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Rainwillow is a pale gray tom with darker gray flecks, and rain-blue eyes.

Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age 35 moons
Status Living
Debut FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 50
Death None
Names Kit: Rainkit
Apprentice: Rainpaw
Warrior: Rainwillow
Mother Silverfeather
Father Darkpelt
Littermates Oakkit, Fawnheart, Willowkit, Pinekit
Mate Hopfoot
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Covesplash, Featherfrost
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend Hopfoot
Crush ^ (before they became mates)
Worst Enemy not sure, but he probably still hates Beetlestream from 'that incident' :/
Roleplayer Bramble

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Rainwillow's fur is relatively short, and thin - however, despite this, he is not the cat that feels the cold easily. Like his mother, Silverfeather, the main colour on his pelt is gray - although it is a light gray, compared to his mother's, which is darker. His pelt has small flecks on it, that are dark gray - somewhat resembling the spots Rainwillow's father, Darkpelt, has on his fur - and that was the thing that really inspired his name. His eyes, too, also bring his well-fitted name to light - they are large and round, and are the colour of rain in a certain light - a pale blue colour, with fainter streaks of a slightly darker blue seeming to ripple from the inside out.

Rainwillow has a fairly slim build - he is skinny, which gives him a fair resemblance to his great-grandmother, Stormwillow, in that aspect. His ears are tending to the small side, and his face is slightly slim, and pointed - like his uncle, Bluestream's.

However, unlike his parents, Rainwillow's paws are very soft, making him prone to getting scratches on there - which, ultimately, extremely frustrates him. His legs, however, are much like his mother's - of normal size, and are skinnier than they really look. To cap it all off, Rainwillow's tail is tending towards the long side, and is fairly skinny, and gradually gets slimmer as it goes from its base to the tip.

Character Edit

Rainwillow is quite intelligent, and this is often seen in his actions, as he is good at forming new ideas and plans for certain things. However, despite this, he hates it when he screws up - as he rarely does - and he always over-reacts when that happens, as he hates to put a paw wrong.

He is quite introverted, often keeping to himself. At times, he feels lonely, and he does wish to make friends - however, the one problem for this with Rainwillow is that he struggles. Socially underdeveloped, he is often awkward around other cats, and he never dares to look anyone - including himself when he sees his reflection - in the eye, as it pains him to look at himself like that. As such, he is often teased, and is a bit of a push over, which hurts Rainwillow. He doesn't let it show... but when he is alone, Rainwillow really feels really bad for himself, and as such he is often quite upset. As he's aged, these traits have lessened a bit from its peak, however they are still - just not as noticeably - there.

Rainwillow is also quite impulsive, meaning that he often makes a decision without thinking - and later on, he has to pay the price for it. His anger is very volatile when triggered off - he does get extremely aggressive when this happens - and afterwards, it can take him hours to cool down from an incident. Anger is one of the few emotions that Rainwillow seems to feel - the others tending to be joy and sadness - and he struggles to pick these up in himself, leaving him often in doubt about his own abilities, and often believing he's done worse in things than what he has actually done. Let alone his own emotions, he can't even pick up another cat's at all - meaning that Rainwillow has a very noticeable lack of empathy for other cats - and he only knows what one is feeling when they actually express it.

Also, Rainwillow always takes anything that he hears literally, as he doesn't understand anything that is told to him when it is not in that matter. As such, he often gets confused when his Clanmates say things that aren't actually what they mean, and this annoys him greatly. He also has not much of a sense of humor, and doesn't really get jokes at all, so he is often seen as serious, and never as the type who would be 'fun-loving'.

Skills Edit

Rainwillow is an average hunter and fighter, despite his littermates being more talented than him in those areas - he, surprisingly for his build, comes up as a little bit clumsy, and his co-ordination, at times, is a little bit poor between his eye and paw. This often frustrates Rainwillow - not so much for fighting, but with hunting, as he misses half the prey he's trying to catch because of his clumsiness.

Rainwillow's sense of smell is poorer than most cats, so he is a very poor tracker, and he doesn't really care about it. His eyesight is average - however, his other two vital senses, his touch and his hearing - are two very strong ones.

Rainwillow has acute hearing, and can hear things from a fair distance away, in places where other cats won't usually hear things. However, because of this, if there are things that are too close to him that are extremely noisy, Rainwillow will react to this - usually heading out of camp to escape from the noise. Rainwillow's touch, on the other paw, does him well with stalking and being sneaky - his hearing also benefitting from this - although it is also a disadvantage, as he becomes jumpy when anything touches him - excluding the ground, his mate Hopfoot, or when he gives a cat permission for them to come close. However, because of these unusual behaviours, Rainwillow can be seen as weird by most cats, and this often hurts him, as he doesn't see anything wrong with them. The sensitivity of his senses has decreased since he has becomes a warrior - however, it is still an issue for him.

