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Sierra JoAnn
Current Clan DarkClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age Approx. 10 moons old (1.081 years) at death
Status Deceased
Debut DarkClan Archive IX
Death Unknown
Names Kit: Sierra:
Trainee: Sierra JoAnn
Mother Unknown tom
Father Unknown she-cat
Littermates None
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Snow
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Mink

Sierra JoAnn, or just Sierra, is a sorrel ticked Abyssinian she-cat with cold amber eyes. She is a trainee of DarkClan, with her mentor being Snow.



Sierra is a Abyssinian cat from Egypt. She has pale blue eyes that reflect a silvery tint. Her whiskers are very long and her ears are pointed. She has long legs and a long tail. Her paw pads are a pinkish-gray and her nose is gray-black. Sierra has a thin and muscular build that she uses to her advantage when fighting and hunting. She has a long scar running from her shoulder to her spine, which she got from a fight with an unnamed cat.
Sierra's base coat color is a dark brown-ginger with a dark stripe down her body. She has long, curved claws and sharp white teeth. Her claws are a silver-gray, and she is missing a claw on her left fore-paw which she got from a fight. She has soft, thin fur, which can sometimes get rough. Sierra looks similar to her cousin, asides from her thin pelt and eye color. Sierra has thin, pale scars covering her pelt, and a narrow, angular face. She has a scar above her eye.


Sierra has many mental problems that plague her everyday. She often imagines her worst fears, though they aren't there, like waking up delirious imagining that she is surrounded by rushing water and large birds. Sierra tries to ignore these fears, though they are still there. She mostly fears rushing water and large birds due to being snatched by a owl as a kit and dropped in a rushing stream. Sierra does her best to look strong for her friends and family, and also so she does not appear weak in front of foes.
Sierra is strong, and has a muscular though slender build. She often eats a variety of prey, mostly vole, squirrel, or rabbit. She tends to fight a lot when away from camp, giving her battle scars and lots of fighting experience. Sierra has muscular legs that uses for leaping from trees, running from her enemies, or just simply running. She often finds herself in these situations due to her snappy mouth. She is a considerable weight of about thirteen pounds, and a slender build. She is often seen running to keep this weight the same constantly.


Sierra is a naturally very stern she-cat. Being raised in a scrict den, she tends to look down on the behaviors her parents did. These include things like being perverted, not bathing regularly, and acting weak in front of other cats.
Despite having previously mentioned anger problems, Sierra can be quite patient in the right situation, like with kits. Sierra appears like a cat who would not like kittens, but she actually is very good with them, particularly admiring their honesty. She believes life would be easier if all cats had the blunt honesty that kits posess. Sierra is also patient when talking to someone she admires, such as most elderly cats. If they forget something, she will try her best to help them remember, and not snap at them like some apprentices tend to do.
Sierra is cautious around cats she does not know and does not trust others easily. She tends to get snappy and sarcastic when pressured to be polite. Sierra hates being cornered, and lashes out when she is. She has a strong sense of when she is being lied to as other cats tend to fidget or refuse to make eye contact. She is easily angered, and hates when a younger cat argues with her.
Sierra has a dark side to her. This shows when she is protecting someone she cares about, or when she runs into someone she dislikes. For example, all mutts. She considers mixed breed cats (most clan cats) beneath her. Sierra often says they don't grrom enough, and that they all have ticks. Sierra could kill a mutt with much more ease and less guilt than another pure-bred, imagining them as lesser than her.


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Kithood and AdolescenceEdit

Sierra JoAnn was born to two Abyssinian cats in Egypt, then shipped overseas at six moons old to be given to a couple as a wedding gift. At twelve moons old, after getting bored of being a kittypet she left to become a rogue. Sierra accidentally killed her former house-mate after a burst of anger when the molly became mates with a tom Sierra liked. Sierra left quickly, vowing to forget her Kittypet life and anyone who was a part of it.
Sierr JoAnn is first shown in the roleplay after her unnamed mentor is said to have been killed a few moons ago. She goes to Eclipse asking for a mentor and he gives her Snow, whom acts quite rude about recieving an apprentice. Sierra JoAnn then sneers at the molly and says she pathetic and a chump.
Later she appears wondering Snow was even still her mentor. The molly then states that Snow has a horrible attitude and is horrible and walks off laughing.


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Love InterestsEdit


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Character PixelsEdit

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  • Sierra's accent is Egyptian, like Benjamin from Breaking Dawn Part 2.

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