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"We will not be going to war! This is not how we will honor his memory!"
Palepaw to her Clan, about Wasppaw in FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive_57
Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age 12 moons.
Status Deceased
Debut FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive_48
Death Suffocation/Drowning
Names Kit: Palekit
Mother Leopardspirit
Father Smokeash
Littermates Coastkit, Shorekit, Alderkit
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Brightfern
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None/Unknown
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Blazey

Palekit is a seal point she-cat with amber eyes.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

From her kittypet ancestry, Palepaw gets her fur. Her grandmother was a snowshoe, a rare breed, and she carries several traits from them. Firstly is her coloring; she is a seal point cat, a diluted version of her mother. This means she has dark brown points on her, such as her muzzle, tail, ears, and legs. She has no undercoat and has short hair.

Snowshoe cats are typically medium-length and long, with blue eyes, a medium-length tail, and a triangular head. Due to Palepaw's purebred line diluted over time, she does not carry all these traits. She is taller than most of her denmates, but not wider. Palekit is slender and about the length of a snowshoe. Her grandfather Longleg accounts for her more slender and lanky build, with long disproportionate legs. She also may have gotten this from her other grandfather, Wispheart. Her ears are also larger than regular snowshoes, and her tail is longer.

From Cinderfire, she could have gotten her amber eyes. Differing from a snowshoe's typical blue, they are large and rounded. Her appearance certainly is not that of a purebred snowshoe, but she bears resemblances to them in many areas.

Character Edit

Palepaw is the epitome of sweetness, affability, and naïvety. No matter how old or how nice, everyone is a friend to Palepaw. She loves all her denmates no matter the extent of their interactions and thinks of them all as her friends. She is very protective and loyal for this reason. Palepaw hates thinking badly of anyone, and will often avoid thinking of their intentions as anything but good. This can be seen as denial, especially concerning those she is closest to.

Palepaw can't hold a grudge. She forgives too quickly and can appear desperate, but she's very anxious to preserve relationships. This allows her to be misused by people who know whatever they do to her, she will always come back to them.

Despite the fact that fighting hurts others, Palepaw is eager to learn. She doesn't know the consequences of fighting and only sees it gloriously. Palepaw was slow to realize that there are in fact 'bad' things in the universe. She has had some exposure to this when Copperdusk revealed that Palepaw was adopted. Still, she took it well and didn't freak out the way her siblings did. Palepaw still loves her foster parents and is grateful for the good they did to her.

Lately, however, it has been discovered that Palepaw has a 'Dark Side'. Her mother's death has pained her more than she lets on. Often, things like kits and happiness make her feel melancholy. Her happiness is a bit of a mask for the things she feels inside. She tries to hide from the sadness that she feels instead of confronting it, and vents this sadness in many different ways. She likes her peace and quiet, but often uses this to block out the bad feelings. Palepaw will never snap, insult, or consciously offend. However, she can get edgy and angry, like at her brother's vigil. Her anger is always 'right on' and isn't shaded in jealousy or spite. The vigil was the first time she really showed her anger, when confronting those who wanted to go to war.

Skills Edit

She's actually quite good at fighting, though not build for strength. She is quick and skinny, good at wriggling and evading capture. Her pounce is strong and allows her to be quite good at knocking other cat's paws from under them. Being a newly made apprentice, she can be a bit unbalanced and relaxed on defense. However, for her age, she is an above-average fighter.

Palepaw is a good hunter, being fast and deft with her paws. She is quite good at sniffing out scents, though staying still in her enthusiasm is a struggle for her. Palepaw's kills are sometimes messy, as she doesn't quite look where she bites. She can make careless mistakes, such as forgetting to check the wind direction. However, hunting is one of her favourite pastimes. She enjoys being out in the open. Hunting takes her mind off of things, and makes her feel like she is serving her Clan.

Her greatest skill is speed. Owing to her long legs and slender build, she is very nimble and covers ground quickly. She often wins races, though sometimes her good nature prevents her from winning too much. She loves feeling the wind in her fur when she runs. When she runs, she's free.

History Edit

FlameClan Roleplay Edit

Palepaw's first appearance is at her birth. Her mother gives birth without assistance, resulting in her death. She dies shortly after naming her kits and pledging her love to Smokeash. This leaves Palepaw and her siblings without parents, and are taken in by Copperdusk.

Palepaw- Palekit at the time- is seen squealing and trying to nurse. She is seen pushing her littermates in an effort to suckle.

Later on, Palekit opens her eyes. The first littermate she sees is Alderkit, and the two tussle. Palekit then complains about Alderkit to her foster mother, resulting in Copperdusk admiring the kit's eyes. After they continue their scuffle, Palekit hops out of the nest and squeals for them to play.

After a while, Coastkit and Shorekit begin to notice that they don't look like their other littermates. Hiddenshade and Copperdusk are forced to reveal that they are adopted. Palekit, however, does not hear this, and remains blissfully oblivious. She also remains ignorant to the fact that her other three littermates have left for ScorchClan. After some time she begins to play with her younger denmate Griffinkit. As he chases her, a tightness in her chest causes her to stop running. This is her asthma. As she copes with the pain, she briefly wonders where all her siblings are. When Griffinkit inquires about her health, she brushes him off, and instead switches the subject to apprenticeship. Palekit says that she'd like three cats as her mentor, and Griffinkit agrees. A few older kits join the discussion as well.

