This is where deceased Tribe cats go. Tribe cats and Tribe Of Falling Stars cats come here after they die. They aren't roleplayed, but are owned and appear in flashbacks or dreams.


Past LeadersEdit


Past DeputiesEdit


Rain That Falls From Clouds — Light gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes.. RP'D By: Bramble

Past HealersEdit


Past SoldiersEdit

Blaze of Sun That's Bright - Ruddy ticked tabby tom with green eyes.

Creek That Flows in Pool - Silver ticked tabby she-cat with dull eyes.

Swift Wind Blowing At Night - Black and white tom with blue eyes.

Sun That Shadows Over Peak - Dark orange striped tom with white markings. 

Call Of Raven At Night - Black she-cat with white paws, a white dash on her chest and a white tail-tip, and green eyes.

Sun That Shadows Over Peak - Dark orannge striped tom with a white chest and amber eyes. 

Past QueensEdit

Flower That Blooms In Spring - Calico she-cat with blue eyes. 

Sunlight That Slashes Through Trees - Dark orange she-cat with piercing green eyes. 

Past KitsEdit


Past EldersEdit



Tribe of Endless Hunting/Roleplay

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