Rain started at Skiiper, unimpressed. That's not how you talk to a Tribe leader... she thought, narrowing her blue eyes. --The Ash Falls Down 21:38, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

(Skiiper? AHAHAHAHAHAH) Skipper waited for Lava to respond. Thunderheart 21:39, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

(Typo whoooops) Smoke stared at Skipper. Why was there a rogue in the camp? --The Ash Falls Down 21:41, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf looked at Smoke, daring him to say something. Wolf was tired and starving, so he could not think straight. Thunderheart 21:43, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke ignored Wolf, and he turned around, and tail high, padded into the Soldier's den. --The Ash Falls Down 21:45, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

Lava took a step forward to lock his gaze with Skipper's. "Your name doesn't seem familiar, perhaps your old Tribe name?" Flamestar22 21:46, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

Rain flicked her tail as she moved to stand by Lava. --The Ash Falls Down 21:47, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

"Bug that Skips on the Water." Skipper meowed Thunderheart 22:15, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

In the Soldier's den, Smoke went into his nest, and closed his eyes. --The Ash Falls Down 22:59, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

Crimson led her sister back to camp, her ears flattened as she rested her tail on Red's shoulders. Red kept her head and tail low, her shoulders slumped slightly as she walked.Silverstar 00:57, April 13, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke gave way to sleep. --The Ash Falls Down 01:00, April 13, 2015 (UTC)

Creekshine pricked his ears. "They're back, Silver." I know I did the right thing but no onewould ever understand 01:01, April 13, 2015 (UTC)

Silver raced to her daughters, eyes round with worry as she nuzzled them each. "Oh my little sweeties, you two had me worried sick!" She paused, noticing Red. She lowered her head to touch her nose to her daughter's ruddy ear. "Sweetie, what's wrong?"Silverstar 01:02, April 13, 2015 (UTC)

Thank goodness they're back... Rain thought, shaking her head. --The Ash Falls Down 01:03, April 13, 2015 (UTC)

Creekshine's ears twitched, but he walked past the family quietly. He cast a loving look to Crimson, his pelt burning with the fire that burned inside. He realised that Crimson was elegant - he saw much more than red fur. He felt bit better about his admiration towards Red and her sister. (I have a great idea for a twist of Crimson and Creekshine.) I know I did the right thing but no onewould ever understand 02:20, April 13, 2015 (UTC)

Rain started to groom her long gray fur, lapping it with rhythmic strokes. --The Ash Falls Down 03:51, April 13, 2015 (UTC)

Tilting his head, he gazed over to see Red had returned. "Red!" He cried, immediatley sprinting over to her. "What's wrong!? I heard you ran off...crying.." Flamestar22 23:00, April 13, 2015 (UTC)

Waking up from his sleep, Smoke got up, and stretched. --The Ash Falls Down 23:01, April 13, 2015 (UTC)

Red kept her ears flattened as she let her head rub against Lava's chin as she passed. "....nothing..." She trudged into the soldier's den before laying down with a soft thud. Crimson shook her heard sadly before making her way to her mother to speak with her.Silverstar 02:57, April 14, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke padded out of the Soldier's den. Meanwhile, Rain looked up as she finished grooming her fur. --The Ash Falls Down 03:09, April 14, 2015 (UTC)

Crow calmly ate a crow, watching Crimson and Silver discuss Red.Silverstar 03:19, April 14, 2015 (UTC)

"What's going on?" Smoke yawned, blinking rapidly. --The Ash Falls Down 04:21, April 14, 2015 (UTC)

"Hey, Red," Creekshine murmured, walking into the Soldier's den. "What's wrong?" He sighed and sat down in his old nest, purring as he rubbed his body into the feathers that lined it. "I rejoined the Tribe. But I don't have feelings for you anymore. So...I was thinking...we could just be frends?" I know I did the right thing but no onewould ever understand 10:09, April 14, 2015 (UTC)

Rain watched Red go into the Soldier's den. She wondered why she had come back into the camp, upset... --The Ash Falls Down 19:36, April 14, 2015 (UTC)

"Red!" Lava cried, flattening his ears. He trailed after her, panting slowly. "I-I don't believe you... There's something wrong, and don't deny it!" Flamestar22 20:44, April 14, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke stared around the camp, confused, and waiting for a reply. --The Ash Falls Down 21:13, April 14, 2015 (UTC)

"Nothings wrong guys, just....Just leave me alone..." Red responded, her ears flattened against her skull.Silverstar 00:46, April 19, 2015 (UTC)

Rain's fur lifted as a chilly wind came past. --The Ash Falls Down 03:14, April 19, 2015 (UTC)

Lava flattenend his ears as Red shoved past him. "Fine. But if there's anything you need, let me know." Flower sat beside Wolf, resting her head on his shoulder. "You look tired, and a little overwhelmed. You should get some sleep." Flamestar22 12:11, April 19, 2015 (UTC)

