The Tribe of Erupting Volcanoes lives in the East, remote from FlameClan and they often have times of peace.



N/A - likely to be replaced by Jay or Crimson


Crimson Clouds From Sunset — Slender ruddy ticked tabby she-cat with dark golden eyes. RP'D By: Whiskers


Jay Flying in Moonlight — silver tabby tom. RP'D By: Stormver


Smoke From Blazing Fire — Black-and-ginger tom with amber eyes. RP'D By: Bramble

Fish That Swims Against Current — orange tabby with white patches. RP'D By: Blazey

Shadow Of Silver Moonlight — Delicate dark silver she-cat with round blue eyes. RP'D By: Bramble

Sun that Sets in Sky — pretty ruddy ticked tabby she-cat. RP'D By: whiskers

River that Reflects the Moon — Long furred gray, white, and black she-cat. RP'D By: Blue

Pyre that Rests Under Pine — somali tom. RP'D By: whiskers

Jasper in Rocky Cliff — dark ginger she-cat. RP'D By: Storkver

Starlight that Shines through Clouds — black smoke tabby she-cat. RP'D By: Patch

Bramble Covering Moon — dark brown tabby she-cat. RP'D By: Patch

Rose Petals Falling in Wind — cream she-cat with amber eyes. RP'D By: Bramble

Moonlight that Brightens Dark Skies — pale ginger she-cat. RP'D By: Mink

Thunder that Strikes Silently — black and white tom. RP'D By: Mink

Blossom that Falls from Tree in Autumn — calico she-cat. RP'D By: Mink

Smoky Quartz in Rocky Cliff — dark brown-gray she-cat with amber eyes. RP'D By: daredevil


Blood of Roaring Tiger — longhaired sunset-red tom with dark brown markings on his face and pelt. RP'D By: Dark





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