Setting Sun

A fanfic by Stormver.


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Of course I'm signing, it's my fanfiction! :3 "You know what's great about being split up? I get to look at you." -Ruby, Steven Universe 15:04, August 8, 2015 (UTC)

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What's happening?!?

Sunset tugged on the snare he was caught in. "Come on…come out, come out!"

Who did this to me?!?

Who set this out?

He hadn't noticed his front paws wiggling through the air. One landed in another share that tightened when he pulled.

I need to get out!

A laugh came from the bushes behind him. "Didn't you know? You're in my territory."

A golden-brown tom slid out. Sunset froze.


"What do you want from me, Father? What have I ever done to you?"

The tom chuckled. "It's not 'father' anymore. It's Wrench!"

He moved closer to Sunset, who was clearly expressing panic. "You always loved Blaze more than me. You loved Sunrise more than me. You would love anyone over me!"

His eyes were full of rage as he gazed down at his son. "Sunrise is dead, and soon you wil l be too! There's no way to escape these snares! You're going to be trapped in my clutches until Toxic and Snake kill you! I'm getting my revenge at last!"

Two more toms appeared beside Wrench. "What do we do, Wrench?" one hissed, a pure black tom with a red, toxic gaze. The other, a brown tom with lighter brown stripes nudged his partner.

Sunset's eyes grew wide. No!

Wrench smiled malevolently. "Kill him."

Chapter 1Edit

"Four…three…two…one…ZERO! I'm coming, kits!"

Sunset giggled from where he lay in a bush. Blaze'll never find me!

"Hey!" A shrill cry came from a tree stump, revealing his sister, Sunrise. She was a yellow-orange color, much like the sunrise. She had interesting teal-blue eyes and was thinly built but powerful. She had proven herself as a guardian already.

But I'm not brave enough, Sunset thought as the memory came back to him. She's so powerful.

It'd been only a few short weeks before. Sunrise had wanted to join in Blaze and their father, Burn, in protecting against a fox.

Sunset himself was too scared - he wouldn't risk his life, not yet. He only wanted to grow up.

Sunrise, however, wanted to fight. She didn't seem to care any longer about waiting - or her life, as it seemed to Sunset.

She'd fought, but she still had an unhealed eye wound. A scratch ran from her eyelid to her nose. She'd scoffed to him, "Look, I already have my first battle scar! You better catch up, scardy tom!"

Now she seemed calm and content, squealing as Blaze picked her up. "I don't wanna be found! I wanna be with Sunset!"

Sunset kept his fur flat and his belly against the ground. They'll never find me!

Suddenly Sunrise poked her head under the bush. "Found him," she grunted, her tone annoyed.

She pulled Sunset out and muttered, "Nice job brother. Maybe one day you'll be like me." She seemed angry and glared at him with hatred in her eyes.

Sunset had never seen his sister give him such a nasty glare. He was upset that she was angry. "Hey, uh, Sunrise?"

She turned around. "Yeah, weakling?"

"Why don't you like me?"

She stammered for a moment. "It's a long story, but you aren't as strong as me." She shoved him back with her shoulder. "Beat it."

Sunset huffed but didn't say a thing, instead walking up to Blaze, being shoved away by Sunrise.

She'll never be stronger than me! He recalled the scalding words in his mind.

"You aren't as strong as me."

He bristled and glared at his sister. One day, he promised, I'll get you back for those words.

Chapter 2Edit

Three moons later...

"Sunset! Hey, Sunset, get up you lazy bones! It's time to train!"

Sunset groaned and covered his head with his paws. But we trained for hours yesterday! Even at night, with guarding! Can't a tom get a decent sleep once in a while?!?

He narrowed his eyes at Sunrise's fur and body shape. She was now much larger than him and held a scar on her flank, a long, thin pink line of skin stretching from her shoulder to her tail, never to have fur on it again.

He still remembered the words that she'd said, the tone that told him, You're never gonna be stronger than me.

He had no scars himself, just a small injury on his paw. He watched his sister leap at Blaze, eventually pinning the older she-cat to the ground.

He looked up at the sky. Maybe I should leave...

He looked back at his sister. But they'll be worried about me.

Should I go? Sunset doesn't want me, and Father only loves his daughter.

But Blaze loves me, I don't want her to be sad.

But I hate Sunrise now.

I'm going.

He dashed out of the den, hoping he wouldn't be noticed.

"Hey!" Sunrise's claws landed on his leg, digging in.