A small, starving kit roamed along the edge of Tribe territory. The shekit's paws ached and her belly rumbled loudly. Pain kept striking her ferociously. The calico kit looked up at the mountain in front of her. Other cats...maybe they'll take me in... She increased her pace into a run, dodging branches and thorn bushes. As she finally made her way up the cave, Creekshine ran past, calling out, "I'm going hunting!" As he glanced back at the cave, the shekit raced up to him, only to be thrown off the cliff towards certain doom. Creekshine, however, noticed what he had done and leaped down to rescue the she kit. He caught her midway, but his body landed with a sickening CRACK!. The unnamed shekit let out a yowl, loudly screaming for help. When giventhe choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 19:15, April 19, 2015 (UTC)

Flower raised her head, her neck fur bristling. "Did you hear that?" She murmered, giving Wolf a small nudge. "Maybe we should go check it out.." Flamestar22 20:28, April 19, 2015 (UTC)

The shekit's screams faded as she panted, exhausted. Keep going! She took a deep breath and screamed at the top of her lungs, causing prey to run away from several tree lengths away. Creekshine lay unmoving, his breathing shallow and weak. Come on! This Tom needs you! The shekit let out one final scream before her voice cut off. When giventhe choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 20:37, April 19, 2015 (UTC)

Lava wrapped his tail around his paws, shafts of light warming his dark orange pelt. Flamestar22 20:48, April 19, 2015 (UTC)

Fine. The she kit scampered back up, using the ladder of sticks. "Help! A tom is injured! He needs medical care as soon as possible! He has broken several bones and needs help!" She panted, her belly growling loudly. When giventhe choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 21:09, April 19, 2015 (UTC)

Flower raced to the kit, worry clouding her gaze. "What's wrong, little one?" Flamestar22 23:50, April 19, 2015 (UTC)

"A tom-" The shekit paused to regain her breath. "A Tom jumped off the cliff to save my life. He's been seriously injured and needs medical care as soon as possible!" When giventhe choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 23:54, April 19, 2015 (UTC)

(the owner of the mc is inactive..) "Right.." She meowed. "Unfortantly, we haven't heard from our medicine cat lately.. But I'll take you back to camp, and I'll do everything I can." Without a moments word, she picked up Creekshine and laid him on her back, sneezing every once a while from the tortioseshell kit clenched in her jaws. Flamestar22 00:10, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

(someone should pick up the mc. I don't want to, though, but tbh it would be really appreciated if someone did.) Smoke Of Blazing Fire padded out of the camp, because he was bored. --The Ash Falls Down 04:43, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

(I already have a mc in the other Tribe, but I've just acted like mc is active here) The unnamed shekit's belly growled loudly but she remained silent. Creekshine kept groaning in pain. It was obvious that he was broken - several bones were broken inside his body and the strength of the hit had knocked him into shock. (He'll have amnesia) When giventhe choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 11:03, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

(Stormver, can't you rp the mc? I really dislike it, and have no knowledge of it, so..) Flower arrived back at camp, her tail swishing as she clomped into the Healer's Den. "Holly," She muffled, dropping the two cats to take a heavy breath. "These cats need medical attention, and as soon as possible." Flamestar22 20:02, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

(Alright, I'll do it. But I'm not adding anymore characters until I am comfortable with two mcs) Holly narrowed her eyes at the sight of Creekshine. "I'll take care of them," she murmured to Flower. "You should leave. I'll give you an update as soon as possible." She started running her paws along Creekshine's flank. "Several bones broken...shock showing in paws..." She tapped the tom's shoulder, causing him to shoot his eyes open. "What...Where am I? Where's Red?" Holly nodded slowly. "Amnesia." The tom started glancing around, a confused look on his face. When giventhe choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 20:49, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

Flower flattenend her ears, nodding to Holly as she went in to take a look at the cats. Pacing, she waited for the Medicine Cats response once she was finished. Flamestar22 20:56, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

"Cats of the Tribe!" Holly called from the medicine den. "Your fellow Tribemate, Creekshine, has unfortunately broken several bones, including his ribs, a paw, and shoulders. He is in a state of shock and has suffered from memory loss. The kit is very thin and hungry. Treat both of them with respect in these coming moons. Both have risked their lives for someone else." She sighed and turned back to the confused Creekshine. "Lava, come see me, please!" She nudged the calico shekit with a paw. The kit glanced up at her. "A-Are you going to hurt me?!?" Holly shook her head, and the kit sighed in relief. Creekshine was extremely confused about where he was and wondered why he wasn't in FlameClan with Stormwillow. When giventhe choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 21:19, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

Lava pricked his ears at the alarmed call of Holly. He rose to his paws, striding into the medicine den. His pawsteps were as light as a feather, and his eyes went blank as he stared at her. "Wha-" He froze, gazing down at the injured Creekshine. "What on Tribe of Endless Hunting happend!?" Flamestar22 21:33, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