Life Edit

Roleplay Edit

Kithood & AdolescenceEdit

Archive 50
Rainkit is born to Silverfeather and Darkpelt, along with Oakkit, Fawnkit, Willowkit, and Pinekit. Out of his littermates, he is the last of the five to be born.

His next appearance is about a half-moon after his birth, as it is noted that he has opened his eyes the day before. He is sitting off from his mother and siblings, staring at his paws. It is noted that he doesn't want to be touched, as he is sitting far enough away so his fur touches no other cats'.

Archive 51
Maplekit is seen tossing a ball to Fawnkit, and as Fawnkit squeals in excitement, Rainkit flattens his ears and backs off, thinking to himself that the world is so confusing. He also notes that he feels like an outsider, and he wonders why. Then, as Palekit and Griffinkit start talking about apprenticeship with the two she-cats, Rainkit watches them, and he feels lonely.

Palekit notices Rainkit sitting by himself, and the she-kit pads over to him, and asks Rainkit who he would like as a mentor when he becomes an apprentice. Rainkit shrugs and says that he doesn't know, and Palekit replies that he doesn't have to decide for a while, and he agrees with this. She then bids farewell to him, telling the tom that he;s welcome to play with her, and Rainkit feels thankful for her gesture, although he doesn't state this out loud.

Archive 52
After an argument in which some kits in the nursery get in trouble, Silverfeather curls her tail around her kits, much to Rainkit's dislike. He tells his mother that he doesn't want her putting his tail around him, and tries to pull himself free. Silverfeather tries to reassure her son that she's not hurting him, but it doesn't work, as Rainkit states that he doesn't want to be touched. This, naturally, starts to concern his mother.

Later, Rainkit is seen by himself, under a tree. The kits who had gotten into the fight earlier, after doing some duties for the elders, come out from their den, causing Rainkit to retreat to a quieter corner of camp. He lowers his head, and starts to think about himself when Griffinkit approaches, and asks whether he is okay after Rainkit avoids his gaze. Rainkit, not sure of what to say, doesn't reply, and Griffinkit then runs off, leaving the young tom in a state of confusion.

Archive 53
Once again, Griffinkit is seen heading away from Rainkit, and now he feels bad about himself.

When Willowstar and Blazefire, two ScorchClan cats, come into the FlameClan camp, Rainkit, who doesn't recognize the scent, scuttles off in fright, and hides behind the nursery. Darkpelts sees him, and approaches his son, asking him why he's hiding, and Rainkit states it's because of the different cat smells. Darkpelt then asks Rainkit if he'd like to go out of camp with him.

Archive 54
Rainkit tells Darkpelt that he's not going out of camp, because it's a rule. At this, Griffinkit comes over, and asks Rainkit if he wants to play. He accepts, and Darkpelt licks Rainkit over his ear, before he tells his father to leave him alone, as he wants to play with Griffinkit, and he dashes off.

Later, Rainkit is seen getting groomed by Silverfeather, in preparation for his apprentice ceremony, while the tom tries to get away from his mother. After the warrior ceremony of Violetheart, Copperdusk - the temporary leader of FlameClan - calls Rainkit up, along with Fawnkit, Palekit, Maplekit, Griffinkit, Waspkit, Beekit, Songkit, Swankit, and Hawkkit so that all ten kits can receive their apprentice names. Rainkit becomes Rainpaw, and he receives Covesplash as his mentor.

Archive 55
As Copperdusk summons the Clan for the apprentice ceremonies of Wolfkit, Beetlekit, and Sedgekit, Rainpaw - who has been an apprentice for about a moon - jumps and goes into the apprentices' den in fright. He goes and rests his head on a piece of moss, telling himself that he should've known their ceremony would be today, before he takes the moss from under him and puts it on his head. He is so busy in his own thoughts that he doesn't notice when Wasppaw enters the den.

Archive 56
Rainpaw is seen glaring at the nursery, after hearing the news that his mentor was expecting kits. He realizes that soon, he will get a new mentor. Soon after he thinks of this, his new mentor is named as Featherfrost, and he pricks his ears at this, and decides his new mentor is okay as he goes and approaches her.

After Brightfern's kitting, Rainpaw is jumpy, because of the noise that was made by the queen, and he is seen behind the apprentices' den again, trying to recuperate.

