Flattening her ears, Amber charged at a FlameClan apprentice, fastening her jaws around his neck, the black-furred tom squealing in alarm and pain.

That's right, suffer! You and your Clanmates killed my family, my clanmates, and my friends! She shook his scruff like a mad dog, sinking her fangs farther and farther into his flesh, listening to his dying cries. After a few moments, he hung limp in her jaws, Amber spitting out his fur as she returned to battle.

Eventually, the fighting ceased, and for some reason, DarkClan retreated. It must've been Spade's wounds, that or he finally noticed the bodies of Maxwell and Bethany. For a long while, he glared down at the bodies of his daughter and son, his gaze dark, like a massive, powerful storm. This look actually sent a shiver down Amber's spine. She had quickly paid her respects, quickly edging away after her father gave her this look...and she knew that it meant trouble, big trouble. But why? She fought and killed, she killed many, just as Spade wished. Eventually, he looked up, storming over to his daughter.


"Yes, father?" His claws suddenly raked across her face, which was already splattered with her own blood. Amber let out a yelp of pain, backing away before shaking the blood from her face.

"What was that for-"

"Because of you, Bethany and Maxwell are dead! You didn't fight hard enough, you didn't try, you didn't help them! You're weak, worthless, and deserve to die in their places! But no, I'm not going  to kill you, oh no, I've changed my mind!" Spade let out a vicious chuckle, his eyes darker than ever. "Oh no, I'm going to torture you for life!" Spade spat, his fangs bared as he spat in his daughter's face. "Out of camp. Now!" Flattening her ears and swallowing a growl, Amber slithered out of camp, her eyes blazing with anger.

Nothing? I killed multiple FlameClan cats! That cow simply wrestled with Sparkstar! He couldn't even take a life from her! Amber curled a lip, pacing back and forth as she waited for her father. Spade came out of nowhere, rocketing at his daugher from the side, knocking her over and raking his claws down her flank. Amber attempted to fight back, but Spade over powered her. He overpowered all, at least it seemed like it. After more vicious torture/training, Amber trudged back to camp, her eyes dark. Spade stalked beside his daughter, his kit's blood plastering his face.

"The only way to escape this to kill. Kill everyone. Your Clanmates, your friends, anyone I say." Spade's voice was full of rage, shoving past his daughter before crawling into his den. Great. Now Amber was to do his dirty-work.

The very next morning, Amber awoke with a cry of pain, a sharp stab of pain ripping through her side. There stood Spade, his black fur bristling slightly. "Get up, you worthless pile of fur! Your first assassination is simple: kill Pine. I don't care how, just do it. He's betrayed us, he's given FlameClan some info on us. Do it now." His voice demanding and tense, Spade turned and stomped out of the Spike's den. Amber, swallowing a sharp growl, trudged out of her nest, plotting how to kill the tom.

Food poisoning? Push him off a cliff? Ambush him on a patrol? Lure him somewhere'? Luring him sounded good, especially into her father's den, so she could kill him in there, and plaster his blood all over the walls. Traitors deserve that anyways. I think my father would love it if I redecorated his den with his enemy's blood... Smirking, Amber trotted off to a puddle, gazing down into it. But how do I...? That was it. Her looks. She was a stunning cat, she had to admit it, despite her scars and wounds. Her tangled fur seemed to glow in the very sunlight. Settling down, she quickly started to groom herself.

Pine eventually returned from patrol, and Spade set out to train some Trainees, his sharp glare on Amber as he left. I'm getting to it, sheesh! Clearing her throat, the pretty molly approached Pine, her voice soft and admiring. "Hello, Pine. Quite an impressive catch you have there. A hawk! Takes quite a bit of strength." She spoke in a purr, her blue-green eyes warm for the dark tom. He gazed up at her, puzzled, but in awe and clearly flattered.

"Why thank you, Amber." Pine murmured, motioning for the she-cat to join him in dining.

"You certainly look strong, I bet you scared the lights out of that hawk."

"Hah, I did,"

" probably froze as soon as it saw you, though."

"Because I intimidated it?"

"No, because it probably thought you were the most handsome tom ever." Amber's voice was quiet, a warm purr rumbling in her throat as she leaned close to the tom. Pine's eyes lit up, a purr rumbling in his throat as well.

"Really? Are you sure it didn't catch sight of you, then? I bet it's jaw just dropped, right there and then." His tone was equally as soft, rising to his paws in a stretch. "Want me to show you how I caught it?" He leaned forward, rubbing his head against hers. Purring, Amber rose to her paws as well, progressing to rub her entire body against his.

"Oh no, there's no way I could mimc your moves...It takes extreme strength and bravery as well, those are things that cannot be learned." Amber let her tail twine with his, Pine lifting his chin proudly.

