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"Then let them suffer and cower as we radiate our amazingness."
— Tornadokit to Brightkit in FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 63
Warning: This character is a rebel, do not take anything he says to heart.

Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age 22 moons (approx. 1.8 years)
Status Living
Debut FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 63
Death Unknown
Names Kit: Tornadokit
Apprentice: Tornadopaw
Mother Blazefire
Father Stormstar
Littermates Ashbreeze, Brightwhisker, Dapplestorm
Younger Sibilings: Minkdance, Otterstrike, Flyheart, Horsestorm
Mate you're hilarious
Kit(s) srsly, you are
Mentor(s) Stormstar
Apprentice(s) Otterstrike
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None/Unknown
Deceased None
Sexuality Asexual/Aromantic/Not interested at all/Bug off/Step off
Best Friend Brightwhisker
Crush HAHAHA yeahrightno
Worst Enemy Everyone but his squad
Roleplayer rebel child
Tornadostorm is a handsome and muscular blue-gray tabby tom with blue eyes. He's a hot little...<multiple negative choice words here> -... rebel.



The ugly stick definitely didn't hit this hottie, he makes the sun melt. In all seriousness, Tornadopaw is classified as a very attractive cat, getting his good looks from his parents, as well as his muscular and athletic build. He bears a striking resemblance of his father, his fur dark blue-gray in color, more on the blue side. He has not an ounce of white on his pelt, but has darker mackerel tabby stripes. His fur is short in length, unlike his mother's, but it is certainly thick. Tornadopaw's fur is soft to the touch, but good luck trying to touch it. Anyone who tries to get near him usually gets their head bitten off.

With an athletic and strong build like his father, Tornadopaw isn't a force to reckon with. He's not as swift with his father, being larger and having more muscle on his long legs (thanks to his mommy), but he's stronger. He has an average bone-structure, but attractive facial features. His ears are triangular in shape, and his face has higher, defined cheek bones, with a well-rounded muzzle tapering into a pale nose, a strong lower jaw sitting below his muzzle. Tornadopaw's most heart-snatching feature? His little sassy grin. No matter how irritating, it certainly melts hearts. His eyes are blue, almost the color of the sky, and stand out surprisingly well on his dark blue-gray tabby pelt. He has a broad chest and large, well-rounded paws with rough paw-pads. His whiskers are longer in length and pale in color, and have a tendency to tangle due to their long length. Tornadopaw's tail is of an average length, and is nothing special. Like his father, his lungs tend to ripple under his pelt as he runs or inhales deeply. His shoulders also tend to be broader, making him less aerodynamic, unlike his sister, but he's not a good runner anyways.

When he stands around, Tornadopaw tends to lean on things to have a "cool" look....because he is cool, and he sometimes crosses his front paws. When not leaning around, he stands with his legs shoulder-length apart, and his tail generally low. He usually has a mischievous look, either smirking or snickering, with a gleam in his blue eyes. He usually tilts his head and moves it around when speaking to others, either grinning or giving them a calculating look. His voice isn't too deep or high-pitched, rather average, but more on the deep side.


Though a very attractive cat like his father, Tornadopaw is quite the opposite, a great disappointment to not only his father, but the entire clan. But this only fuels his irritating personality. He's very convinced that he's super cool, like his sister, and above everything else, even the warrior code, which he thinks is extremely stupid. With his sister, he formed a group of "rebel-cats", who happen to be unlike everyone else and also happen to be very cool. He's the lead of the group with his sister, and the group consists of the few cats he actually has the slightest respect for. Tell him to do something, he'll do the opposite. Don't tell him to do something...he'll still do whatever he wants just to irritate you, so you best just give up. He doesn't care about anyone besides his group members, Brightkit, and most importantly, himself.

However, he tends to be relatively loyal to his group and his group alone, but above all, he's most loyal to his sister, Brightkit. As for his Clan, he doesn't really care, they could fall off the face of the earth. But they're still cooler than the other factions, only because it consists of him and his rebel friends. Everyone else...screw them, he'll just sit on them or irritate them to death, he's good at that.

To Tornadopaw, there is no law - actually, there is. It's him, he's the law. However, whatever anyone else says does not matter, unless their words can help him taunt others. He's an extremely manipulative cat in this way, and has quite a way with words, often twisting them and corrupting them to get deep into the hearts of others, and make them feel like burning themselves alive. He is loud, arrogant, and over all, a pain in the butt (a nicer word for what he really is).

But, around his gang, Tornadopaw's a pretty chill cat. He's fun to be around, despite being very sarcastic and blunt. He's basically a straight-savage with no chill around those he doesn't like, and he's very to-the-point when it comes to opinions. To sum him up, one could put all of the swear words in every single language in alphabetical order, with the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emoji on the end. Have fun, kids.


