This page provides information on the past of ScorchClan. It can be used as a reference for all users, or new users looking to find a way to fit themselves into the plot.


Leaders Edit

Scorchclaw Edit

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Willowstar Edit


Willowstar was the ScorchClan leader after Scorchclaw. She found the Clan leaderless and in turmoil, then stepped in and took charge. Willowstar was often viewed as the first leader of ScorchClan, despite Scorchclaw founding it. She should be credited for her leadership as she took ScorchClan away from the bitterness it was created in. Two or three generations grew up under her leadership, and she herself was the mother of four kits. Her motherly attitude and natural kind disposition allowed her to be a very empathetic and sincere leader. She was well-respected by her Clanmates, and has a legacy that lives on for years. After her death, she was succeeded by Alderstar.


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Deputies Edit

Pebblefrost Edit


Pebblefrost served his deputyship under Willowstar. He was the first official deputy of ScorchClan. In addition to this, he was also selected by StarClan to go on the quest. He was chosen for this and his deputy position due to his intelligence and understanding towards other cats. He was not one to distance himself from his warriors, resulting in him being well-respected by them. He was brave and has a great loyalty to ScorchClan, not afraid to lay his life down for the Clan he loves so much.


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Medicine Cats Edit

Dovestream Edit


Dovestream was the first medicine cat of ScorchClan. She served under Willowstar, and was very caring towards her Clanmates. Sadly, she was killed by a DarkClan cat in her youth. Dovestream was sorely missed by her Clanmates, but was succeeded by her reluctant apprentice Tigerheart.

Tigerheart Edit


Tigerheart never really wanted his position as medicine cat apprentice, but accepted it nonetheless. He was Dovestream's apprentice, and Willowstar was the only leader he served under. Tigerheart was shocked by the death of his mentor, but stepped up to the role as medicine cat bravely. He fell in love with the warrior Scorchflame, and their affection remained a secret. However, the Clan demoted him. This was not owing to his affection- it was still a secret- but because it distracted him and they felt him unfit for his duties. He was succeeded by Tipcloud.

Tipcloud Edit

Tipcloud was a past medicine cat of ScorchClan. Her whole life as medicine cat has been served under Willowstar. Tipcloud was mentored by a StarClan cat. This was because Tigerheart was incompetent and had no apprentice, but StarClan knew ScorchClan needed a better medicine cat. Although she can be cranky and unapproachable, Tipcloud has great skill as medicine cat and as a warrior. She is very secure and clever, and despite her faults, she is deserving of her status as medicine cat. She had taken a single apprentice, Commapaw.

Commaflower Edit

Commaflower is the current medicine cat of ScorchClan, having succeeded Tipcloud, the previous medicine, after her retiring due to unknown reasons. More Coming Soon

History Edit

Archive 1 Edit

4/30/15 - 5/20/15

Characters Introduced Edit

  • Cheetahspirit- a female warrior.
  • Robinwing- a male warrior, crushing on Cheetahspirit.
  • Silentwhisper- a male warrior, introduced as a shady character.
  • Willowstar- the leader of ScorchClan, female.
  • Dovestream- medicine cat of ScorchClan, female.
  • Tigerheart- male medicine cat apprentice, reluctant and discontent in his position.
  • Lionclaw- brother of Tigerheart, warrior, has an ambition to be deputy.
  • Waspflight- a male warrior.
  • Lilacsong- female warrior.
  • Wispheart- male warrior, mate of Cinderfire.
  • Cinderfire- queen and mate of the above, expecting first litter.
  • Batsong- a male warrior.
  • Pebblefrost- deputy of ScorchClan, male.
  • Redriver- a female warrior, has a daughter in DarkClan.
  • Blazefire- a female warrior, daughter of the above.

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Summary Edit

Cheetahspirit and Robinwing are introduced, along with Silentwhisper. The former remarks that the latter seems a bit shady, and is displeased when Cheetahspirit invites said character on a hunting trip. Various remarks from Clan members make it clear that ScorchClan has found a new home and is quite pleased with it. The medicine cat, Dovestream, remarks on her low balance of Comfrey, while Lilacsong comes into camp with plenty of prey. Cinderfire and Wispheart sit together, the couple is expecting their first litter, and the kits are due in two moons. Willowstar recalls a battle with DarkClan, it obviously being an unpleasent memory. Several cats go hunting and on patrols. Then, they find a kit in their camp who says she comes from FlameClan. A patrol leaves to escort her back.

Archive 2 Edit

5/21/15 - 7/8/15

Archive 3 Edit

7/8/15 - 7/28/15

Archive 4 Edit

7/28/15 - 8/9/15

Archive 5 Edit

8/9/15 - 8/17/15

Archive 6 Edit

8/17/15 - 8/23/15

Archive 7 Edit

8/23/15 - 10/1/15

Archive 8 Edit

10/1/15 - 10/26/15

Archive 9 Edit

10/28/15 - 11/20/15