"Well, of course. Especially at a late time like this. The sun's setting."

"Oh, speaking of late, you must be very tired, Pine. I get to sleep in my father's den tonight, perhaps you'd like too as well...?" She gave him a smile before rubbing her cheek against his. "After all, all of the other Spikes don't sleep in there, so it's plenty quiet and roomy, and cooller as well." Stepping towards Spade's den, Amber gently brushed her tail against Pine's chin. "Spade's going out tonight, so I don't want to be alone either...What if FlameClan comes to finish me off? I need someone strong to protect me." Pine let out another purr.

"Of course, my sweet." The dark tabby followed Amber into Spade's den, resting in the Leader's nest beside Amber. Purring softly, Amber pressed her pelt against Pine's, falling asleep on his broad shoulder.

Light was seeping into Spade's den, and Amber awoke slowly, Pine remaining asleep. With a smirk, she rose to her paws and peeked outside, pleased to find camp quiet. Spade would be back soon. Turning, Amber returned to where Pine lay, gently nuzling his forehead to wake him. The traitor deserved to die suffering, so he needed to be awake. "Good morning, my sweet Pine..."

"Good morning, my beautiful Amber." Pine purred sleepily, rising to his paws in a stretch.

"I have something for you, Pine,"

"what is it, Amber?" With a roar, Amber leaped at Pine, rolling with him until she fastened her claws into his shoulders so he couldn't break away.

"W-What?!" Not responded, Amber lashed at his belly, listening as Pine howled in pain. She rolled him onto his stomach, pinning him before she drug him by the leg over to a stalacmite in Spade's den, twisting the leg around it until it snapped. Pine cried out, squirming away from Amber, but it was no use.

"What wrong, sweetie? Scared?" Baring her fangs in delight, Amber lunged for his throat, letting the tom's blood leak all over Spade's clean little den. She continued to bite at him and claw him until he slowly went limp under her cruel grasp. Satisfied, she kicked the tom's body away, about to walk out until she came nose-to-nose with her father.

"What's this?"

"I killed him, father, I used my looks to attract him. I made him suffer even more that way. He thought he was in love." Spade went silent, glaring into his daughter's orbs until he finally nodded slowly.

"....Good. Very good. You've got yourself a job, Amber, though our training will not stop here. I will torture you until I'm satisfied, got it?! You are officially DarkClan's assassin, and you can't back out of it. I've got you like a twoleg has its chained dog. You can't escape this nightmare." Turning, Spade dismissed his daughter, Amber padding out with a confused look. Torture? She actually enjoyed killing Pine, in some weird, cruel way. She felt...satisfied. Probably because she pleased her father.

A few moons later...

"Amber, get up, get up now. We're attacking the nearby loners. Snaketooth's already organized the patrol." Spade's hiss awoke Amber with a jolt, the assassin quickly rising to her paws and following her father out of camp.

"DarkClan, attack!" Amber grunted as Cliff shoved her out of the way. Why did he look so worried, so nervous, so...hesitant? Was that pile of fox-dung going soft?

Probably won't be long until I have to assassinate him... It would be tough, quite tough. Cliff was definitely a strong tom, his muscles rippling under his pelt with every step he made. Pushing the thought away, Amber launched herself at a gray tabby, wrestling him to the ground until she pinned him, ignoring his hind claws as they dug into her belly. She ended him quickly. Looking for more of a challenge, Amber's sights fell onto a massive tabby point tom. Letting out a challenging growl, Amber leaped at the tom. Oh yes, it was quite a challenge, something Amber had been dying for! He was strong, refusing to be pinned, kicking the pale she-cat's legs out from underneath her, attempting to rear up an finish her. Pah, what a fool. She lashed at his belly, which was clearly his weak spot, causing him to recoil with pain. Leaping at the tom, Amber managed to see Cliff. Hmmm, he's actually attacking a she-cat... Cliff dove for a molly, the she-cat's fur white with large black patches.

"Cliff, no!" What was this? A lavender point she-cat leaped in front of the black and white she-cat, taking the killing blow from Cliff. She fell to the ground, Cliff letting out a mournful wail before racing to her side. Pushing the tom away, Amber stalked closer to Cliff and the dying she-cat, spying in on their conversation.

""C-Cliff my beloved...I-It isn't your fault, it's mine...I was just trying to protect my friend, I would've been killed anyways...Please don't get mad with yourself, I'll always be with you...I love you, Cliff..."

"Jasmine...D-Don't go, please! You'll always have a place in my heart, I promise you that, just don't leave me!" Too late. The Jasmine cat went limp, her blue eyes glazing over as she died in Cliff's paws. Boo-hoo. Flexing her claws, Amber watched as Cliff mourned over the she-cat, who seemed to have been his mate.

