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"I don't know any more than cobwebs help stop the bleeding! Don't blame everything on me!"
— Stormwillow to Silverstorm in FlameClan/Roleplay

Stormwillow is a thin, pale, pretty silver she-cat with green eyes. She is the mother of SlashStreamkitNightkitSparrowkitFalconkit, and Ashkit.

Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) Rogue
Age 48 moons (4 years)
Status Deceased
Debut Loners & Rogues/Roleplay
Death Died from burns after being saved by Falconheart
Names Stormwillow
Mother Feather
Father Rain
Littermates Willow
Mate Wrenflight, Sun That Shines on Creek, Hailwhisper (all formerly), Hawktalon
Kit(s) Streampaw, Nightpaw, Sparrowpaw, Slash, Ashkit, Falconkit
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living Stormwillow's Suffering
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Stormver



A pale, thin, silver tabby shecat with green eyes, Stormwillow appears to be thinner than a plant stem at first. She did gain some weight, which was good, since she had been starving. Over time, from changing personalities and giving birth to kits, she finally became content with her weight - though she's thinner than the majority of FlameClan cats.

She's very pretty, as water truly brings out her stripes. (Stormver thinks that she should get out and swim more because she's so pretty in Stormver's opinion.)


At first, Stormwillow seems to be a little bit aggressive towards other cats. Over time, however, she grew to be more fearful of others, after an awful accident with Cardinalblaze and Hiddenshade. She still has bad dreams and is still a little bit afraid of Birchstar and his deputy.

She went insane at one point, however she quickly grew out of it. It took her a while to grow out of fear of Hiddenshade, but she is still a bit nervous around them. She eventually settled with a kind and caring personality and is accepted throughout the Clan, even though there are still things that she won't ever be able to hide.

Her scars, her past actions, the fact that it's easier to feel her ribs than most cats. She'll never change what she did in the past, but she'll always be her, and nobody else can be like her. She thinks she can gather support and be stronger than she was moons ago. She's a changed cat, and there's nothing wrong with that.


She has breathing problems, which is why she coughs a lot, even if she's feeling fine. Despite the problems, however, she is an excellent fighter. She's the perfect mother for her kits, they couldn't want anything more. Her breathing problems trouble her the most in her life, and she thinks she can find a way to keep her coughing under control, maybe even get rid of it. Her hunting skills are slightly off, since she was starving for part of her life.



Stormwillow's mother and father are both unknown, but she was named after the willow tree her mother sheltered in when she was born. Since then she has taught herself to hunt and fight, even though her hunting skills were way worse than her fighting skills.

While she was a rogue, she had a period of starving. She's still thinner than most FlameClan cats.

Roleplay Edit

Stormwillow is a rogue with her debut. She travels to FlameClan alone. As she's padding through, she spots Owlscream, and, unknowingly driven by hunger, attacks him. To her he had looked like a huge thrush, yet she was stopped by Hiddenshade. The FlameClan cats took her to their camp, where she attacked Silverstorm, again driven by hunger. Her last thought before waking up near Silverstorm was that she had a full belly at last.

In the timeskip, she meets Wrenflight, and soon carries his kits. She contracts a mysterious sickness, which doesn't take it out on her until she vomits in front of Birchtail and Cardinalblaze. They watch her in horror, worried that she'll make their kits sick, and Hiddenshade starts fretting over them. When they don't believe her, she decides to leave the nursery, only to collapse and be taken to the medicine den by Silverstorm, her one and only friend. She wakes up just as Wrenflight's second litter of kits arrives, whom she happened to carry. Meanwhile, a battle rages on outside, but she is pained by the kits. After the battle, in which Scarletkit and Stormkit go missing, she has three healthy kits: Streamkit, Nightkit, and Sparrowkit.

The next day, Cardinalblaze starts to groan, and Stormwillow is seen to leap up, even so soon after her kitting. She is unable to do much, as she only knows how to help with bleeding. Hiddenshade threatens her when she collapses in her nest, exhausted, though she insists that she couldn't have done anything. Birchtail attacks her, tearing out fur and skin. Stormwillow kicks him off, though now she had the deputy and Hiddenshade to deal with. She runs across the FlameClan camp, only to fall with her kits. Silverstorm runs out to guard her as Birchtail leaps at Silverstorm next. As Silverstorm and Birchtail hiss and growl, Flamestar pads out of her den, only to find Silverstorm guarding Stormwillow from Birchtail. Silverstorm quickly explains to Flamestar that she had no idea if Cardinalblaze was dead, and that Stormwillow shouldn't be blamed for that terrible accident. Silverstorm also explains that the injured, exhausted queen was weaker than Birchtail and Hiddenshade because of kitting, exhaustion, and her breathing problems.

