Welcome to FlameClan Roleplaying Wiki! Our main goal here is to have a functional, easy and fun running wiki. But to have all those it is best that you, as a warrior, read these rules to make this possible. If you have any questions about anything written here, just send either Whiskers, Blaze, or Stormver a question, and they'll get back to you as soon as possible. If they are unavailable for any reason, contact any users listed on our Staff page instead. A page that is also recommended is the New User Guide; as it'll give a firm idea of how we, as a wiki, work to create wonderful characters and stories.
Sections of this page were written by Beau, but not all of it.


General Rules

Respect other users

No one here deserves to be treated with disrespect, no matter the situation in question. If you have a disagreement with someone, do not try to solve the problem with verbal insults or by using profanities. Things said on the Internet can hurt someone in real-life, so think before you act and type. If you are found harassing another user you will be blocked for a certain amount of time (determined by past offences).

Inviting conflict

Users are not to create "hate lists" (whether for other users to sign stating their disdain for said user or for the user in question to list the users they dislike). They are also not to make polls that gauge their "popularity" (or lack thereof) or polls which are to decide whether their fellow editors wish for them to leave or not. In short, while users are free to use their userpages as they choose, their userpages should not be used to create unnecessary conflicts within the community.


If you feel you have been unjustly blocked simply state your case on your talk page and let the community determine your situation. If you have been unfairly blocked you may be unblocked. If you swear and curse at a user on your talk page the block will stay in place, or it may be extended to a longer period of time.

Character Rules

Number of Characters

As we would not like to overpopulate our groups. We ask you keep your number of living characters below 50 per user. This does not mean you can have all in one group as that will not be accepted. For deceased characters we don't ask anything, as this number can always grow throughout the course of the roleplay.

Mental Illnesses & Disorders

We ask that if you wish to portray a character with either a mental illness or disorder, that you thoroughly research about it. As improper portrayal of these can cause issues and be offensive to people who themselves are directly affected, or have close dealings with it. If you fail to comply with this rule, it will result in you being asked to remove said trait from your character. As you've proven unable to follow the instructions and cannot portray said character properly. This sounds harsh, but it is to create a safe and friendly environment for all.

High Ranks

A single person may only be in ownership of two high ranking cats in each Clan This either being a leader and a deputy or any other combination. Users that ignore this will have to decline their third cat earning a new rank. Or simply alert the other person beforehand.
Also, if you repeatedly ask for a high rank, and have been told no, but continue, you will be barred for creating a high ranking cat, until an admin believes that you've learnt. This bar, at a minimum will be the life of a very major leader, or other high rank.


We ask that you keep as active as your schedule allows you. This meaning per month roughly about a paragraph a month. Or 6-8 sentences adding up to that one paragraph. This is just so that we keep the roleplay moving, and can keep track better.

Joining Groups & Accepting


Please join with your characters on the faction's talk page, with the name, gender, appearance, personality, rank, and quick history blurb of the character(s). After that, patiently wait for your character to be approved by an admin. Only admins may approve of characters. After approval, you must create your character's page with the appropriate categories, and add them into the proper allegiance. This also applies to characters born in the roleplay to characters who were previously created. Kits do not, however, need to request permission to join or be created on talkpages, but the creation of their page is a requirement.

Approving Clan Members

Admins and b-crats may approve join requests only. If another user accepts your join request, the approval by the normal user will be removed and the user making the join request will need to wait until an actual admin approves it. This is in place so that there aren't an excess of cats joining and not abiding to our rules and conventions.

Clan Creation

Unless stated otherwise, you may not create your own Clan or group. Current groups were created at the beginning of the wiki, or created after the community and admins agreed to mame said group. Creation of a Clan or group without permission will result in a warning and deletion of the page. However, rogue or loner clowders are permitted, but they must be a subpage of a user (ex: User:Silverwhisker/Fluffy's Gang). The clowder may not have a Clan system or name.

Other General Rules

  • FlameClan Roleplay believes in showing respect towards other users in our community. A general rules of thumb is to treat others how you wish to be treated, but for specifics:
    • Do not insult someone else based on religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. This is extremely offensive and will result in a warning or a ban depending on the severity of what was said.
    • Cyperbullying will not be tolerated, at all. If reported or found out, this will result in a ban or warning depending on the severity of your actions.
    • Although conflict is inevitable, causing discord and consciously starting an argument are not. Please refrain from causing a deliberate argument.
  • Drama from other wikis, well, stays on other wikis. There is no tolerance for bringing other drama onto here. You will likely be warned for an infraction of this rule.
  • Stay safe! Be careful about what personal information you give out. An admin will likely tell you if they think you are giving the wiki too much information about yourself.
  • Human swearing in general is discouraged, as there are many younger users on this site. Please censor all swears. If you have a question about whether a word is a swear or not, please message an admin for clarification.
  • Do not vandalize or spam this wiki. Many users have worked hard to make it what it is, and destroying their work is disrespectful and wrong. If you vandalize, you will likely be blocked or warned.
  • If blocked on this wiki, do not make a new/different account. If detected, you will be blocked and reported immediately. 
  • Admin and Staff members will try and make the best decisions possible, and we would like you to respect their decisions. If you have any issues about admins, or if you find them abusing their power, please let another admin know.  
  • Advertising other wikis is discouraged, but if necessary, obtain permission from an admin before you do so.