Looks like he is a traitor. Guess I'll have to tell Spade, and I guess he'll just have to die... Amber smirked. If she could kill Cliff, she could certainly take on her father and kill him. Cliff would simply be a test...Amber raised her head as she watched the rest of the loners flee. She quickly rised to her paws and returend to camp before Cliff noticed her spying.

"What?!?! How dare Cliff! That means he's been spilling all of our info to those filthy loners, who are FlameClan's little buddies! He must be killed at once!" Spade paced back and forth, his tail lashing madly as his eyes burned with rage.

"I'll get right on-"

"No! I'm killing that fox-hearted traitor!" Spade spat, pausing only to let his eyes widen with anger. "...His friends, he's friends with all the Spikes and the stupid Trainees! He's made them all traitors! I must kill them all!" The DarkClan leader announced with a roar, unseathing his claws.

"I don't think-"

"And you! You must be leading them! Die!" With a hiss of fury, Spade launched himself at his daughter, Amber flattening her ears and doding before fleeing the den.

"Coward!" Spade burst from his den, flinging himself at the closest Spike, quickly ending her life with a bite to the neck. Running at her top speed, Amber bounded into Snaketooth's den.

"Snaketooth Quick, we have to kill Spade! He's gone mad!" With a soft groan, Snaketooth uncurled himself, casting Amber a glare.

"I think you've gone mad. He's been killing off traitors, that's all."

"No, look!" Her voice filled urgency, Amber thrusted her muzzle towards the center of camp, where Spade now pinned a Trainee, ending his life with a quick blow. Behind Spade lay three bodies, while the living cats blinked at their leader calmly. They had no clue that he was trying to kill them all, as he killed "traitors" all the time. Snaketooth charged out of the den with Amber, the took standing side-by-side and glaring at Spade.

"Everyone, Spade is a traitor! He's trying to kill off DarkClan!" Amber yowled, her glare on her father. Spade curled a lip, kicking the Trainee's body away as if it was nothing. Stalking foward, he prepared to leap at Amber, only to be plowed away.

"If you are a traitor, than I'll have the honors of killing you! You launched an attack on a group of innocent loners, on my mate! she died because of you, innocent cats die alllll the time because of you!" Cliff snarled, pinning Spade with a massive thud, using all of his strength to make the landing as painful as possible. Raising a claw, Spade lashed at Cliff's face and ears until Cliff backed away, yowling in pain as blood dripping into his eyes.

"You are the traitor for becoming mates with loner filth!" The leader lashed at Cliff's shoulder, slipping under the tom to avoid a blow to the face. Cliff turned to face Spade once more, only to get another blow to the face. With a few hisses and snarls, the two toms chased each other from camp, Amber on their tails.

"Get back here, fools! I want to kill my father, and I have every right to! He killed only your mate, not your mother!" Of course, the brawling toms simply ignored Amber. Cliff nipped at Spade's heels, driving the black tom onto a cliff, a thunder storm quickly brewing. There, at the top of the cliff, Cliff pinned Spade, the two covered in each other's blood. In efforts to remove Cliff, Spade raked his claws down the tom's shoulders, certainly going to leave a scar. This only caused Cliff to yelp out in pain, he refused to budge, plunging his fangs into Spade's neck. The dark-furred leader thrashed about and struggled underneath Cliff's powerful jaws, but the tom refused to losen his grip. Amber finally managed to catch up after watching the battle from a distance, throwing Cliff off of her father.

"What are you-"

"I said I deserve to kill him! He took everything away from me and ruined my life, you fox-heart!" Amber roared, her pelt drenched from the rain. Turning, she raised a claw, only to find Spade limp, his cruel eyes glazed over and lifeless. "N-No! No, come back! Spade!" Screeched Amber, her eyes blazing with fury rather than grief. Spitting, she turned to Cliff, raising a claw before striking an "x" mark on his chest. Cliff backed away, crying out in pain.

"Why did you do that?! I just saved our Clan, you fool!"

"You ruined it! I was going to avenge my mother's death, and now you killed him! I can't avenenge my mother and suffering now, all because of you! You'll pay, Cliff, I'll make you pay!" Curling a lip, Amber fled back to camp.

Not long later.

"..will be Amber."

The ragged she-cat lifted her head proudly as DarkClan cheered out her name, approving her as their new deputy. Her eyes settled on Snaketooth, the new leader giving her a slight smile, noticing the dark gleam in her eyes. What exactly was that about? Nobody could really figure out what...She simply had it ever since the death of her father. Approaching her good friend, Amber dipped her head to Snaketooth.

"I will be the best deputy and friend ever, Snaketooth. I am your assassin, as killing and assassinating cats is all I know how to do. It's all I've been taught. I am at your service, master."

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