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"Sylvie and Goldie were teasing her again, because she wanted to join the wild cats. Copper was angry with them. She went off in a hurry, saying she needed to make dirt, but... she hasn't returned."
— Titan to Caesar, about Copper in Shadows of Ash

Titan is a sleek silver tom with bright blue eyes.

Current Clan Rogue
Past Clan(s) Loner
Age 90 moons
Status Deceased
Debut Dusks of Copper
Death Unknown illness
Names Kit: Titan
Loner: Titan
Rogue: Titan
Mother Mercury
Father Caesar
Littermates Sylvie, Goldie, Copperdusk
Mate Burnet
Kit(s) Leaf, Thorny, Dusk
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living Dusks of Copper, Shadows of Ash, Fury of Silver, The Swallow
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Bramble

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Titan is a sleek silver tom with bright blue eyes.

Character Edit

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Skills Edit

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Life Edit

History Edit

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Roleplay Edit

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Fanfiction AppearancesEdit

Dusks of CopperEdit

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Shadows of AshEdit

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Fury of SilverEdit

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Pedigree Edit

Mother: Mercury - Status Unknown

Father: Caesar - Status Unknown

Sisters: Goldie - Status Unknown
Sylvie - Deceased, verified Dark Forest member
Copperdusk - Living

Mate: Burnet - Living

Daughter: Leaf - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Sons: Thorny - Living
Dusk - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Grandmother: Song - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Grandfather: Thornleaf - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Great-Grandmother: Dapplesong - Status Unknown, Most Likely Deceased

Great-Grandfather: Bushflight - Status Unknown, Most Likely Deceased

Aunt: Dapple - Status Unknown

Uncle: Breeze - Status Unknown

Great-Uncle: Ravenfeather - Status Unknown

Niece: Maplestripe - Living

Nephews: Cypressshade - Living
Wasppaw - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Cousin: Blitzen - Deceased, Residence Unknown




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Love InterestsEdit


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Although Titan barely even knew the tom during his life, the few times that he had sighted him had made him cringe. Falconstripe - well, an unnamed cat to Titan - was training a young she-cat to do cruel things - and to Titan, this seemed very twisted - he saw it as not a very nice thing to do, being the father that he was. Titan never wishes to see Falconstripe again - although he has no idea that the black-striped tom has since died.


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Being the tom that he was, Titan showed his caring towards a complete stranger multiple times, although he did it when he was shied away. Blitzen was one of these cats that Titan helped - even though she was knocked out at the time, from the pain of suffering a broken leg during an earthquake. Titan and Blitzen both have no idea that they are related by blood - cousings, Blitzen's father and Titan's mother being siblings - and they barely even know each other, for that matter. Even after Titan unwittingly helped Blitzen, he still looks out for the black-and-white she-cat, wondering how she fared after he had healed her.

Trivia Edit

  • Titan's family all have names based off elements off the Periodic Table. For Titan, this is titanium.

Images Edit

Life Image Edit


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