Archive 57
After the death of her brother, Wasppaw; Maplepaw screams, causing Rainpaw to flatten his ears. Later, Swanpaw also starts screaming because Griffinpaw is nowhere to be seen: this causes Rainpaw to retreat further behind the apprentices' den in fright. When the she-cat goes into the den, he heads out from his hiding place, and back into the main part of the camp.

Palepaw sees him and calls to him, and the apprentice tells Rainpaw about her sadness at Wasppaw's death. He doesn't reply to her words, unsure to react. She says that even though Wasppaw was a bully, she loved him - Rainpaw agreeing with the part about bullying, reflecting to himself that he'd had some bad experiences with this in his kithood. Palepaw also says that she wished he'd died happily, and not been a bully - Rainpaw also agreeing. Before long, he decides that this conversation is over, and he moves off.

Hopkit, Brightfern's daughter, then bangs into the apprentice's side, and they introduce themselves. She asks Rainpaw if he is okay, and he says he's fine - and by the tone of his voice, Hopkit apologizes, confusing Rainpaw. He asks why, and Hopkit says that she felt like she was annoying him, and that was why she was apologizing.

Archive 58
Rainpaw realizes that Hopkit's words are indeed right, but he's still confused.

Hopkit then asks the apprentice what he's been doing, and he replies that just the usual ha[pened. The young kit tilts her head, asking if that's good or bad - and Rainpaw doesn't know what to say at this.

Just then Redfeather approaches Hopkit, who nods and backs into Rainpaw's side. Nightshade also approaches for a short while, but then he leaves, followed by Redfeather. However, this is the least of Rainpaw's issues: he is still feeling uneasy because Hopkit had touched him.

Stormstar then returns to the camp after The Quest to New Land, and Hopkit is taken up to see the leader by her father, Phoenixflame. Rainpaw watches these events silently.

Later, he is seen heading into the apprentices' den.

Archive 59
A storm hits FlameClan, and Rainpaw is stubbornly refusing to head out of camp, despite the fact that his mother is trying to nudge him out. He only starts to move when Silverfeather yells at him, and even then he is shaking, and his ears are flattened due to the loud noises of the storm.

In the aftermath of the storm, Rainpaw heads away from the temporary camp FlameClan has made, and hides in a log, recuperating from the storm - the noise had indeed been too much for the young tom to handle.

Archive 60
After calming down from the Storm, Rainpaw returns to camp.

Later, Rainpaw is seen thinking about his warrior ceremony - which the gray tom knows is only a few days away. Soon after this, he's called up to receive his name, with Hawkpaw, Griffinpaw, Swanpaw, Fawnpaw, and Maplepaw. Hawkpaw, Griffinpaw and Swanpaw receive their names - Hawkstorm, Griffinflight and Swanpetal - before Rainpaw is called up. He is named Rainwillow after this. Following this, the new warrior's sister is renamed Fawnheart, and Maplepaw becomes Maplestripe, and the clan cheers for the new warriors.


Archive 60
After he receives his name, Rainwillow puffls out his chest proudly, knowing that he had worked hard to receive his full name. Following this, he then goes and follows Fawnheart to Silverfeather, who congratulates them on their achievement. In response, Rainwillow nods. He then moves off again soon after as his mother and littermate start talking with each other.

That evening, Rainwillow sits his warror's vigil with the other cats that had received their new names. He thinks that after his vigil, he'll go and find Hopkit and talk to her.

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Pedigree Edit

Mate: Hopfoot - Living

Father: Darkpelt - Status Unknown

Mother: Silverfeather - Living

Sisters: Fawnheart - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Willowkit - Status Unknown

Brothers: Oakkit - Status Unknown
Pinekit - Status Unknown

Grandmother: Streamwing - Living

Grandfather: Frozenstream - Living

Great-Grandmothers: Snow - Deceased, Residence Unknown
Stormwillow - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Great-Grandfathers: Swift - Deceased, Residence Unknown
Wrenflight - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Great-Great-Grandmother: Feather - Deceased, Reincarnated

Great-Great-Grandfather: Rain - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Falconfeather - Deceased, Verified StarClan member

Aunts: Swiftfoot - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Driftkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Stormheart - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Uncles: Icestorm - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Bluestream - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Treekit - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Snowdrift - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Great-Aunts: Shadedsun - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Sparrowfrost - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Great-Uncle: Nightstripe - Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

