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"Loyalty and leadership aren't about risking the lives of others."
Stormkit to Wolfpaw in FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 10
Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age 63 moons (5.25 years)
Status Living
Debut FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 3
Death Unknown
Names Kit: Stormkit
Apprentice: Stormpaw
Warrior: Stormrage
Deputy: Stormrage
Leader: Stormstar
Mother Cardinalblaze
Father Birchtail
Littermates Littermates: Emberwish, Shadowpelt, Scarletflame
Younger Siblings: Three Unnamed Stillborns, Mintfrost, Phoenixflame
Mate Blazefire
Kit(s) First Litter:
Tornadostorm, Ashbreeze Brightwhisker, Dapplestorm
Second Litter:
Otterstrike, Minkdance, Flyheart, Horsestorm
Mentor(s) Birchtail
Apprentice(s) Falconheart, Rapidstream, Cypressshade, Tornadostorm
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None/Unknown
Deceased None
Sexuality Mono-Heterosexual
Best Friend Hiddenshade
Crush Blazefire
Worst Enemy Amber, Fallenstar
Roleplayer Whiskers
Stormstar is a towering, handsome, well-muscled dark gray tabby tom with blue eyes, and a noticeable cut in his left ear from the DarkClan battle. He is the son of Birchtail and Cardinalblaze, his littermates being Shadowpelt, ScarletflameEmberwish, Mintfrost], Phoenixflame, and three unnamed stillborns. He is currently the leader of FlameClan, his mentor having been his father, Birchtail. He is the mentor of Falconheart, Rapidstream, Cypressshade, and Tornadopaw. He is the mate of his beloved Blazefire, and together, they had various kittens.



Very much known for his looks, Stormstar is built strong and tall, with rippling muscle and thick fur. His fur is dark, blue-gray in color, with even darker stripes, not a speck of white on his soft, well-groomed pelt. His fur is short in length, but is very much dense, making it difficult to groom. However, he was taught to look his best, so he grooms his pelt as often as he can.

With a poweful, muscular build, Stormstar is very much intimidating, however, he's still very handsome. His bone structure is sturdy with an average thickness, his legs long and strong, making him a rather swift cat. His lungs show off his athleticness, sticking out of his pelt slightly, especially when he runs. His shoulders are fairly broad, like his chest. His paws are well-rounded with thick gray paw-pads, allowing him to easily walk on rough surfaces. His head is well-shaped, his jaw strong and a larger size, fitting perfectly underneath his broad muzzle. Stormstar has long ears, however, his left ear has had a cut in it since his kithood, when he got attacked by a DarkClan cat. But Stormstar's eyes...They seem to be able to capture the hearts of all. They are a deep, dark blue, slowly fading to a larger shade as they near his pure-black pupils.

Built for running and battling, Stormstar has long, sharp claws, which don't tend to break or get pulled out of his paws very often. Sharp, yellow-white fangs poke out of his jaws, healthy gums holding them in. Stormstar's voice isn't too deep, but it is very much masculine, often soft and understanding. He stands with his chest puffed out slightly, his tail often curled into a "u" shape as he walks. His eyes seem to sing, and his voice is often friendly and welcoming, however, this can easily change, especially if you threaten him, his Clanmates, or his family. Stormstar tends to stand with his front legs held closer together, while his hind legs are farther apart.


Stormstar has been dubbed "The Guardian" by his friends and family due to his bravery and loyalty. He is generally a passive cat unless his family or friends are harmed. He's very well-known for his outstanding loyalty, as he will die trying to protect/save a friend/family member. If a nice or innocent cat needs a friend, they can always count on Stormstar, as he's always there to help a pal. Stormstar can become fierce when it becomes to protecting another, and has grown up into a powerful and strong cat, quite intimidating with a large heart.

Stormstar is also famous for his adventurous personality, as he is often seen out of camp once he's sure his siblings are safely sleeping. He often goes out of hunt for his Clan, or try discovering new land. This is an inspiration for him to be leader, as he feels that a leader should explore new ways and new land. His adventurous personality is quite helpful, as he discovers quite a bit of useful things, such as secrets of other clans.

