Panzer is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Panzer is a large muscular gray/brown tom with a white blaze from his nose that curves over the back of his head slightly, and a star shaped patch on his chest.

Panzer - Current
Current Clan DarkClan
Past Clan(s) Rogue
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut None
Death None
Names Kit: Unknown
Rogue: Panzer
Spike: Panzer
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates Unknown
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living Bullets for Claws
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Night

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Large muscular gray/brown tom with a white blaze from his nose that curves over the back of his head slightly, and a star shaped patch on his chest. He has many scars and an under bite. He always scowls, giving him an almost permanent brooding look. He has a few broken/missing teeth. He's quite hard to take down in battle and many rogues and loners that have witnessed him in a fight called him a Tank. His eyes are a strange mix of brown/gray and silver, making them seem to shimmer in darkness.

Character Edit

Panzer is serious, brooding, and has a very, very short temper. Once he doesn't like someone he will work and work to 'destroy' the problem. He grew up without luxuries and so hates cats who act like a snob or think they're better than him. He has a hard time with making friends and prefers to stay by himself, but he does make an effort to try and get to know someone, know this is extremely rare and has never been witness before. Once you have gained his trust/respect it is best not to turn your back on him. He will be loyal to those he feels he can count on but to no one else, not even the leader. He prefers to eat birds over anything else, specifically robins, and will go off and catch one just for the purpose of his own meal.

Skills Edit

Panzer is mainly a fighting cat, but can be an excellent hunter if he wishes to be.

Life Edit

History Edit

Born to unknown parents with two other kittens, Panzer never much had family life. He was abandoned because of his under bite and had to take care of himself at a very young age. He is an excellent hunter because of all his practice, but often ignores this skill to work on battle techniques. He had to learn to fight because there were a lot of threats (foxes, badgers, dogs, hostile cats, etc.). Wondering around he found DarkClan and, deciding to give it a try, joined them.

Roleplay Edit

Not Yet Seen

Fanfiction Appearances Edit

Bullets for Claws Edit

Coming Soon!

Family Members Edit

No known family

Relationships Edit

None yet

Trivia Edit

  • Panzer is German for Tank.

Images Edit

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