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Current Clan ScorchClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age Approx. 30 moons (2.5 years)
Status Deceased
Debut Unknown
Death Unknown
Names Kit: Rye
Loner: Rye
Warrior: Ryewhisker
Mother Rose
Father Squire
Littermates None
Mate Pebblefrost
Kit(s) Applestorm, Wintersnow, Riversplash, Spiderheart, Phoenixheart, Minkclaw, Fawnear
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None/Unknown
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Mink

Ryewhisker is a pretty mink she-cat with amber eyes. She is the daughter of Rose and Squire, with her littermates being unnamed kits. She is a warrior of ScorchClan.



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Ryewhisker is a rather pleasant cat to be around when in a good mood. She's nice, polite, active, and agreeable when others are as well. She hates getting into arguments, but will tell the other when they are wrong. She is polite having grown up this way, she usually says please or thank you in most of her sentences. She is quite active and likes to train alone or with a friend if able. Ryewhisker is attractive, bold, and charming. She is quite attractive and believes so, although unlike some attractive cats she is not as obsessed with her looks. She is bold and very daring. She often is found doing dares that her friends have asked her to do. She is very charming when it comes to arguments with those she doesn't know and often wins these arguments. Ryewhisker is calm, collected, and clear-headed when under pressure. She, although when in a dire situation, will ask advice from another cat to see what they would do. She rarely ever gets confused or acts without thinking under pressure. She collected when it comes to down to situations she must act quickly on and, although, is often found thinking it through before doing. She is very clear-headed when in horrible situations and usually always has some idea of how to get through it.
Ryewhisker is authoritative, determined, and high-spirited. She is quite authoritative when need be and is also quite calm for a leader figure. She is determined in what she does most of the time and usually is never down about not getting it right the first time. She is high-spirited and has quite a bit of energy. Ryewhisker is non religious, outspoken, and proud. She is non religious and does not believe in StarClan or the Dark Forest, which is very odd for a clan born cat. She is outspoken most of time and will speak what she thinks, although often finding out others don't like what she thinks. She is proud and regal when doing anything and does it with a high head. Ryewhisker is stubborn and stylish. She is stubborn when her mind is set on a goal and will not give up. She is stylish when doing things often found wearing a small flower crown in which she makes herself. Ryewhisker is anxious and often shows it. She is anxious around others often as she is not a people person. She is fickle having a hard time choosing things, usually just prey or who to talk to


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Kithood and AdolescenceEdit

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Squire: Living


Rose: Deceased, Residence Unknown


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Listed in Order

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Ceremonies and MentionsEdit


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Love InterestsEdit


Ryewhisker has grown very close to Pebblefrost in the few conversations and days she's known him. She, much like him has quite the past and even is afraid of her past. The two bonded quite a bit on their past and she feels very safe when with him. Although, she knows that eventually she'll have to face her past. She hopes that in time he may even return her feelings for a romantic relationship.



Character PixelsEdit

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  • Ryewhisker will most likely have several litters, but if Pebblefrost doesn't father them then several toms will.
    • Mink thinks that Pebble will die after a big argument, but Rye will remain his mate while being pregnant with several unnamed toms kittens.

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