"He was hurt." The tiny unnamed kit spoke up before Holly had a chance to. The medicine cat flicked her tail for the kit to continue. "He leaped off the cliff to save my life." She gazed at Lava, her belly snarling with hunger as Holly spoke. "He's got amnesia and many broken bones. Creekshine must rest for a bit." The black shecat sighed and turned to her confused patient. "Creekshine, don't you remember Lava?" The orange tabby tom hissed. "Yea, he stole Red!" Holly placed her tail on his shoulder. "Calm down. You left FlameClan." When giventhe choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 21:44, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

Lava flattenend his ears, giving the small kit a blank gaze. "Who's this?" He asked, lifting his head to meet Holly's gaze. Flamestar22 22:08, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

"I really have no idea," Holly mewed. "What's your name, little one?" The kit looked up at Holly. "I-I don't have mother died at birth shortly after my father was killed. I don't have a name, but the cats out there..they call me Spirit." When giventhe choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 23:28, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

"Well, welcome to the Tribe, little one," Lava meowed, giving the small kit an affectionate lick on the head. Flamestar22 23:41, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

Spirit purred. "Wait..but if I were to stay here, wouldn't I need a formal name like Creekshine's? I really don't particulary like Spirit. It makes me sound like a ghost!" When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 23:47, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

Red remained in here nest, her head on her paws, Crimson's comforting words doing nothing for the poor soul. With a heavy sigh, Crimson left her sister to mourn, making her way over to Silver, calmly seating herself beside her mother. "Anything?" "...Nothing, mother, nothing'll cheer her up." Crimson replied, her ruddy ticked tabby head hanging in disappointment.Silverstar 02:23, April 21, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke shook out his black-and-ginger fur as he tasted the air. Scenting a squirrel, he crouched down, and narrowed his eyes as he stalked forward. --The Ash Falls Down 04:27, April 21, 2015 (UTC)

"Stormwillow!" Creekshine screamed, trying to stand. "No! You must not stand!" Holly yowled, stopping the tom from standing. She grunted as Creekshine struck her chest with a paw, claws unsheathed. Suddenly the tom slunk down, wincing. He remained confused, wondering why he felt like he had just cliff dived. When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 10:35, April 21, 2015 (UTC)

Crimson flattened her ears at the screeching, covering her ears with her paws with an annoyed expression. At this rate, he'll wake every nearby group of cats, and make Red go even insaner...Silverstar 01:22, April 22, 2015 (UTC)

"Creekshine!" Holly screamed. "Calm down! Something else…" She paused and glanced outside, her gaze resting on Crimson. "Come here Crimson. Before his accident, Creekshine was in love with you, not Red. Go to him. He'll remember almost anything near his love. Even risks." She sighed. "Remember when Creekshine saved your life? That truly brought out his daring side. Comfort him, Crimson. You may be expecting his kits soon." She sighed again and turned back to her patients. When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 01:34, April 22, 2015 (UTC)

Crimson wrinkled her nose in disgust before baring her fangs angrily. "Kits?! Never, never ever." She spat in disgust, her tail lashing angrily.Silverstar 01:38, April 22, 2015 (UTC)

"It's always possible." Holly calmly messaged Creekshine's broken paw. "Besides, wouln't you enjoy the fact that you and Red can raise your kits. Red can't have kits of her own anyway. A medicine cat always knows!" She licked Spirit's head and glanced in Crimson's direction. "You can practice with this kit." When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 01:45, April 22, 2015 (UTC)

"I said never!!" Crimson roared, her fur spiking out angrily, her golden eyes turning into golden flames. "If my sister can't have kits, I never will, we're sisters forever, twins. Get somebody else to go drool over him, 'cause I never will!" The ruddy ticked tabby, looking like she was about to kill somebody, turned and stomped away, her fangs bared and claws unsheathed, letting them sink into the ground.Silverstar 01:48, April 22, 2015 (UTC)

(oohhhh) Smoke leapt forward, and struck the killing bite to the squirrel's neck. The squirrel dropped to the ground, dead. --The Ash Falls Down 05:26, April 22, 2015 (UTC)

(and Creekshine dies from killing his bones...not really)Holly shook her head, seeing her mistake. If they want him to actually live, they need to give the memories back to prevent something bigger. Amnesia is bad enough! She watched the struggling tom as he tried to make himself stand and then fall to the ground, groaning. Sighing, she glanced in Crimson's direction and walked over to the ruddy ticked tabby. "Calm down," she murmured soothingy. "I was messing with your brain. I meant that the sight of you may prevent a bigger problem. You bring back memories for him; unless you actually want more trouble, I suggest you try to help him with his memories." She sighed. "Preventing a bigger problem may save the Tribe from destruction. Lava really hasn't helped. Think about what I'm saying. If you happen to consider visiting him, don't hesitate to stop by. The closer the cat, the more likely we are to prevent the bigger problem." She turned away from Crimson and went back to Creekshine. When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 09:36, April 22, 2015 (UTC)

