White Dots - Faction Camp

Gray Dot - The Falling Stars's Old camp

Weedy Grass/Cat Tails - Marshlands

Gray/Brown - Mountainous/Cliffs

Green Splotches - Trees

Blue Lines - Rivers/Streams

Gray Squares - Houses


FlameClan - FC

The Falling Stars/Tribe Of Falling Stars - TFS

Tribe of Erupting Volcanoes - ToEV

DarkClan - DC

ScorchClan - SC

Loners & Rogues - LR

Kittypets - KP

Territory and Camp Descriptions Edit

FlameClan Edit


Notes Edit

  • Since Loners & Rogues don't really have a territory, the black-outlined area represents the areas they usually inhabit. Therefore, ScorchClan ignores their territory and decides it has a border with FlameClan.
  • Kittypet territory is actually the Twolegplace.

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