The AncientsEdit

The Falling Stars, formerly known as The Tribe of Falling Stars before Crow's reign, started out as a group of cats, referred to as "The Ancients". This group (unnamed) was founded and lead by Crow Flutter, a three-legged black tom. The group was formed a little before FlameClan, not exploring far enough to claim the Clan's land and chase them out. The group settled down in a slightly mountainous area near some wetlands, every cat learning about herbs. The group consisted of Sharpclaws, Softpaws, Queens, Kits, and a Leader. Crow Flutter was a generous leader, however, he never came up with any official rules, other than "the leader's word is law". Thus, the group ran into quite a few troubles, such as fights and the inability to catch the prey roaming in the mountainous area. This resulted in the group deciding to move into the wetlands.

Though there was food, there were even more predators. Other cats, adders, and much more. A few moons after the move, Crow Flutter died, his son, Hawk Song, taking over. It was later decided that the Leader would be succeeded by one of his children. However, this never happened again, as the group of cats quickly started to die off and flee, unable to survive as a group in the Wetlands.

Reformation as a TribeEdit

Many, Many moons later, the group reformed under Crow Flutter's distance descendant, Evening of Falling Stars (Evening) the tom becoming leader. The group reformed as a Tribe during Flamestar's reign in FlameClan, the group inspired by the Tribe of Erupting Volcanoes. They changed up the ranks so cats could learn more and not be overwhelmed with multiple different types of tasks, resulting in these positions: Leader, Deputy, Healer, Soldiers, Navigators, and Advisers. Advisers were very trusted cats, who were either close family (such as parents, kits, or mates) or close friends of the Leader. The Deputy would succeed the leader, however, the Advisers could deny them of the throne, either taking it up themselves, or selecting a different cat. The deputy was usually the mate or child of the Leader, and was rarely denied the throne. However, if the deputy or leader was challenged, the winner could take up the position without the approval of the Advisers.

Evening reformed the Group within the mountainous area, believing that it was a safer home. Also, he named the Tribe after himself, known for being rather selfish, unlike his ancestor. He named his mate, Shine of Stars at Night (Shine), his deputy and adviser, naming his good friend adviser as well. The Leader was extremely close with his Healer, Badger that Steals Berries (Badger), to the point where his mate was jealous, and feared her mate cheating on her. Well, he did. Ten moons after the Tribe was formed, both of Evening's mates gave birth, and while they were pregnant, both fought over which litter would hold the next leader. Evening told the she-cats to not worry, as their ancestors would chose who the next leader was by having that litter survive.

Shine's litter survived, consisting of one tom: Eagle That Lies In Nest (Eagle). Badger's litter consisted of nothing but three stillborns, to her disappointment. Because of this, Evening left her, resulting in great tensions between the two, resulting in trouble for the Tribe. Badger attempted to kill Shine and her handsome son, resulting in her exile. A new healer, Boulder that Blocks River (Boulder), took the exiled she-cat's place, however, Evening continued to see other she-cats, to Shine's dismay. So, he started to lack at work, leaving the Tribe hungry and lost. Desperate to save her son and tribe, Shine challenged her mate. The two fought a brutal battle to the death, resulting in Shine winning, and her mate losing. Young Eagle was only seven moons old, and this battle scarred him for life.

Shine later found out that she had been pregnant with her former mate's kits, upsetting her greatly. She appointed her good friend (and new mate) Wolf that Serenades Moons (Wolf) as the new deputy. During these times, the Tribe of Falling Stars got into a big war with the Tribe of Erupting Volcanoes, however, Shine's tribe won. This battle took place in FlameClan territory, confusing and frustrating the Clan that hosted the war. This resulted in a big loss of cats in each faction, including FlameClan, as their cats were occasionally pushed into battle on accident. During this period, every faction was suffering and were expecting to die out, however, they all miraculously survived.

The war lasted for two whole moons, and after it ended, Shine gave birth to little Crow That Flutters Through Air (Crow), whom she named after the tom's great ancestor, hoping her son was destined for greatness, like his big brother. Little did the leader know, her two sons were destined to clash, resulting in a big change.

Once Eagle was a full fledged Soldier, Wolf stepped down, allowing his step son to become Deputy. Not long after this, Crow and Eagle's mother died, resulting in Eagle becoming leader.

Past LeadersEdit

Crow FlutterEdit

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Hawk SongEdit

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Evening of Falling StarsEdit

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Shine of Stars at NightEdit

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Past DeputiesEdit

Shine of Stars at NightEdit

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Wolf that Serenades MoonEdit

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Past HealersEdit

Badger that Steals BerriesEdit

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Boulder that Blocks RiverEdit

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