"I supposed you can have a new name," Lava meowed, looking down at Spirit. "I'll let you choose the name, and we'll have the ceremony tommorow." Flamestar22 21:30, April 22, 2015 (UTC)

"Really?" Spirit paused to think. "Hawk that Swoops Quickly." She paused to accept her name. "Just call me Swoop." When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 01:14, April 23, 2015 (UTC)

Crimson curled her lip, revealing her sharp fangs in a warning. "I'm not going near him, if you want some help, tell Lava to, he's leader." She spat the words out like venom before sharply turning and marching into the Soldier's den, showing she didn't want to be bothered again.Silverstar 02:13, April 23, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke sat up, letting the squirrel drop to the ground. Meanwhile, Rain's gray fur lifted after seeing Holly and Crimson arguing, and she had to tell herself to stop worrying about it. --The Ash Falls Down 04:32, April 23, 2015 (UTC)

Sighing, Holly walked back inside. "No help from anyone," she reported to Lava. She turned toward Creekshine, who was finally sleeping - Thank the Tribe of Endless Hunting, he's aseep, Holly thought. She glanced in Lava's direction. "May we speak in private about Creekshine?" When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 09:44, April 23, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke decided he wanted to head back to camp. Shrugging, he picked up the dead squirrel, and started to make his way back. --The Ash Falls Down 19:37, April 23, 2015 (UTC)

(Ohhhhh, IDEA. CREEK CAN CRUSH ON FLOWER AND WOLF CAN BE JEALOUS!) Lavs shared Holly's grateful, yet stern glance. "Sure. Come into my den and we'll talk there." Flower watched as Creekshine slept, flattening her ears as he curled up beside him. Poor thing, I know what it's like to lose family.. Flamestar22 20:24, April 23, 2015 (UTC)

(Maybe, but not now, the poor thing needs to recover.) Holly sighed. "Poor soul. He's been injured badly and yet he has almost no memory of anything since he's returned. He really needs that memory, or something much bigger will be coming." She glanced back at the broken body of Creekshine, knowing he was living because of the steady rising and falling. "I've seen bad things ahead if he doesn't get his memory back." Sighing, she glanced in Lava's direction. When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 21:00, April 23, 2015 (UTC)

"Well, what do you supposed we do?" Asked Lava, growing tired of all the problems his Tribe has had lately. His mate was unhappy, obviously upset about something she refused to speak about, and he hasn't heard from FlameClan in moons! Flamestar22 23:39, April 23, 2015 (UTC)

"He needs someone else.." Holly paused to think for a moment. Not Red..Not Crimson...aha, got it! "Flower. She's not as close as I'd prefer, but one cat is better than no cat. Crimson's just practically dissmissed all contact with Creekshine and Red wouldn't help at all. Unfortunetly those two would be very helpful in bring back memories. In fact.." She paused again, wondering if she could track down the tom's former mate, Stormwillow. "I have to go to FlameClan." When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 23:47, April 23, 2015 (UTC)

(Remember here, Lava doesn't know about the time they died) Lava paused for a moment. "I'll go with you. I haven't spoken to Flamestar in moons, nor their deputy, Birchtail. It'd be nice to pay them a visit." He flattenend his ears, gazing into the small den of where Creekshine laid. "You're suggesting Flower should be Creekshine's mate?" Flamestar22 00:13, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

"Alright then. We're retrieving his former mate from FlameClan. And no, but it'd be nice to see his bloodline continue." Holly sighed. "I wonder if Birchtail and Cardinalblaze have had any kits yet..." When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 00:19, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

Lava thought for a moment. "The last time I saw, they had 4 little bundles of joy running around their legs," The leader chuckled, his eyes shining. "Well, let's get going. The sooner we get back, the better. I will put my deputy in charge of things while I'm gone." Flamestar22 00:28, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

(Deep sister time) Crimson shoved her way into the den, fuming like a little angry monster, only to find Red sleepily gazing at her, her golden eyes half-closed. Crimson flattened her ears as her sister gave her this...Look, as if accusing her of something. "...You heard that, didn't you?" She mumbled under her breath, sitting beside her mourning sister. Red nodded slowly, shifting herself slightly as she spoke. "Holly was just joking, sister, you should always help out a Tribemate anyways. If I was hurt, any cat in our tribe would help me, correct? Creekshine helped you during the eagle attack, it's time for you to lend a paw." Red began, her eyes softening for her beloved twin. "...And don't worry about me, Crimson. We may be twins, and we shall be there for each other, but you've got to look beyond me. You need to think of yourself, it's time for you to move on. I can handle myself, even if I can't have kits."