She is finally treated for her wounds from Birchtail by Frostleaf. Silverstorm suggests to Frostleaf that Stormwillow should be isolated behind the Waterfall, in a small cave.

During her isolation, she meets Creekshine, who soon replaces Wrenflight as the true father of her kits. She remains isolated for two moons, Creekshine keeping her safe.

She returns from isolation alive and healthy and is asked to swear loyalty to the Clan. Creekshine covers for her and states that every kit that was with them (Streamkit, Nightkit, Sparrowkit, Heronkit, and Magpiekit) and she and him are loyal to the Clan. However, in the process, Birchtail notices her return and is angry over her return. Creekshine is angry at Birchtail for threatening his mate.


Mother: Feather

Father: Rain

Littermates: Willowstar, Wilderness

Former Mates: WrenflightSun That Shines on CreekHailwhisper


Kits: Streampaw, Nightpaw, Sparrowpaw, Falconkit, Ashkit

Grandmother: Moth

Great-Grandmother: Falconfeather




Don't get her started on her daughter. How could she love a kit who killed her own brother? No, she couldn't and wouldn't do it. Stormwillow's feelings changed the moment she saw her son's dead body and his tiny little neck broken. Falconpaw was never meant to be bad, but her malevolent future came too early, too quickly, and even StarClan cannot change what will happen to Stormwillow and her kit.

Friends Edit

Silverstorm Edit

Silverstorm was one of the very first cats Stormwillow met from Flameclan. After a bad start, Silverstorm accepted the rogue after spotting her ribs below her pelt. She cares much about Stormwillow and her kits as well as her own.

Wolfclaw Edit

Wolfkit loved the former rogue from day one. She was a thin bundle of fur, but Wolfkit's first thought was the stories she'd have. The former rogue would be filled with them.

Notable Edit

FlameClan Edit

She wants to be part of it, though she has very little knowledge about anything other than hunting or fighting. She fears that FlameClan will hate her for every breath she takes. She already knows that Hiddenshade dislikes her, as well as Birchstar. She loves the idea of living with others, though the two toms wouldn't let her step towards anyone. She feels really terrible upon her actions in the past and feels like they should actually care about her bedding or having prey. She loves Cardinalblaze and many of her adopted Clanmates. She knows what happened was very bad of her, but she feels like FlameClan dislikes her every move. She knows she didn't mean to attack Owlscream or Silverstorm, but hates the fact that the deputy and his friend doubt her loyalty.

Thoughts Edit


Birchstar, oh Birchstar. Yes, my friend. I haven't been liked by him..but he's nice and caring, I appreciate that. He has certainly changed since when I first arrived. Being the shecat I am, I really can't help my actions from the past and instead I must focus on the future. There is nothing separating him and Cardinalblaze, not even me. I do see a difference in our relationship - he did try to kill me though, and I will never get over the pain and fear I felt then. He has really changed. I know we're better friends, but sometime I'd like to talk with him about what happened and see how he feels now.


Cardinalblaze? You mean one of the only cats who bears a grudge against me? Yes, I am not exactly excited to chat about her, but I kinda feel like she hates me because I tried to kill her - or at least that's what the Clan thought. I didn't try to kill her, I actually tried to save her life. I gave it my all and now I just want to start over with her. Nothing would make the stone in my belly lift unless we became friends - and that would send it out of me entirely. I would be so happy to be friends with her.


Yes, my newest mate. I'm sure I won't be losing him to someone else. I'm already expecting kits and I know that their father is Hawktalon. He's very loyal, and I appreciate that.


  • She is a lot like Stormver
  • She is slightly based upon a friend of Stormver
  • She'll always be thinner than most cats, though that's an advantage for her.
  • She always has nightmares about her past, and she never wants to relive that experience ever again.
  • One nightmare consisted of her being killed after she had killed Birchstar. (She never killed Birchstar, that was in her dream) 
  • Because of those nightmares, she still fears Birchstar, Hiddenshade, and Cardinalblaze.
  • Stormver absoulutely loves her and she is Stormver's female bae <3
  • Stormver wishes that nobody use Stormwillow's name as it is very personal to Stormver


Life ImageEdit


Character PixelsEdit

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