To go with his adventurous personality, Stormstar is very brave and bold, never afraid to speak his mind or stand up for someone/thing he loves. He can be defiant against those he isn't much of friends with, especially if they threaten him or his family. Stormstar's words are often sharp when angered and full of meaning, meaning he has quite a way with words. Stormrage will fight the whole Dark Forest to keep his friends or family members safe, even if it means risking his own life. Being brave and bold doesn't mean he's mean, simply protective and occasionally daring, and truthfully, he's quite friendly and playful, even humorous. Stormstar tends to relax around good friends and family, often joking around, which attracts him more new friends.

A stereotypical tom? No, not at all...Stormstar is an intelligent cat, but he has moments where he seems dumber than a bag of rocks. Whether he's trying to be funny, or his mind's simply stressed out, most don't know. However, these moments are quite hilarious to see, as he grows extremely embarrassed by his poor judgement, and often slides off to go sulk from his failure. Thankfully, he doesn't get these random "outbursts of stupidity" during important situations, usually in situations so simple that it's ridiculous. It is also suspected that he suffers from minor ADD, as he seems to run on endless energy, and can be a bit too hyper at times. As a result, he can be easily distracted, and this can sometimes lead to his poor judgement. Thankfully, it is suspected that he only suffered through minor ADD during his kithood and adolescene, and has likely grown out of it. But, his endless energy and random bursts of great enthusiasm remains. This can be...a bit too annoying.

He may seem all tough and cool, but Stormstar is an extremely nostalgic guy. He misses the good 'ol days, he just wants his kithood back. He misses his youth, all of his siblings, his family...he wishes everything could be back to normal. He's no hopeless romantic, that's for sure, but he can be quite the mommy and daddy's boy. Stormstar actually likes to be held close and told that everything's going to be alright, despite being a brave cat. Sometimes, he simply wishes that he could go into the past, and make everything right.


Stormstar is famous for his athletic abilities, such as running and fighting. His speed is phenominal, something not normal. He's an overall impressive cat, running and training as much as he can, improving his skills more and more. His massive lungs and long, muscular legs reveal his running skills, his slightly skinny stomach as well. Stormstar's short and light pelt helps him run as well, not causing him drag like most cats suffer. Over the moons, his lung capactiy has increased greatly, improving his stamina and allowing him to run even longer, his leg strength increasing as well.

Well-known for his battle skills, Stormstar strikes not only fear, but awe into the cats who manage to see him battle. His moves are quick and well-aimed, leaving deep wounds, thanks to his sharp claws and brawny muscles. Due to his great height, he's easy to target, especially with his oddly colored pelt, however, he can easily defeat another in battle. He learned much from his father, Birchstar, and even to this day, he asks others about their new battle moves. Fairly intelligent, Stormstar is sure to observe and learn about his enemies, swiftly learning their weaknesses so he can use them against his enemies. However, if he has one weakness, it is heights, hands-down.



Stormkit is born to Cardinalblaze and Birchtail, along with Scarletkit, Shadowkit, and Emberkit. He presses his muscular body against his sister, their breathing matching before Scarletkit falls asleep. He lets out a sigh, revealed of have a strong body. When Scarletkit squirms out of the nest and shortly returns, Stormkit squirms to her and sniffs her to make sure she's alright. Once he decides she's fine, he does the same to Emberkit.

When Stormwillow grows jealous of Cardinalblaze and smirks and lowers her head close to the nest, Stormkit and his littermates are pulled closer to their mother for protection, while he presses himself close to the wailing Scarletkit, flattening his ears. He glares at Stormwillow as she leaves, looking as if he'd kill anyone who dared to mess with his family. He eventually sits back and watches over his siblings to make sure they're safe.

Falconstripe returns, and Stormkit starts to growl at him. He leaps in front of his family to protect them, Cardinalblaze attempting to pull him back. Stormkit pushes Scarletkit behind himself, hissing at telling Falconstripe to go away. He stands proudly beside his father, as if telling Falconstripe to leave, his mother trying to call him back into the nursery. Falconstripe asks his brother if Stormkit is his son, trying to lower his eyes to meet Stormkit's, but Birchtail pushes him away. Stormkit tries to tell Falconstripe to stay away from his family, but is cut off by his mother.

Rushclaw attempts to attack Stormkit, but Shadowkit attacks the DarkClan cat to protect his brother. After Cardinalblaze teaches the tom a lesson, she asks Stormkit if he's alright, and he says he is, his eyes round. Snaketooth steals Scarletkit, and Stormkit is determined to save his sister, going on his own since his parents are wounded and near death.