Crimson flattened her ears in response, starting to feel a pang of guilt. With a soft sigh, the young ruddy she-cat let her littermate push her from the Soldier's den, her golden gaze on the ground as she neared the Healer's den. "Hey, Creekshine, you in there?"Silverstar 00:38, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

Flower yawned, stretching as faint sunlight that emerged through the canopies of the dark, shallow pine trees warmed her fur. She rose to her paws, flattening her ears as a small chill grew up and along her spine. She walked over to the den Crimson and Red had been in, sitting down with her tail wrapped around her paws. "...Red?" Flamestar22 00:41, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

Creekshine lifted his head. "C-Crimson? Red?" His eyes widened in surprise. "Great Tribe of Endless Hunting, I thought you both were dead!" He tried standing but failed, lowering himself down on three paws. "Ow...goodness, my ribs. Holly said that a lot of them were broken, and the ones that weren't were sprained. She also said something about memory loss..." When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 00:46, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

"It's Crimson," the ruddy ticked tabby replied with a flick of her tail, sitting herself down with her paws nealty placed together. "And yeah, you had quite a fall. Lost your memory and what not. Need a refresher?"---- Red groaned dizzily. "Hmmm?"Silverstar 00:48, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

Purring, Creekshine lifted a hind paw to scratch an ear. "I'd enjoy that," he murmured. "I remember me suddenly being here, than risking my life to save a helpless kit..." When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 00:54, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

"Well," Crimson calmly began, craning her neck to lap at her shoulder-fur. "For a start, you left us for FlameClan, since Red rejected you and you didn't feel like you belonged. You apparently got a mate there, but I don't believe she had your kits. You just recently returned, only to try saving a kit and getting yourself injured."Silverstar 00:57, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

"I remember everything until my return.." Creekshine sighed. Memories came back to him, each one skimming through his brain. "Now I remember...I left Stormwillow for you, Crimson...she never had my kits anyway. She had already given birth to three wonderful kits. Flamestar was killed and Birchtail became leader. One of Stormwillow's kits was close to me, but she had already lost interest in me for a white tom named Frozenpaw. So much pain for Stormwillow...she dealt with fear and insanity. She dealt with misinterpretation. She dealt with everything a cat could fear. She was and is very brave." Sighing, he recalled Stormwillow's return from isolation. When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 01:22, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

Crimson blinked in confusion. It more or less sounded like Creekshine was really in love with this Clan cat. "You sounded like you really loved her, so why leave? She could've had your kits."Silverstar 01:31, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke padded into the camp, the squirrel in his jaws. --The Ash Falls Down 05:30, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

"No, I did have a single kit with her." Creekshine sighed. "Awful kit. Such a horrible mix of anger and rage. I did see something in one of my dreams - it was you, Crimson. This was before FlameClan came to stay. After that visit, you appeared in my dreams more often. I knew that the only reason I kept seeing you was because the Tribe was calling me. So I told Stormwillow...and left." He glanced in Crimson's direction. Like Red..let me hope I'm making the right descion. When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 09:40, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf got up and padded to Flower. "Hello," he meowed. Thunderheart 20:36, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

(I has an idea, nvm the age gap 'cause idc) Smoke dropped his catch on the fresh-kill pile, and then he padded up to Rain. "Hi, Rain," he purred silkily, flicking his tail playfully. --The Ash Falls Down 20:41, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

"Hey," She mumbled, giving her chest fur a few massive licks before meeting Wolf's gaze. "Where have you been?" Flamestar22 20:56, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

(Should they be mates by now?) Wolf stretched. "Hunting, sleeping, eating, hunting, sleeping," he joked. Thunderheart 20:58, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

"Oh - hi, Smoke," Rain mewed casually, her tail flicking. "I see you've been hunting." Her tail flicked towards the squirrel on the fresh-kill pile. --The Ash Falls Down 20:58, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

(Noonnnoononononoonoonooo) "Good to know," Flower murmered, chuckling softly before pricking her ears. "Hey, have you heard any news about Creekshine? I hesrd he has severe memory loss." Flamestar22 21:09, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

(WHOA WHOA WHOA OKAY OKAY) Wolf flattened his ears at the mention of Creekshine. "Him..." he muttered. Thunderheart 21:11, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

(Lol) "Yes, him. Have you heard anything?" Flower flattenend her ears, her claws kneaded into the ground. Her tail flicked impatiently, and a chilly breeze buffeted at her ruffled fur. Flamestar22 21:14, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

(When, though, cuz he has been liking her for forever now...) Wolf sighed. "No, except that dared to show his face," he hissed. He still had a grudge on him for going with the FlameClan cats in the first place. Thunderheart 21:16, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke nodded. "Yes, I have... Do you want to share some prey with me? You seem a bit lonely..." --The Ash Falls Down 00:37, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