Great Half-Aunt: Falconheart - Living

Great Half-Uncle: Ashfeather - Deceased, Reincarnated

Cousins: Quickkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Eveningkit- Deceased, verified StarClan member
Beetlestream - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Sedgefrost - Living
Wolfspirit - Status Unknown
Smallkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Nocturnalpaw - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Shadewing - Living
Crowfrost - Living
Lilac - Living
Lionfire - Living
Olivine - Living
Strikepaw - Deceased, verified StarClan member



Silverfeather & DarkpeltEdit

"My parents... I really want to be close to them, but it's hard. I have so many littermates, and it's hard to get some time with them, to express who I really am... and I feel disjointed around them at times. I feel foolish."
Rainwillow's thoughts on Silverfeather and Darkpelt thoughts

Compared to most parents, Rainwillow, despite his parents being close to him often, feels somewhat disjointed from them, as well as his littermates. He feels that he's not very close to his parents - like everyone else - despite loving them dearly. He feels that because of his 'issues', he's trapped from getting to know them, and he hates it from time to time, secretly wishing that he didn't have them, and he could be like a normal cat. However, Rainwillow tries his best to be friendly to them, despite the times when he feels uncomfortable around them for some reason or another. During his apprenticeship, seeing as his father had gone, he got a little closer with his mother and remaining littermate - however, Silverfeather and Rainwillow still remain rather distant from each other.


"My sister... I'm not close with her either. I think that's the story of my life, I guess... but I think she still cares."
Rainwillow's thoughts on Fawnheart thoughts

Fawnheart was the only one of Rainwillow's siblings that he actually got to know to a certain extent, probably because she was the only one that got apprenticed alongside him. Despite this, they're not very close, partially because of Rainwillow's supposedly distant behaviour, and partially because Fawnheart isn't too interested in what he's up to, as she more likely to just make sure he's safe. Rainwillow yearns to know his sister better, but how is very much an issue. Although he didn't show it, he was quite upset when Fawnheart died: especially as she was his last remaining littermate.



See 'Love Interests'

Love InterestsEdit


"She's always been boss. Hopfoot's the cat I've been closest to in the Clan, I think... even closer than my parents. I really, really like her, and if anyone thinks they're going to get away with teasing her about her... about her paw, they'll quickly pay for it, as I'd protect her with my life."
Rainwillow's thoughts on Hopfoot thoughts

The two cats have been friends since they first met, and since that it's done nothing but grow. Rainwillow would do anything to protect his closest friend and mate, because he loves her dearly. Unlike most cats who've treated him differently because of his behavior, Hopfoot's never done that - like him, she has her struggles, although hers are physical ones. For this, Rainwillow is quite appreciative of that action, and he does the same to her in return, knowing about how he would feel if she did that to him. As a result of this, he would do anything for her - Rainwillow would even sacrifice his life for her, if worse came to worse.





"Umm... I mean, not many cats are friendly to me or anything - because of my 'issues' - but Palepaw really did see beyond this in her lifetime, and I really appreciated that."
Rainwillow's thought's on Palepaw thoughts

Rainwillow, despite the fact that he doesn't know the she-cat well, is appreciative of her, due to the fact that she alone seems to pay him some attention, and to shine through the differences. Despite Rainwillow's continuous struggle to connect with her, as with everyone else in the Clan, he feels that Palepaw is one of the cats that can see beyond this. Although he doesn't know her well, due to this - and because of it, it makes him reluctant to open up, in fear of being rejected - he wishes, in a sense, that he could know her better - but Rainwillow can only wonder how he can improve this relationship. However, when she died - although he didn't really show it - he was genuinely upset for her death.

Covesplash & FeatherfrostEdit

"I was never close with my mentors. However, I regret that I didn't get to form a close relationship with them."
Rainwillow's thoughts on Covesplash and Featherfrost thoughts

The two mentors that Rainwillow had during his apprenticeship were not really close with him. Both Covesplash and Featherfrost were more interested in getting him trained up - and despite the fact that he was a quick learner, because of his lack of social skills, this inevitably caused the relationship between apprentice and mentor to be small. Also, seeing as Covesplash and Featherfrost both died as he got to the end of his training, Rainwillow never had the chance to improve this relationship with them when he became a warrior. Now, it feels like he's wasted an opportunity.


  • Rainwillow will have a lot of hardships in life, but unlike most other things that just happen in life, Rainpaw's will be much harder to control for him.
  • Rainwillow's personality is largely based upon Bramble's own one.
  • Rainwillow is very dear to Bramble, and she will not kill him off for a long time. <3
  • Rainwillow has a condition, of which at this point Bramble refuses to name, which influences some of his behavioural traits.


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