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Characters -

  • You don't know what its like to live like me!---Dark/Shadow
  • You're better than this, Shadow! I know it.---Silkfur
  • Look past your anger! Remember Nightwing?---Lilykit
  • you're useless! You should have never been born!---Lightning
  • You have a destiny Dark. Don't stray from it.---Greywind
  • We only want what's best Dark. I'm sorry.---Mousewhisker

"Shadow! I've got him!" A cracker tom cackled his paw slicing a brown cats flank viciously. The white tom smirked and threw the brown cat on the ground.

Shadow the rogue, padded forward, glad to see his father's pelt dripping with blood. "I told you I'd get my revenge..." he whispered in his father's ear. Suddenly, a blur of a light brown pelt bowled into Shadow, he grabbed in rage. Surprised to see Lilykit, Shadow smirked: "Well, well." He shoved Hawkgaze away and stared at the kit.

Lilykit stared back, her eyes blazing. "Dark! Your no killer! You want what's best!" She reasons with him, her tail swishing around. Shadow spun around, sending the kit flying. "I told you don't call me by that name!" He roared.

Hawkgaze writhed in pain, going limp. "Dark, my son.. please. You don't want any of this, you've been hurt, but look past that anger!" He rasped. Shadow hesitated, He never wanted this, he only wanted a happy life. But his father destroyed that.

Shadow glanced at Snowscar, the white tom flexing his claws. "I'm no son of yours!" He meowed coldly, turning away.

Silkfur stepped out of the shadows, she protected Hawkgaze's body as the toms fought. "Shadow stop!" She hissed at him, her eyes round with grief. Shadow glanced at Silkfur, "What are you doing here?!" He growled at her. Silkfur flicked her tail, "Saving Hawkgaze." She growled back. Shadow snorted, "Silkfur! Get out of here, this isn't your fight!"

"It isn't yours either!" Silkfur pressed against Shadow, "I want my old Shadow back, the one who was caring and kind!" She pleaded. Shadow stepped back, "Well get used to this Shadow now." He snapped angrily. Silkfur backed up a bit, hurt. "Shadow! You have cats that care about you!" Silkfur was near tears.

Shadow turned his head away. "It doesn't have to be this way Shadow!" Silkfur reasons. Shadow glared at Silkfur, his eyes warming. "You don't know what its like to be like me." He growled bitterly. Silkfur stared in horror as Snowscar leaped onto her. "Get rid of her!" Shadow hissed. Shadow, it's not too late to let go of your anger...

Chapter 1

"Dark! Get down from there!" His mother, Nightwing called. "I'm fine!" Dark yowled back, his claws hooking into the bark. "Come down now!" His mother ordered. Dark sighed, clearly disappointed, he gently climbed down the small tree. "Oh, mom! Why do you always ruin the fun?" He stomped away, tail trailing as he made his way towards the nursery. Nightwing rolled her eyes and followed her son, "I only want what's best, Dark." She murmured gently, her tail draping over his pelt. Dark stuck his nose in the air stubbornly, "But you ruin the fun!" He squeaked.

"Who does?" Mousewhisker, an elder appeared. "Nightwing! She made me get down." Dark wailed. Mousewhisker twitched his whiskers in amusement, "She only wants what's best, Dark. You may have hurt yourself, after all, your only a kit." The brown tom turned away and walked back into elders den. "Only want what's best? More like bossing little kits around!" Dark added silently, snuggling into his mother's fur for a short nap.

Dark swung his head around at his littermate, Lightning. "Hey, mom! Why do you have 2 words in your name, and we only have one?" Dark jumps onto his mother's back. Nightwing shivered at the touch of her kits fur, she breathed deeply. "Because, my dear, you were loners before we moved to StormClan." She whispered, before resting her head on her paws.

"Dark, Lightning. Leave your mother alone, she needs rest." Hawkgaze, his father, scolded. Nightwing murmured her thanks before lying back down. Hawkgaze silently walked away, his tail trailing behind.

A Couple Moons Later -

Dark sprang up, eager to get training. He had been made an apprentice recently and was anxious to get training with his new mentor, Dawnstripe. "Dark, come on!" His mentor called, ready to start training.

Dark ran over to Dawnstripe, bouncing up and down. "Battle training?" He asks his tail swishing around. Lightning joined Dark, "Dark! I get to train with you!" Lightning nodded at Dawnstripe. Dawnstripe shrugged, "Alright then. To Sandy Hollow!" She raced ahead of the two and settled herself in the middle of the clearing. "Dark, try to pin Lightning." She orders, sitting down to watch the apprentices. Dark slowly nods, quick as a snake, he grabs Lightnings tail and tugged on it so that he fell. Lightning screeched and tumbled over, he gave Dark a good kick in the side. Dark winced as his side screamed in agony, he reared up and slashed Lightnings ear, leaving a bloody nick. Lightning pulled away and stepped back, horror in his eyes. Dawnstripe narrowed his eyes at Dark, "Dark! You should know better!" She scornfully meowed. She was instantly at Lightnings side, "Are you okay?" She asked softly. "Yes." Lightning replied, his eyes blazing. He shot a glare at Dark, before going to the medicine den.

"What do you think you were doing?!" Dawnstripe hissed at him. Dark, stunned replied, "I just thought he was a ShadowClan warrior!" He protests. Dawnstripe turned away, "Well, he isn't!" She growled bitterly. Dark couldn't understand why she was so mad, his brother was such a weakling. "Tomorrow, you will help elders get their ticks out. Go back to camp, Dark."

Dark woke up early, his brother Lightning still asleep. He had gotten in trouble by his mom as well, demanding why he had to fight Lightning. Dark decided to take a walk before getting out ticks from the elders, "Oh no you don't!" Dawnstripes call bounced off the walls. "You're going to help the elders. Now." She nudged him towards the mouse bile. "Go ahead Dark," Dawnstripe grunted.

Dark rolled his eyes in annoyance, "Whatever you say, Dawnstar." Dawnstripe spun around and glared at Dark before stalking off. Dark smirked and collected some bile.

Mousewhisker glanced at Dark, "You got stuck with mouse bile duty's, eh?" Dark nodded, his mouth dry as he stared at his friend. "Any ticks?" He asked gruffly, looking into Mousewhiskers brown fur. "One on my back I think." Mousewhisker rasped.

Dark huffed a sigh, carefully spreading the bile across his fur. "Any more?" Mousewhisker nodded, and Dark felt annoyed.

"Dark! You done yet?" Dawnstripe yowled. Dark nodded, finally proud he did something useful. Dawnstripe narrowed her eyes, "Alright then. Come with me.." She flicked her tail, heading towards the hunting grounds. "Come on, Falconpaw is waiting."

Falconpaw bounced up excitedly, "So, who are we training with? Blossompaw? Silkpaw?" His mentor, Snowstripe shook his head. "Nope, but it's someone who you played with at Shortpeek," Snowstripe grinned.

Falconpaw stood, confused. "It isn't that rogue is it?" He groaned.

More Coming Soon..


  • colored in Mousewhisker. (Coming soon)
  • Hail and New Moon were made up by Silverstorm123.
  • Flame let me use Falconstripe, as Falconpaw in this fanfiction, and colored Nightwing.

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