"Don't hold a grudge on him," Flower purred, flattening her ears. "He's more complicated than you may think, and at the moment, he doesn't even know who he is." Flamestar22 00:49, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Rain was taken aback by Smoke's comment, but she nodded anyway. "Why not?" she mewed. In reply, Smoke picked up his catch, and he and Rain padded to the edge of the Soldier's den, and they sat down at its entrance. --The Ash Falls Down 00:41, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

(Wolf is gonna have a...condition) Wolf grunted. "Ah, yeah, but I'm getting tired. I've been hunting all day, only having a break for a couple minutes. Skipper's a good father, but he's so demanding..." he complained. "I feel like I'm getting old, but I'm too young." Thunderheart 01:28, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

(Flame, are you dropping hints that Flower is in love with Creekshine?) Sighing, Swoop walked out towards the Soldiers' den. When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 02:16, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

"Well," Crimson began, calmly scratching an ear before shaking out her ruddy fur. "This is your birth-tribe, after all. You should know where you belong by now: home."Silverstar 02:32, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

"Of course," Creekshine purred. Hoping to switch gears, he asked, "So what was wrong with Red?" When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 02:41, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Crimson frowned as her golden gaze fell to the dirt beneath her paws. "...She's unable to have kits apparently."Silverstar 02:43, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

"You eat first," Smoke insisted to Rain. --The Ash Falls Down 03:07, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

(Wolf is gonna have a rare condition where he gets weak, blind, etc. so if we're planning on a FlowerxWolf thing, Flame, it has to happen soon. I hate rushing things, but my plans do that to me) Wolf got up and walked to the soldier's den again. He looked back at Flower. "We'll go hunting together later," he promised. Thunderheart 15:12, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Creekshine's eyes widened. "That's awful! No wonder she was crying!" As he said that, Holly, Stormwillow and Lava walked inside the cave. When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 16:21, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Crimson nodded, calmly lapping at a paw. "She's pretty upset about it, and thinks Lava will leave her because of it. She hasn't told anyone yet but me."Silverstar 16:27, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Rain swatted Smoke lightly with her thick-furred, gray tail. "Fine then!" she purred, bending down to take a bite. --The Ash Falls Down 20:32, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

"If she were to be that upset..." Creekshine thought for a moment. "Then maybe she'd be happy to see your kits, Crimson." His voice was calm and mild without any feelings for Crimson showing, but inside he was displaying a mix of fear, worry and love for Crimson. When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 20:39, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Crimson flattened her ears. "It's probably genetic, meaning I'll be unable to have kits as well."Silverstar 20:40, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Once Rain had taken her bite from the squirrel, Smoke took his share of the squirrel, and wolfed it down. Rain narrowed her eyes at Smoke, and she swatted him again. --The Ash Falls Down 20:43, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

"Maybe." Creekshine sighed. "It's unlikely though, since Silver had you both. I've got a theory that Red just got a rare genetic condition that happens to run in your family." When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 20:48, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Crimson twitched an ear. "If it's a condition that runs in the family, I'm still likely to get it, especially since Red and I are technically twins."Silverstar 20:52, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

(Whiskers, is Crimson able to have kits, or...) "Greedy!" Rain hissed playfully at Smoke. --The Ash Falls Down 20:55, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

(I think she can) Crow stretched out his long black limbs, angling his ears towards the camp exit/entrance as unfamiliar cats entered.Silverstar 21:01, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

(That's good... thanks Whiskers) Smoke tried to act innocent. "What?" he echoed. --The Ash Falls Down 21:05, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Wind fell down one of the small cliffs. Her large stomach kicked with pain as she tuimbled. As she got up, she couldn't bare but weigh herself back down. She growled in pain, softly. She stood up and walked slowly, though she fel a couple of times. Then she stopped and sat there for a couple of moments. Then a cat came up to her, and looked into her Wind's bright amber eyes. ~ ☾Bramble where's the hot sauce?! 21:09, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

(Creekshine would be like, 'oh..okay...' if she wasn't able to) Creekshine's tail whisked back and forth. "Again, it's probably rare, about like a 1 in 100 chance." (Random fact: Creekshine is very smart) When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 21:10, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Crimson blinked blankly. "If it's rare, then there's still a chance." She replied firmly, angling her ears towards Crow as the black tom narrowed his eyes.---- Crow sniffed slightly at the sight of the Clan cats. What were they doing back here again?Silverstar 21:11, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

(There's only Stormwillow, Holly and Lava) "Even so," Creekshine murmured, "Rare would mean small. There's a very small chance of you not being able to have kits, though unfortunately the Tribe of Endless Hunting gave Red the bad side. I'm confident that you got the better side." Stormwillow poked her head in, Holly pushing inside. "You two okay?" Holly asked. Creekshine's gaze briefly went to Stormwillow, and to both of the new arrivals he muttered, "Courtesy of Crimson, I've regained my memory. Stormwillow, you may go." When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. 21:20, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Crow let out a small sigh of relief as he realized only one Clancat had entered their camp, and it seemed like she was about to be escorted out of camp once more.---- Crimson flicked her tail. "Still a chance...."Silverstar 21:22, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Wind widened her eyes at the sight of the cat. "Don't just stand there!" she hissed. She twitched as her stomach kicked. "Atleast be some help!" ~ ☾Bramble where's the hot sauce?! 21:27, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

