A fanfiction about Blazefire, written by Blazey



Streaking across the horizon in a fiery red blaze.

Leaping from treetop to treetop like a hungry animal, roaring and screaming and felling trees in its wake. They screamed as their trunks were burnt to a black crisp, branches snapping and falling, leaves burnt to ash.

The animals fled from the monster that had claimed their home. Prey. Predator. Heading to the water, a blue oasis that seemed too far away.

White-furred rabbits, eyes wild with terror, flew across the earth. Birds flapped frantically, those who weren't fast enough howling in agony and falling to the earth with a burnt wing. Rodents raced to escape the toppling trees, sickening screeches echoing as some were crushed. Foxes raced out of the woods, not interested in the prey running so lushly beside them.

Cats fled from the woods, too. Old and young, ears flattened, terrified and traumatized. An old brown tabby leaned heavily on a young one, the latter struggling to maintain his balance. Others sped past the pair; it was every cat for themselves in this disaster.

A ginger tabby raced from behind the struggling pair. She could not have helped anyways: a ginger kit swayed from her jaws. The kit was limp in fright, green eyes wide and scared. The mother raced forwards, kit pressing against her chest, panting hard. Her flanks heaved, the whites of her blue eyes showing. She raced for the water, the smoke scent sending adrenaline through her veins.

Her chest burned, legs cramped, foam on her jaw as she reached the waterline. The blue-grey expanse of the water was churning with activity as the animals splashed into it. The tabby halted, searching frantically for a place. The kit was whimpering in fright now, churning its paws. Its mother jostled her way between two other toms and set the kit down, plunging her muzzle into the cold, cold water for a drink. It chased away the ashy feeling in her mouth. A headache throbbed dully as she drank and drank, subconsciously urging her kit forwards as well.

As the kit slurred noisy, the tabby turned around and watched the fire. It was a long way away- they'd escaped it- but the terror didn't seem far behind. Panting, momentarily united, all creatures watched it in silence.

Then the rabbits scuttled away. Rodents followed. Birds flapped for new horizons. Foxes slunk back to their shadows. A lone raccoon moved a distance away and nibbled on a paw.

Only the cats remained. One coughed. They had never been one, loners and rogues were solitary creatures. But their home was gone. Burned to ash, destroyed forever. Gone, gone, gone.

The tabby shot fleeting glances at the cats assembled beside her, motherly instinct making her wary. But something else was in her gaze, as if she were searching for someone.

Someone who wasn't there.

A brief cloud settled over her gaze, but it vanished when a muscular grey tabby stepped forwards. He cleared his throat as if testing his voice.

" What do we do?" he rasped slowly. Muttering arose. A black tom stepped forwards.

" Go back, of course." Disbelieving stares were directed at him. He narrowed his amber eyes. " Who says it's destroyed? I don't believer something until I see it. Who's with me?"

Rumbles of agreement arose. Someone muttered 'insanity'. A small group formed and followed the black tom back.

" Fools." The grey tabby snarled, scorn twisted his face. Her jerked his head towards where the birds had flown. " I, for one, am following them."

It seemed the most logical solution. Other cats agreed. Some didn't.

The tabby frowned, smoothing the fur on her kit's head. It bleated feebly and pressed its face into her fur. She lied down and let it nurse.

Following the birds had to be a wise decision- it wasn't disputable that birds knew best. As the tabby watched, cats began to drift off, until the smoke tabby cut them off.

" Where do you think you're going?"

The cats turned around in astonishment.

" Away, of course," a wiry brown she-cat smirked, flicking her tail-tip in annoyance. The smoke tabby frowned at her.

" We may be outsiders and solitary creatures. But we've all been displaced, out of our homes by that fire. And are we just going to separate? We need to care for each other. Old or young," he said the last part with meaning, glancing at the kit and its mother. Something like kindness flashed in his gaze. The brown cat paused uncertainly.

" Well-"

" We're cats. We aren't pack animals. But that doesn't mean we abandon our own, not to fend for themselves."

" I suppose..."

" Then that's final. We're a group." The smoke tabby said firmly, walking over and lifted up the ginger kit. The tabby rose to her paws, icy blue eyes narrowed a bit. She didn't trust these cats, not yet.

But it was an investment with an outcome soon to be desired.

Chapter 1 Edit

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