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Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age 50 moons
Status Living
Debut cs
Death Unknown
Names Kit: Phoenixkit
Apprentice: Phoenixpaw<BRWarrior: Phoenixflame
Mother Cardinalblaze
Father Birchstar
Littermates Older Siblings: Emberwish, Shadowpelt, Stormrage, Scarletflame, Three Unnamed Stillborns
Littermate: Mintpaw (FC)
Mate Brightfern
Kit(s) Sisalkit, Hopkit
Mentor(s) Stormwillow
Apprentice(s) Violetpaw
Fanfiction Appearances
Living The Rise of the Phoenix, Up From Ashes
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Blue
Phoenixflame is a handsome, towering, muscular, very dark ginger-red tom with black stripes and bright golden eyes, bearing a striking resemblance of a tiger. He is the son of Birchstar and Cardinalblaze, brother to Stormrage, Scarletflame, Mintpaw (FC), Shadowpelt, Emberwish, and three unnamed stillborns. He is a warrior of FlameClan, mentored by Stormwillow.



Phoenixflame bears a striking resemblance of a bengal tiger. His fur is dark, thick yet short and length, his pelt a ginger-red color, striped with black mackerel tabby stripes. Not a flash of white inhabits his fur, which is cleaned whenever he feels. Coming Soon

Much like his older brother, Stormrage, Phoenixflame has a strong and lengthy build, held up by powerful, long legs. His shoulders, however, are much borader than his brothers, and his lungs don't tend to show. His lower jaw is longer than his brother's, and his paws are much blockier. His tail is rather long and wide, to the point where it's quite painful when hit by it. Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Roleplay Edit

Born to Cardinalblaze and Birchstar, not only does he nearly kill both his mother and his sister, Mintkit, at birth, but himself as well. Frostleaf exclaims that Cardinalblaze hasn't groomed him, and he is still covered in blood, but Cardinalblaze has, his pelt naturally looks like blood, streaked with black stripes. His mother names him after his birth, nearly dying but coming back like a phoenix returns from its ashes.


Coming Soon



Cardinalblaze - Living


Birchstar - Living


Shadowpelt - Status Unknown

Stormrage - Living


Emberwish - Living

Scarletflame - Living

Mintpaw - Living


Three Unnamed Stillborns - Deceased, residence Unknown


Owlscream - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Foxtail - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Primroseheart - Deceased, verified Starclan member

Dapplepatch - Deceased, verified Starclan member


Falconstripe - Living



Cardinalblaze & Birchstar

For the longest time, Phoenixkit loved his parents dearly, until the prophecy of Leadership came along, causing him to turn against just about everyone, including his parents. He was more soft towards his mother, however, he still despised her for denying his belief in the true translation of the prophecy. Coming Soon However, after he became a good cat once more, Phoenixkit felt very guilty because of how he treated his parents. He truthfully wishes that they certainly do forgive him for all he has done.


Don't even get him started. Coming Soon Now that he understands that the prophecy for Leadership is really about Stormstar, Phoenixkit respects his brother greatly, and serves him as one of his loyalist Clanmates. He is constantly there for Stormstar, a shoulder to lean on, a true brother.


Like the rest of his family, Phoenixkit was cool with his sister at first, but come his apprenticehood and late kithood, he hated her. Nobody believed that he would be leader, and she was one of them. Coming Soon Once he figured out the truth and became a normal, sweet cat, Phoenixkit considered Emberwish a real sister, like he considered the rest of his family members.


The wannabe. Phoenixkit is very annoyed with how his fellow ambitious brother tries to "buddy up with him". Nope, Phoenixkit won't share any glory of trying to show his Clan the real translation of the prophecy, and he won't share the hatred of Stormrage and his other family members either. Sorry, but he works alone. Coming Soon Even after he changed back to good, Phoenixkit still hated Shadowpelt.


Mrs. Innocent. As he grew into his evil self, Phoenixkit couldn't stand his sister's personality and how much she loved Stormrage. Coming Soon Phoenixkit eventually warmed back up to Scarletflame, and often inspires to be like her: adventurous and clever.

Mintkit (FC)

Coming Soon



(See Family)

Love InterestsEdit


Coming Soon


"I really like her...she's super nice, and doesn't judge me because of my past, I...I actually think we could be a thing, for some reason, my heart longs for her."
— Phoenixflame's thoughts on Brightfern thoughts

Coming Soon


Life ImageEdit


Character PixelsEdit


  • He will be like Scar, against his brother, who's like Simba. :3
    • However, he will eventually change after he realizes the leader prophecy is actually about Stormpaw, not himself. He will then be a little sweetie. <3
  • Hahaha, Songflame will never happen. Sorry kiddos.

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