Stormkit demands to know where his sister is once in the DarkClan camp, but is only captured along with her, but manages to land a blow on Snaketooth's face. Stormkit quickly hurries to his sister's side to make sure she's alright. After he attempts to storm out a few times, Amber (who is guarding them) threatens to kill them. He mumbles he's going before pressing against Scarletkit once more and promising to keep her safe. When their parents come to save them, Scarletkit is stolen by a Spike once more, but Stormkit bites the cat's leg and saves his sister. Blade tries to steal Scarletkit like the last spike, but Stormkit bites his tail and frees his sister before they are returned home.

Back at camp, Stormkit and Scarletkit are healed by Frostleaf, and while inside, he asks who Stormwillow's litter are. Wolfkit says they're new friends, and then Stormkit and his sister return to the nursery. When Cardinalblaze starts to slowly die, he asks if she's going to be alright, tugging at Frostleaf to heal her. Lilysong attempts to comfort Stormkit, but he ignores her, only to be distracted by the family friend, Hiddenshade, who takes them out of the nursery to explore. Hiddenshade offers the litter of kit ssomething rare, the ability to go into the Warriors' den, but Shadowkit complains, while Stormkit is thrilled. When they pass the Leader's den, Stormkit trembles, deciding he wants to be leader one day.

He quickly rushes to his mother's side, finding her dying with Stormwillow doing nothing, saying she'll be alright and that he should leave. Stormkit snaps at her, calling her untrustworthy, but Hiddenshade takes him outside forcefully. Wolfkit attempts to pin Stormkit, but he easily throws her off, only to huddle close to Hiddenshade after Lilysong attempts to comfort him again.

After awhile, Stormkit begins to play with Scarletkit, tackling her. (Left off at Archive 6)



"As much as I want to be leader, there is no way I'd turn against my father and Flamestar. Loyalty comes first."
Stormkit to Wolfpaw FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 10
"Look at the stars. The great warriors of the past look down on you from those stars, and I am one of those warriors. So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those warriors will always be there to guide you. And so will I..."
Cardinalblaze to Stormstar The Battle of the Falling Stars

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Life 1: Cardinalblaze (A mother's love)

Life 2: Birchstar (Valiance)

Life 3: Flashkit, Silverkit, & Crowkit (Gratitude)

Life 4: Thunderheart (Versatility) - Lost by an unnamed internal issue

Life 5: Daisypetal (Mercy) - Lost by Phoenixflame

Life 6: Sparrowfrost (Valor)

Life 7: Shadedsun (Altruism) - Drowned

Life 8: Hiddenstar (Veracity)

Life 9: Russetfeather (Intuition)



Cardinalblaze - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Birchtail - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Phoenixflame - Living

Shadowpelt - Deceased, residence unknown


Scarletflame - Living

Emberwish - Living

Mintfrost - Living


Three Unnamed Stillborns - Deceased, residence Unknown


Falconstripe - Living


Primroseheart - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Dapplepatch - Deceased, residence Unknown


Owlscream - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Foxtail - Status Unknown, suspected to be Deceased


Sunrisekit - Living


Infernokit - Living

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Birchtail & CardinalblazeEdit

Stormstar loved his parents greatly, to the point where he nearly gave up his own life for theirs. However, no matter how hard he tried, StarClan took them anyways. Stormstar was closer to his father than any of his other siblings were, seeing that he was the former leader's apprentice. Because of how close he was to his parents, Stormstar was blammed by everyone for whatever happened to the tom and the she-cat, even if he had nothing to do with it. Regardless, Stormstar would do anything for his parents to come back, and loves them more than his own life.


For the first few moons of their life, Stormstar and Emberwish had a solid, strong, unbreakable bond. But after he playfully teased her about liking Hiddenshade, she suddenly turned on him. This confuses Stormstar, as he was simply joking. He now keeps his distance from his sister, not wanting to get into another fight with her. He does wish to mend their broken bond, however, he feels that she will refuse to do so.


Like the rest of his family, Stormstar loves his sister dearly, and will harm anyone who hurts her in a mental or physical way. He's extremely protective over all his friends and family, and since day one, Stormstar was always making sure his sister was ok. Ever since the DarkClan attack, Stormstar has been even more protective and oddly brave and bold. These new characteristics are suspected to be permanent.