Roleplay Rules

  • Again, respect. In order for everyone to enjoy roleplaying here, respect is key. Here are a few things you should steer clear of:
    • leaving a roleplayer out or ignoring them. It is seen as spiteful and hurtful.
    • saying a person cannot or should not roleplay will result in a ban. Admins doing this will have their rights removed.
    • complaining about a user's inactivity in a petulant manner is seen as disrespectful and selfish. Users are real people, and can be busy. If their inactivity causes you an inconvenience, you are free to voice your opinion in a polite matter.
  • There is a character limit (50), but it is advised that you create only as many as you can roleplay. Inactive cats clutter up the allegiance and wiki. If you have multiple inactive cats, admins may ask you to put them up for adoption or kill them off. 
  • This wiki has certain rules regarding 'positions of power'
    • You may only have your roleplayed cats to be leader twice in a row per clan/group. 
    • If you have a role such as medicine cat, deputy, or even leader, please have a backup in case you have a spell of inactivity. 
    • When adopting leaders, deputies, or medicine cats, you may only adopt ONE leader, and if your character you have adopted or own is a leader, you may not be a deputy.</span>
  • There are a few guidelines for adopting:
    • You are free to put up your cat for adoption at any time, and are allowed to roleplay them in the meanwhile. However, you may not put someone else's up for adoption.
    • If you want to adopt a cat, go to the Adoption Page and wait for the owner of the cat or an admin's approval.</span>
    • If you adopt a cat, discuss with the owner whether permission to change that cat's history, picture, appearance, etc.</span>
  • When roleplaying:
    • Don't roleplay other people's cats unless the owner gives you permission. </span>
    • You may not kill another person's cat without their permission.</span>
    • Please do not god-mod! It is frustrating and very irritating to have a character constantly being perfect and upstaging others.
    • When wounding another cat, try to let the owner decide whether the blow connected or not.
    • We are relatively flexible with allowing you to decide the terrain and surroundings of your cat. However, please try and stick to the geography as closely as possible. We would not like to see FlameClan suddenly be placed in the middle of a desert.
    • We'd like you to follow some of the regulations we have set on roleplay. For example: our seasons. Please stick by the seasons and do not add details such as flower buds in leaf bare. Also, we'd like you to stick by breeding seasons to prevent and influx of kits.</span>
    • When OOC, (Out of Character), please use parentheses. </span>
    • Do not delete other user's posts. It is very irritating and uncalled for. If you have an issue with a post, ask the user to change it before deleting.</span>
  • Cats must be approved on the faction talkpages before you roleplay them. Posts with an unapproved character will be removed and restored later.</span>

Fanfiction Rules


  • Only make stories on Warriors. 
  • Try to keep your stories family friendly, and don't put mature content in your story. Censored things are also not permitted.
    • Any mature stories will be deleted immediately.
  • If a user doesn't want their character in a fanfiction that you're writing, you must remove that character. Ask before including other user's cats.
  • Refrain from editing anyone's fanfiction unless given permission. If adding an appropriate category, fixing a grammatical mistake, or a needed photo, tell the user before doing so.


  • Leave comments that are Constructive, saying what you liked about the fanfiction, but also try and add what they can improve on. Example: "I really liked this story! Ravenpaw is a very interesting character, and it'll be neat to see how her personality develops. Nettlepaw is so annoying, but I'm getting the feeling he likes Ravenpaw. One thing I did notice that you switched from second to first person a little bit, but it's an easy mistake to fix. Otherwise, great work!"
    • Comments like, "This is so good! Please write more!!!", or "LOL, :)" is not constructive.
  • Comments such as "galkjdlakjg;lasjkg;alsgj" are considered spamming, and will be deleted.
  • Any comments with mature content within will be removed, and the person responsible will be banned.

Chat Rules

  • Do not discuss mature content, and if really necessary, do it on PM (Private Message). Please refrain from bringing political, religious, or sensitive topics to the chat. Some users feel uncomfortable, and an admin will warn you. If you ignore this warning, an admin will have to kick you from the chat. 
  • No spamming chat. If done by anyone, they will be kicked by an admin and given a warning.
  • Censor all swearing.
  • Advertising on chat must be approved by an admin. 

The most important rule to to have fun! If you have any questions, concerns, or conundrums, please see a Staff member!