Coming Soon



His mother's birthing went relatively easy until it came to him and his younger sister. He was the second to last born, Ashkit (FC) being the first, and Dapplekit coming after her. His father, who had been beating up his own warriors to get to his mate, gazes at his only son and the last kit born (Brightkit), and thinks to himself that those are his "Tornadokit and Brightkit", or his "little winners". Little does Stormstar know, his "little winners" will grow up to be "little terrors".

He constantly pushes his littermates around, obviously annoyed with them. He does this throughout the entire time his parents sleep, and he is eventually slapped by Brightkit, and this only enrages him more. Eventually, his parents wake, and his father carries him and Ashkit to the original camp, while his mother carries Dapplekit and Brightkit. He continues to thrash and swing at both his father and his sister while carried, but once back at camp, he tires, and thankfully falls asleep once with his mother. Blazefire doesn't dare wake his son, however, Brightkit is daring enough to do so by trying to push past him. In response, Tornadokit swings at her, and she pulls off, out of energy. Thankfully, she is pulled away by her mother, and the tomkit returns to his sleep.

Tornadokit eventually stretches out, and it is revealed that he is already quite strong. In the process of stretching, he is the first of the litter to open his eyes. His sister, seeing that she cannot let her brother open his eyes alone, struggles to open hers. Tornadokit sees her, and says his first words as well, which are "what the f-". Thankfully, he is cut off by his father as he enters the nursery. Other kits start bumping his mother, and Brightkit opens her eyes and complains about her father, while Tornadokit slams his paw on Ashkit, yelling that all of the "poos" need to give him mother some space.

It quickly becomes clear that he and his sister Brightkit are quite the pair if trouble makers. After discovering their tails, they attempt to bite off Falconheart's tail, who responds very bitterly, landing her in trouble with the leader. Tornadokit tells his sister that their father is the perfect tool, and while he is cleaning his den, they attempt to annoy him. Eventually, they get bored and come up with a plan to make Dapplekit open her eyes.

Naturally, it goes badly, landing the two in a big physical fight. Tornadokit, who claims to be the strongest, dragged Dapplekit out if the nursery and ended up fighting with her, and seems to win. Blazefire scolds her kits, and demands they go to the nursery and rest. Tornadokit boldly refuses, ordering his mother to leave them alone. This angers her, and she started she won't feed him then, and leaves. He acts like everything will be alright, explaining to Brightkit that they'll find another queen. He then declares that they will be the awesomest and sweggiest warriors ever, and she agrees.

Brightkit lands herself in more trouble with Blazefire, and Tornadokit sits back, silently cheering his sister on. He eventually gets bored and wanders off, only to run into Sunkit. She says a few things, asking who he is, but he ignores her and walks on. Eventually, Brightkit reunites with her brother, and together, they try to irritate Cypressshade. The tom fights back, only to be defended by Ashkit, who has a clear interest in the warrior. Ashkit and Brightkit fight, until it gets physical. Cypressshade carries Brightkit off, while Tornadokit simply watches. Brightkit orders her brother to attack him, and Tornadokit snaps that he doesn't take orders from anyone.

Bored, he leaves camp, complaining about how lame his littermates are being. It is his first time out of camp, and when he's out and about, his father holds his apprentice ceremony...and his worst fear comes true: Stormstar is his mentor.


Coming Soon


"What the f-"
— Tornadokit's first words. FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 63
"You all stank!"
— Tornadokit to his entire family FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 63
"Oi, since when did I take orders from you?"
— Tornadokit to Brightkit FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 64



Blazefire - Living


Stormstar - Living


Ashkit (FC) - Living

Brightkit - Living

Dapplekit - Living

Coming Soon



Stormstar & Blazefire:

"My parents are annoying. 'Be the best warrior ever, like me!' 'Follow the warrior code!' Bleh, it makes me sick. My dad? He's my tool. My mom? She's the drama-queen."
— Tornadokit's thoughts on his parents thoughts

Coming Soon


"I feel sorry for her. She's a lame non-rebel, and is in love with that big dope...oh, yeah, Cypressshade, he's part of my squad. Whoops."
— Tornadokit's thoughts on his sister thoughts

Coming Soon


"'nother non-rebel, lame. Why is my family so lame?"
— Tornadokit's thoughts on his sister thoughts

Coming Soon


"HAHA! Now we're talking, someone with a cool and rebellious bone in their body. We're partners in crime, don't know what I'd do without her, and what she'd do without me. We're obviously the only cool cats in the Clan, especially the coolest cats in our fam. It's sad, really. But hey, 's not my fault we have so much sweg."
— Tornadokit's thoughts on his "cool sister" thoughts

Coming Soon

Love InterestsEdit

What the junk, he's too good for that lame crap.


Life, everyone, non-rebels, p obvious.


Life ImageEdit

Character PixelsEdit


  • the Apocalypse is here.
    • and it's freaking gorgeous, but nah, he's g, mates are for lame people, and he's not lame.
  • His favorite word/sayings are: Stank, lame, sweg/swag, "what the junk", "come at me", scrub, bro, dude, chutzpah, etc.

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