(We kinda don't know who you're talking to...) Crow lapped at a black paw calmly.Silverstar 21:30, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

Rain ignored Smoke's comment, and then she took another bite of the squirrel. Toms! --The Ash Falls Down 04:24, April 26, 2015 (UTC)

Rain rose to her paws. Smoke and Rain had finished eating the squirrel. "I'm going to see what's going on," she muttered, and she trotted over to the medicine den. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 00:54, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf got up and stretched. ~Thunder

Wolf walked slowly over to Flower. "I feel like I just got hit by a monster," he grumbled. Thunderheart 15:27, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

"You okay?" She murmered, cocking her head. "You've been through alot lately." Flamestar22 15:30, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf grunted. "I could tell you yes, but I hate lies," he grumbled. Thunderheart 15:32, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

"How's your father holding up?" Flower asked. "Hopefully, he's making himself at home." Flower locked her gaze with Wolf's, shuffling her paws. Flamestar22 15:36, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf held the gaze steadily. "He's fine. He's out hunting," he meowed. Thunderheart 15:38, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

"That's good," Flower meowed, dipping her head. Her ears twitched slightly, her fur on end. "How's.. Creekshine?" Flamestar22 15:40, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf shrugged. "Don't know," he mumbled. "I'm going hunting again. Wanna come?" Thunderheart 15:42, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

"Sure. Anyone you want to have tag along?" Flower meowed, flicking an ear before lowering her head to groom her silky calico fur. Flamestar22 15:51, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf shook his head. "No one would want to hunt with me. They still don't trust me and they don't like my disposition," he grumbled. Thunderheart 18:26, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

"I trust you," Flower meowed, rubbing her head against Wolf's shoulder. "Don't worry about what others think .just be yourself." Flamestar22 18:30, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf rasped a purr at her comment. "Thanks you," he purred. Thunderheart 18:44, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

"No problem. It's what Tribemates do," Flower put in, lifting her head to meet the toms loving gaze. She shuffled her paws awkwardly, flattening her ears. "Well..I guess it's just you and me then.. Let's get hunting." Flamestar22 19:20, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

(Will it start?) Wolf nodded and padded to the camp entrance slowly. Thunderheart 19:54, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

Rain poked her head into the medicine den. "Is everything all right in there?" she asked quietly. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 20:13, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

(I guess, Wolf can tell her.) Flower followed Wolf, her blue eyes bright. Flamestar22 20:19, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke watched Rain dreamily. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 20:20, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

(Okie-day) Wolf turned around and gazed into Flower's eyes. "Will you be my mate for life?" he meowed suddenly. Thunderheart 20:21, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

(that was really quick lol xD) Smoke got bored at staring at Rain, so he headed back out of the camp again. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 20:24, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

(It had to be, because Wolf is gonna become old young, if ya know what I mean) Thunderheart 20:29, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

(yeah, but that was still very quick) Smoke tasted the air as he padded along, looking for some more prey to catch. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 20:31, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

Crimson yawned.---- Red paused, glancing around camp. "Has anyone seen Crow? He's been gone for like, two days..."Silverstar 19:51, May 3, 2015 (UTC)

(Woah, that was a bit.. sudden) Flower paused before hearing Wolf's anxious meow. "Mate?" She grumbled, flattening her ears. "Wolf, that's very sweet, but -" She broke out into a sigh, sitting down beside him. "We're just friends, and I really don't want to be more than that at the moment. I mean, it's very sweet and all, and a bit sudden.. Give me some time to think about it, okay?" Flower closed her eyes, half-choking on her words. She didn't want to hurt Wolf's feelings, but feared that she has. Flamestar22 22:24, May 3, 2015 (UTC)

Rain That Falls From Clouds waited for a reply from the medicine den. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 05:08, May 4, 2015 (UTC)

(I KNOW I KNOW OKAY OKAY) Wolf nodded. "I understand," he meowed. Thunderheart 17:22, May 4, 2015 (UTC)

Flower flattenend her ears. "I'm glad. Just - Give me some time. But know, if I say no, I still hope to always be closer to you than a friend. Flamestar22 22:13, May 4, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf nodded, and then heard a mouse. He turned around and caught it awkwardly, but not before it squealed, scaring off all the other prey. "Mouse-dung!" he spat. Thunderheart 23:51, May 4, 2015 (UTC)