Stormstar and his brother never got along well. As kits, Shadowpelt did his best to discourage Stormstar and anger him, however, Stormstar new better than to fall for these taunts. He nearly killed Stormstar multiple times, even as a kit, and continued to blame him for their near-death experiences anyways. Stormstar must admit it, he was rather happy when his brother was exiled by their father, however, after he took a life from their father, Stormstar has vowed to get revenge for Birchstar. If Shadowpelt shows his face in FlameClan territory ever again, Stormstar will probably end his life, as he has proved himself a traitor.

Love InterestsEdit


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Russetfeather was Stormstar's first friend, and he had to admit, at one point, he thought they could be mates. However, these feelings were during his apprenticeship and kithood, where every thought was a dream . Though they have drifted apart, Stormstar still considers the fire-colored molly his greatest friend, and the first true friend he ever had. Though she was orginally a loner, Stormstar became friends with her immediately as a kit, playing with her all the time and explaining clanlife to her. As an apprentice, he was very protective of Russetfeather, constantly checking on her and fretting over her all the time. But as warriors...the two drifted apart, Russetfeather understanding that the tom had a different path...the path of a true leader.


The two met as apprentices, Skycloud seeming rather fond of the tom. Stormstar still considers him a friend, however, he doesn't like how much she smothers him. He does respect her sweetness, but he doesn't enjoyed being constantly licked and nuzzled, as if he was her mate. He's fond of her and considers her a good friend, but doesn't think of her in that sort of way, only as a friend.


Probably the only she-cat Stormstar has met who's willing to huncker down and have a casual conversation with him rather than drool over him. Though she's from a different Clan and not of a higher rank, Stormstar enjoys her company and chatting with her every once in a while. He can relate to her quite a bit, and has discovered how easily he can be embarrassed. He doesn't know why, but Stormstar really enjoys being around the she-cat, but he suspects this is because she'll actually talk to him. However, he did have an argument with her once, believing that she wasn't what he thoght she was, and he was greatly enraged by this. Eventually, the two made up at a Gathering, chatting and racing each other quite a bit...until Stormstar discovered his fear of heights. However, he still gets into a few fights with her, but healthy fights, healthy relationships, correct? After these little disputes, Stormstar has to admit, he feels absolutely terrible for his doings.


Songcloud always looked up to Stormstar, he the tom greatly respects that, and enjoys settling down with the molly and having a good converstaion with her. However, he is oblivious to her feelings for him, and he certainly does not return these feelings. He sees her as a shoulder to lean on, someone to open up to and talk to about his problems or worries. The two have become best friends, however, Stormstar has learned to avoid the molly, seeing that it greatly enrages Phoenixflame, who actually returns Songcloud's feelings.


The two toms are pretty good friends, even though Stormstar knows little to nothing about him. He finds Bogshadow quite interesting, a character you don't see very often, after all, he cannot feel physical pain. The leader finds that very cool, though does understand the consiquences of the disease. Coming Soon



Stormstar hates them for obvious reasons. They're a threat to his Clan, they nearly killed him and his family as a kit, and so on. He hates them, plain and simple, and sees absolutely on good in the Clan. Yes, kits are not enemies, they should be treasured by all, but Stormstar simply sees the kits of DarkClan as trainees, oblivious to the trouble they'll cause in the future. It's not like he'd run to the Clan and kill their kits though, but Stormstar does wish to kill all of the murderers in that Clan. He despises DarkClan greatly, and would do anything in his power to stop and end them.



Falconheart was Stormstar's first apprentice, and he did his best to work hard and train her well. However, due to her leaving, he couldn't teach her everything he wished he had, and in a way, he is a little disappointed in her. He doubts her loyalty, and is very upset that she was not only banished because she betrayed her Clan for a tom, but she left a second time on her own accord.


His second apprentice, Stormstar does his best to teach Rapidpaw, however, he cannot train her well if she continues to zone out. The leader has to admit, this bothers him quite a bit, especially since he's only trying to help her learn. But he refuses to be mean to the apprentice, seeing that she's only a kid and does not know better. As a result, he's a bit protective of her, and would lay down his life to keep her safe.


  • Stormstar will go down as one of the greater leaders in history, particularly after his sacrificial death.
  • He grew snappish as he aged due to typical pressures that leaders face, along with the fact that 75% of his children are psychotic.
  • Wonder what would happen if one of his many dead siblings weren't actually dead, and came back... hmm.


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