The AncientsEdit

Much like the other tribe, the Tribe Of Falling Stars, the Tribe of Erupting Volcanoes started out as a group of cats known as The Ancients. However, though the cats of the Tribe of Erupting Volcanoes claim that the Tribe of Falling Stars copied them, the truth is, the Tribe of Erupting Volcanoes basically copied the other tribe from the beginning. The Founder of the Tribe of Falling Stars, Crow Flutter, had banished one of his Sharp Claws known as Dying Ember. Angry with this, Dying Ember vowed to get revenge on his former home, meeting up with some loners and rogues to form his own group, just east of what would be FlameClan's future territory. Dying Ember had no interest in the land, as he saw it to be too close to his enemy's, deciding to move far away so he could build his army.

Tribal StageEdit

Dying Ember lived a long and notorious life, building his army big and strong. However, before he could attack the other group of Ancients, he died of heart worms. Unlike the Tribe of Falling Stars' past, this group of ancients did not disappear and reform later as a tribe, they went through a series of leaders that eventually changed the formation of the group and called it a tribe. This cat was known as Volcanoes that Erupt Loudly. A rather self-obsessed and arrogant tom, Volcano's Eruption, or later Volcanoes that Erupt Loudly, never took on a mate or had a mate as deputy like the Tribe of Falling Stars, and the offspring of the leader didn't have to succeed the leader, the deputy did.

After Volcano's death, seven other leaders, mostly unknown, served their Tribe as leader. One of the most notable was Bright Rays of Sun, or Bright, the 5th great granddaughter of Dying Ember. Before leading her Tribe, she was but a Healer, and never deputy. Her Tribe was sick with a deadly case of whitecough, both the deputy and leader catching it. Eventually, both of them died, leaving the ill Tribe in turmoil. Bright stepped up to the plate, becoming the new leader and saving her Tribe from the terrible illness.

The great war with the Tribe of Falling Stars eventually arrived, taking place on FlameClan turf. Many cats died, and the Tribe of Erupting Volcanoes lost. Their current leader, Flash of Lightning in Storm, or Flash, was greatly wounded, breaking his spine. On the bright side, he was a determined tom, refusing to give up his leadership, and promising to serve his Tribe of the very end. Moons later, Flash died, leaving his deputy, Lava That Rises From Volcano, or Lava, as the new leader.


Sun That Shines on Creek Edit


Creekshine, formerly a rogue and mate of Stormwillow, is the current leader of the Tribe. He was selected as deputy not too long before Lava died, but is determined to be a strong leader. Creekshine cared for his mate and kits when they stayed in the Tribe, and missed them when they were gone. He succeeded Lava, and his deputy is Crimson.

Lava That Rises From Volcano Edit

Golden Cat

One of the first leaders of the Tribe, Lava has guided this group for generations. He received FlameClan with open arms- or paws- and allowed them to stay with him for as long as needed. Lava remained good friends and allies with this Clan, and was especially close to Birchtail (later Birchstar). Lava dearly loved his mate Red despite the fact that she couldn't have kits. When he found Moon and Sun were actually Crimson's children, Lava remained protective of them. He was killed by a rogue, and was greatly missed and grieved by his Tribe. Lava was succeeded by Creekshine.

Dying EmberEdit

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Volcanoes that Erupt LoudlyEdit

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Bright Rays of SunEdit

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Crimson Clouds From Sunset

Crimson Clouds

Crimson is the current deputy of the Tribe. Her sister was Red, and her former love interest was Lava. In order to make her sister happy, Crimson reached an agreement with the leader of The Falling Stars and mothered Sun and Moon. Although currently very upset by the deaths of her sister and leader, she would have made a very good deputy. Her hunting skills are especially good, owing to her light and agile build.

Sun That Shines on Creek Edit


Creekshine's deputy position succeeded Rain's (see below). He is now leader (see above).

Rain That Falls From Clouds Edit

Rain That Falls From Clouds was the first deputy under Lava. Formerly being the Healer, Rain switched paths and was chosen as deputy. She was very duty-conscious and didn't take nonsense from anybody. Diligent and hard-working, she certainly deserved her position as deputy. Rain would have been a promising leader, but she was killed at the border of The Falling Stars. Rain was greatly missed by her Tribe, especially by her lover Smoke From Blazing Fire (it was an entirely one-way relationship). She was succeeded by Creekshne, and her predecessors are unknown.


Jay Flying in MoonlightEdit

Jay Flying in Moonlight is the current Healer of the Tribe. He trained with Holly Leaves That Rustle and became Healer after she died of sickness.

Holly Leaves That RustleEdit

Holly Leaves That Rustle

Holly Leaves That Rustle is a past Healer of the Tribe. Not much is known about her past, but she contains the skills to care for her Tribe. She is gentle and had taken a liking to the kit Jay, and took him as her apprentice.

Rain That Falls From Clouds Edit

Although not much is known about her time as Healer, it was likely she was discontent with the position. She still retains her skill as Healer, and has offered medical help on several occasions.

Bright Rays of SunEdit

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Roleplay Edit


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