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Violetheart warrior file
Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) Rogue
Age 27 moons
Status Living
Debut FlameClan/Roleplay
Death Unknown
Names Loner: Violet
Kit: Violetkit
Apprentice: Violetpaw
Warrior: Violetheart
Queen: Violetheart
Mother Missy
Father Blackclaw
Littermates Ruby, Diamond


Fircloud, two kits

Mate Infernopaw
Kit(s) Boulderleap, Ferretpaw
Mentor(s) Phoenixflame
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living Dark World
Deceased None
Sexuality Straight
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Patchfeather
Violetheart is a small, sleek, slender white tabby she-cat with blue eyes. She is the mate to Infernopaw, littermate to Fircloud, and the mother of Boulderleap and Ferretpaw.



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Violetheart was never a fighter. She was never strong enough to go into combat. She doesn't have enough muscle on her to fight well. Her small size doesn't help.
But she is very swift and light-footed, making her good at hunting. Her favorite places to hunt are in open spaces, such as moors. She can run quite fast for a long time before having to rest, making her a good rabbit hunter. She is also a master at tree climbing. She is light enough to balance on the weak branches higher up.
She isn't scared of jumping from one tree into another. She enjoys hunting birds and squirrels above the ground. Her swiftness can come in handy in battle too, she can dodge bowls easily, or be a good distraction while someone else attacks the enemy.
Violetheart does well with teamwork, but prefers to work alone. Despite hating the idea of battles, she is bright at coming up with attack plans and ambushes. Violetheart always had a good memory, she knows what every herbs scent is, their appearance, their uses, and where to find them. She wanted to become a medicine cat when she first joined FlameClan, but it just never happened.
Violetheart is also very caring and motherly, she often helps the medicine cats when they have many cats ill, or she helps out the queens in the nursery. Violetheart has some good leader skills when she feels comfortable enough.

Life Edit


Kithood: Edit

Violet is first seen watching a Clan meeting from a corner in the camp, no one notices her. She disappears after this. Fernstorm, Featherfrost, and Redfur are on a patrol when they find her hiding in a bush. They take her back to the Clan. She asks Stormstar if she can join the Clan. He agrees and she goes to the Nursery with the new name Violetkit. She goes into her nest. A tom-kit there, Infernokit, comes up to her and asks if she wanted to play. She agrees and they leave the Nursery to do so. Infernokit's sister, Sunsrisekit, joins them. They can't decide what to do so Infernokit suggests leaving camp. Violetkit gets worried and asks if that was a good idea. He replies it was fine and that his uncle Stormstar did it all the time when he was a kit. Violetkit agrees and the three leave camp. Outside of camp, The three play. Violetkit pounces on Infernokit's tail and says it was fun to leave camp.
They then hear pawsteps and a fox comes and attacks them. Infernokit tries to fight it but Violetkit pushes him away. Fernstorm, Redfur, and Bluestream are on a patrol to look for them and get them out, Fernstorm is blinded and lame from the fight. Violetkit, Sunrisekit and Infernokit are taken back to camp by Bluestream. When Redfur and Fernstorm arrive back, Violetkit tries to help Mintfrost with Fernstorm's eyes. Scarletflame, the mother to Infernokit and the sister to Mintfrost, gets in a argument with Mintfrost. Infrernokit comes into the den and asks what Violetkit was doing. Violetkit, now starting to freak out by the yowling of the Medicine Cat and Queen, tells them to stop and she tells Infernokit she's helping Fernstorm's wounds.
Infernokit gets upset about this and says they aren't friends anymore and runs off. Violetkit, confused and worried follows asking why. Infernokit doesn't give her a very clear answer and tells her to leave him alone. Violetkit does so, a bit hurt by his harshness.
A little while later, Violetkit tries to ask Infernokit why he was still so upset with her. He replies saying she was his aunts "pet". Violetkit doesn't understand and says she was only trying to help Fernstorm since it was her fault and she would feel bad if she didn't do anything to help out. Infernokit stills doesn't agree and they leave each other. After Infernokit leaves camp, Violetkit gets worried and tries to find him but is empty handed and comes back to camp.

Adolscence: Edit

Violetpaw is first seen as an apprentice grooming her fur and watching the kits. She jumps up and runs to her mentor, Phoenixflame, and says she wanted to battle train. He agrees and they move off to do so. She eagerly waits for him to catch up and they begin. They battle train for a little bit then Violetpaw asks to go hunting alone. He lets her and she excitedly runs off and finds a vole.
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Violetheart is seen following her kit, Boulderkit, out of the nursery. She looks at Goldenflight, wondering why the warrior is acting like a kit. Brightshine walks over and says they're just having fun. Violetheart agrees. Brightshine asks what having kits is like, and she replies that it hurts giving birth, and you hate when they get in trouble, but you love seeing them grow up. She then asks where Ferretkit is. Ferretkit goes to her. When he seems a bit off to her, she follows him into the nursery. She holds on to her daughter while Blazefire's kits are being born. When her daughter gets free, she chases after her. She drags her daughter away. When Stormheart is kitting, Boulderkit asks what the noise was. Violetheart replies it was Stormheart's kitting.

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Pedigree Edit


Infernopaw: Deceased


Boulderleap: Living
Ferretpaw: Living


Unknown tom: Status Unknown


Unknown she-cat: Deceased, Residence Unknown


One Unnamed kit: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Fircloud: Living 

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Missy & a dude:

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Boulderleap & Ferretpaw:

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Violetheart warrior file

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  • I keep mistakingly calling her Violetpetal and Violetshine.