Flower sighed, feeling that no one loved her. She used to have a mate, but left her for a FlameClan cat named Blossomstripe. Flower shook the memory out of her head, her ears pinned against her skull as she stalked towards Wolf silently. "Yes." Flamestar22 00:04, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf turned around and nodded. "Thank you," he purred. Then he scowled. "But I think we're done hunting. I scared off all the prey," he spat. Thunderheart 00:07, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Flower gazed up at Wolf sadly, her ears flattening. She openend her jaws to speak, but closed them once more. She couldn't bare the loss of her mate, and never wanted to move on with another cat. She looked at Wolf warmly, her tail swishing with anticipation. "...Yes, I will.. be your mate.." Flamestar22 00:12, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

(Why is it that my cats always have their mothers die tragically??) Wolf rubbed his cheek against hers. "Thank you," he purred. "To be honest, it was hard to keep my cool. I couldn't bare the loss of another person I loved..." he trailed off, remembering his mother. Thunderheart 00:15, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Flower flattenend her ears, a rogue cat, now deceased popped into her mind. "I'll never forget my old mate," Flower grumbled, hissing at the thought. Checkers.. That demented cat, left for another, and shattered my heart.." Flamestar22 00:20, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf shook his head. "That seems to happen all too often," he muttered, and then he saw Skipper. "What'er you two doin' out here, eh?" Skipper muttered, still awakening. Thunderheart 00:23, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

"Nothing.." Flower meowed, giving a small shrug. Keeping her ears flattenend, she dragged her tail across the ground. Meanwhile, Lava sat in his den, his eyes clouded with worry. Why was his mate upset? Was it something he said? Flamestar22 00:28, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Skipper glance at Wolf, twitching his whiskers. Wolf glared back, hissing. "Don't you get any bright ideas, mouse-brain," Wolf spat to Skipper. Thunderheart 00:30, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Flower cocked her head, letting out a confused mew. "Uh, well, I'm going back to camp now.." She responded, keeping her ears pinned against her skull. Flamestar22 00:34, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf nodded and followed her, but Skipper stayed out, trying to hunt, only to find that, for some reason, there were no prey out! Thunderheart 00:35, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Flower walked into the soliders den, her ears flattenend as she curled her thick tail over her soft pink nose. She then looked up at the ceiling, sighing before resting her head on her paws. Flamestar22 00:39, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Skipper walked to Wolf. "There's no prey out there; I wonder why," Skipper muttered. Thunderheart 00:41, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Flower awoke with a jolt, spitting images of Checkers overthrowing her mind. She shook her head madly, blinking blankly before dizzily rising to her paws. Flamestar22 00:51, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Wolf couldn't focuse on one thing, his eyes flitting from thing to thing. " do I..." Wolf muttered. Skipper eyed him curiously. "You alright?" Skipper inquired. Wolf nodded. "Yeah," he answered blankly. Thunderheart 01:25, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke went on a hunting expedition, and caught two mice, a vole, and a sparrow. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 04:22, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

A silent race came over the mountains, gray clouds hovering above the sky. With no words spoken, Lava circled his den quietly, letting out a dismissive sigh. The sky overhead was a dark blue, coated with dark grey clouds that expressed to bring rain. Animated-flameFlamestar22Animated-flame 18:37, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Noticing the gray skies above him, Smoke picked up his catches, and trotted quickly back to camp. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 19:05, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Skipper nodded and then went inside the soldier's den. Wolf sighed and looked up at the sky. Was it right of him to have asked Flower to be his mate? He wodnered. Thunderheart 19:11, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Rain waited for Holly to reply, while Smoke came into camp, and deposited his catches onto the fresh-kill pile. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 19:13, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Skipper walked to Smoke. "Heya there," he meowed. Thunderheart 19:15, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

(omsc I just got a lucky edit :o) Smoke, feeling cautious, flattened his ears. "Hi..." he mewed unsteadily. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 19:17, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Skipper noddded. "It's alright that ya don't trust me just yet. I understand," Thunderheart 19:19, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke nodded slowly. How does he know that!? -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 19:20, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Skipper sighed. "I just hope that one day ya guys will trust me," Thunderheart 19:21, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke nodded again. "Maybe we will," he sighed. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 19:23, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Skipper nodded, looking at Wolf. "I worry 'bout him. He's lookin' thinner by the days!" Thunderheart 19:32, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke looked at wolf. "He'll be right, surely?" he asked, cocking his head to one side. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 19:34, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Skipper sighed. " I dunno. He's looking frail and he says he's hurtin'" Thunderheart 19:39, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke shrugged. "That's unusual..." His voice trailed off. -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 19:42, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Skipper nodded. "I know; seems like he's getting old, young, if ya know what I mean," Thunderheart 19:43, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Smoke took a while to think over it, and then he nodded once more. "So he's ageing faster than he should?" -- There's ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe 19:45, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

Skipper nodded. "Exactly. Pretty uncommon, but where I've been, I tell ya, anythin's possible!" Thunderheart 19:46, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

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