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"It's my job to look after others, even if they may not want me to."
Redclaw to Flare in FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 47
Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) Loner
Age 52 moons
Status Living
Debut FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 34
Death None
Names Loner: Red
Warrior: Redclaw
Mother Maplestorm
Father Shadeberry
Littermates Stride, Sunny
Mate Skywater (formerly), Lilywing (formerly)
Kit(s) Beekit (Adoptive), Autumnkit, Marigoldkit, Sunkit
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) Fawnpaw
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Kas

Redclaw is a handsome ginger and white tom with peircing green eyes. He is known for his true loyality to FlameClan, being well-respected and honored there. He was one of the few cats to join at Hiddenstar's rule, not be trusted by most cats in the Clan at the time. Before joining FlameClan, he was a rogue and called himself Red. He is also the current adoptive father of Beekit, and the mentor of Fawnpaw

His former mate who currently resides in StarClan is Lilywing, and he bore three kits with her which he named Marigoldkit, Autumnkit, and Sunkit.



Redclaw is a very large tomcat with a muscular, thick stance, and short, dense fur. He has a lean shape around his legs and chest, and his shoulders have a broad edge to them. He has regular sized pointed ears, and a long, smooth tail. He has a rather large frame, his muscles in perfect place and looking fit and healthy. His fur is a dark orange, almost looking like a maroon color when the dark sky glooms ontop of his pelt. During the day when the sun is shining, his pelt is a bright orange. 
His dark and light orange pelt doesn't help him much with camoflauge, and his eyes are about the only thing that blend in with his surroundings. He has large, jade green eyes, a white chest, white paws, and a white tail tip. A small scar runs deep across his neck, almost cutting into his neck-bone. His left ear is shredded, and part of his fur is torn off on the bottom of one of his paws. He likes to know that he has a few brutal scars, believing that this is a sign of fiercness, protection, and takes them as signs of everything he has sacrificed for his Clan. 


Redclaw is an easily irritated and offended cat, who often finds himself in awkward postions. Despite being born as a loner, Redclaw is very loyal and will die to protect FlameClan by all costs. Though some may not see it, Redclaw doesn't really listen to other's opinions, and finds it rude that some talk about other cats (including himself) behind their backs. He isn't very smart in some aspects when fighting or hunting, but it seems that he is better of being a friend than an enemy. 
He is very hard-working, and likes to see himself as a proud Warrior of FlameClan. He likes to strive towards his goals to accomplish them, rather than cheating and finding an easier way out. He likes hard tasks, and is willing to accept any of them that anyone wants him to do. Redclaw is very protective and sweet, and will die for anyone he cares for. He sometimes feels as though he doesn't work his hardest, when everyone around him encourages and tells him otherwhise.
Redclaw seems himself as a little overprotective, but knows that other cats don't mind as much. He isn't the kind of cat to stalk others and listen to conversations, and finds gossiping quite rude. His loyality to his Clan is undoubted by almost every warrior in FlameClan, though he does have a soft spot for making friends outside of FlameClan. Redclaw isn't very demanding, and follows orders willingly without arguing. He also often finds himself very lonesome, not having anyone to talk to that much. 
He hopes to earn other's respect, especially his leader's. He hopes to be brave and noble like Hiddenstar and Stormstar, beliving that they are great and noble leaders. Redclaw is very understanding, and will often help others in time of great need. If he sees somone sad, upset, angered, depressed, or withdrawn, he'll usually do his best to cheer them up. He always let's everyone know that he'll be there for them, and isn't afraid to stand up for them.
Redclaw doesn't really talk about his family much, seeing that it is his buisness and no one's but his own. He usually keeps his feelings bottled up inside, and will ignore his distressed and infuriated thoughts to help out others. He is a rather passive cat, and doesn't much care what other's do unless it has something to do with self-harm or attacking. If shouted at or imitated, he'll ignore them, and simply leave like nothing happened.

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"It's my job to protect others.. even if they may not want me to."
Redclaw to Flare FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 47
"..I just don't really know what love feels like... I had my heart broken a long time ago as well, and after that, I refused to love again. I haven't loved or been loved since, but the only thing I've been worried about is the well-being for my Clan, even if I'm not the deputy or the leader. It's my home.. my family.. and I'll do everything in my power to protect it."
Redclaw to Lilywing FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 54

Trivia Edit

  • He was Flame's first ever OC, and when she first made him on another Wikia, Redclaw was female. 
  • He's another one of Flame's baes <3 
  • Flame has planned to have him first become mates with Lilywing, and mourn for a few moons after she dies when giving birth. Then, Aureolering will comfort him and the two will become mates <3



Maplestorm - Deceased, StarClan


Shadeberry - Deceased, Residence unknown


Stride - Deceased, Residence Unknown
Sunny - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Relationships Edit



Redclaw is very good friends with Stormfrost, and the two cats would do anything to protect eachother. At first, they were just acquaintances when they first patrolled together, but they developed a strong bond that pretty much no one can break. The two friends are and always will be there for eachother, and if found in an argument, the two will apologize for whatever they were fighting for and make up, knowing that fighting isn't going to get them anywhere. 


Redclaw doesn't really know the she-cat very well, but does consider her quite confident and caring. He does wish to get to know the she-cat better and become more acquainted with her. He hopes that the she-cat meets all of her goals, and wishes her the best in her travels. 

Love IntrestsEdit


At first, the two were just plain friends with eachother, but overtime, the two grew very close and bonded strangely in terms of their past s with former mates. Redclaw, when he first met her, didn't trust her with his heart, considering that his former mate broke his heart. He thought she would do the same, but knows now that Lilywing is the world to him, and he is her world. The two share a very strong bond that can never be broken, and still to this day, Redclaw always and forever will stick by her side.



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