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"Well, obviously I can't leave, because you're blocking the way."
— Talon to Birchtail, when she is confronted by him in the FlameClan camp

Talon is a scarred, dark brown tabby she-cat with piercing amber eyes.

Current Clan DarkClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age 91 moons
Status Deceased
Debut Shattering of Family
Death Exhaustion from kitting
Names Kit: Talon
Trainee: Talon
Spike: Talon
Quester: Talon
Queen: Talon
Mother Raraku
Father Maikuku
Littermates Littermates: Paku, Wheua
Younger Siblings: Kea, Kereru
Mate Dash (Formerly)
Kit(s) Taraheke, Spina
Mentor(s) Scandius
Apprentice(s) Sourise
Fanfiction Appearances
Living Shadows of Ash, Shattering of Family
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Bramble

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Talon is a scarred dark brown tabby she-cat with piercing amber eyes

Character Edit

Talon is ambitious, and hates getting shunned. She wants to prove her loyalty to Snaketooth, and like the rest of her Clan, her hatred for FlameClan festers. She is also seen as being tough, and rather heartless. She is also known to be rather scornful, and against enemies, she has a talent for taunting them.

Skills Edit

Talon is good at tricking cats, and making them get distracted. She is also an adept fighter, and an accurate hunter.

Life Edit

History Edit

Talon is DarkClan born. Her parents ran away from DarkClan two moons after she was born, because Talon's two brothers were killed (for unknown reasons). This was a negative effect on Talon, causing her to be shunned and pushed around (a lot) by her Clanmates. Cats often attack her, and her pelt is crisscrossed with scars because of it.

Roleplay Edit

Coming Soon

Fanfiction AppearancesEdit

Shadows of AshEdit

Talon doesn't appear formally in this fanfiction, but she is mentioned by her father, Maikuku, when he is telling Specks why he killed his mate, Tawny. It is mentioned that Talon's two brothers, who were not mentioned by name, died of unknown causes, and Maikuku tells Specks that Talon will live a life of fury and pain.

Shattering of FamilyEdit

Coming Soon

Pedigree Edit

Mother: Raraku - Status Unknown

Father: Maikuku - Status Unknown

Brothers: Paku - Deceased, Residence Unknown
Wheua - Deceased, Residence Unknown
Kea - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Sister: Kereru - Status Unknown

Aunt: Knurren - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Grandmothers: Kaise - Deceased, Residence Unknown
Faisca - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Grandfathers: Shale - Deceased, Residence Unknown
Ulmus - Deceased, Residence Unknown






Love InterestsEdit





Blossomstripe: "Hey, get back here you-- You...coward! No DarkClan cat is going to step foot in our territory and get away with it."
Talon: "You'll have to find my leader first."
Birchtail: "You pieces of scum don't deserve a leader!"
Talon: "You still have to find him. Otherwise he'll hunt you down!"
Birchtail: "This isn't a game of hide'n seek."
Blossomstripe: "We're not going to waste our time fighting you. Just leave peacefully, and all will go well."
Talon: "Well, obviously I can't leave, because you're blocking the way."
Birchtail: "Don't sass me."
Blossomstripe: "Calm down."
Snaketooth: "Well, well, look who it is. Come back to claim your territory, eh? Well, we won't leave without a fight."
Talon: "Told you! Snaketooth's going to get you now!"
- Talon arguing with Birchtail and Blossomstripe, in FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 13

Trivia Edit

  • In her family, Talon is the only one who doesn't have a name from another language.
  • Brams knows how Talon is going to die. >:D
    • The way she dies is also linked to her future mate, in some way or another. (Brams knows her mate, but she will not say >:D).

Images Edit

Life Image Edit


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