Palekit then notices Rainkit, sitting alone. This disturbs her, as she dislikes seeing unhappy cats. She walks over and makes conversation with him, deeming him as just shy. After this conversation a ceremony starts, so Palepaw comes outside to watch. She becomes worried about her siblings, and asks her foster parents where they are. When other kits throw around the word 'foster', Palekit becomes worried. She asks Copperdusk if they're joking, and the latter replies in the negative. Palekit's asthma happens again, and she becomes shocked. She demands that Cypresskit tell her he is her brother, but he is unsure about how to respond. Griffinkit begs Palekit not to leave, which shocks her, as she had no intentions of doing so. Palekit comes to terms with her past and calls FlameClan her home.

Pedigree Edit


Leopardspirit- Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member.


Smokeash- Living


Coastkit- Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member;

Shorekit- Living


Alderkit- Living


Scorchflame- Living;

Furyclaw- Living


Lightningpelt- Living

Cousins: Unborn.


Maternal: Mapleshine- Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member;

Paternal: Cinderfire- Living.


Maternal: Longleg- Living;

Paternal: Wispheart- Living


Scorch- Deceased, Residence Unknown.

Ancestors: Unknown Show-shoe Kittypets- Status Unknown.

Quotes Edit


Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Biological Parents Edit


Foster Parents Edit

Palepaw loves her foster parents. She does not resent them the slightest bit, and reacted quite reasonably to the confession. Palepaw sees them as her true parents, referring to them as 'my mother' and 'my father'. She is grateful that they took her in; otherwise, she would not have had anyone. Palepaw admires and respects her parents for the positions they hold in the Clan, and aspires to be like them.

Cypresspaw Edit

Probably her favourite brother. Palepaw still sees Cypresspaw as her real sibling, and he does the same. She genuinely likes him, and hate seeing him held back. He had an adventurous streak that she didn't have, which made her enjoy playing with him even more.

Wasppaw Edit


Alderpaw Edit


Friends Edit

Brightfern Edit

"She's awesome! Brightfern was the best mentor ever, and although I'm really glad she had kits, I'm sad I won't train with her again."
— Palepaw thoughts
From the moment she met Brightfern, Palepaw has really looked up to the she-cat. She respects her quiet confidence, and feels like Brightfern is a bit like her. Both of them are a good fit: they are sweet and gentle, though Brightfern is a bit less expressive than Palepaw. Her calmer side checks Palepaw's enthusiasm, while her attitude encourages Palepaw. The personality similarities help them relate to one another, and Palepaw will always look up to her.

Griffinkit Edit

"He's been my best friend for as long as I can remember. I... he kind made things awkward by saying we would love each other in the future. I honestly never thought about our relationship that way, but I guess it could happen."
— Palepaw thoughts
Palepaw, being the cat she is, would be friends with anyone. Griffinkit has been her playmate ever since she was a kit, and she can't imagine a life without his company. They've been on kithood adventures together, making him a critical part of her childhood. Palepaw has so many memories with Griffinkit that he could never be replaced. She loves him as a brother, and would never hurt him, ever. Although he can be clingy at times, she overlooks this and accepts him the way she is.

Rainkit Edit

Everyone is a friend to Palepaw, no matter if they played with her or not. She hates seeing him alone and dislikes it when others don't include him. Palepaw doesn't know what makes him different, but she just wants to be his friend. From what she knows, he doesn't really have the interaction skills that others have. She thinks he's just shy. Her intention is to be his friend whether he speaks to her or not, and just to let him know that he needn't feel uncomfortable around her. She's realized how poorly she actually knows the tom, and would like to get to know him better.



Ever since kithood, Palepaw had been in awe of the leader. He was powerful and very intimidating to a kit. She grew up respecting him, and often thinking that she'd like to be leader. When she and her denmates got into a fight, Palepaw was perhaps the most ashamed, believing she'd let him down. Although she resented him slighty for the punishment, she knows it was fair and will still fight to the death for him.


Although she didn't know Griffinpaw's sister well, Palepaw naturally considered her a friend. They'd occasionally train or patrol together, but Palepaw never really got to know the she-cat. When Swanpaw wailed about Griffinpaw's leaving camp, Palepaw did her best to comfort the she-cat despite her own grief. In the end, Palepaw did become extremely annoyed at Swanpaw. Cut her some slack: her brother had just died, she'd met her father, and her brother had died trying to harm her. Palepaw later on- after she cooled down- felt that she could have been more understanding. After all, Swanpaw's mother was on the Quest. However, Palepaw will never think of her as a friend again.

Gallery Edit

Life Image Edit

Character Pixels Edit

Charart was made by Dark.

Trivia Edit

  • Blazey won her in a lottery.
  • She has been called a tom on several occasions.
  • She has mild asthma.
  • If she were to be a warrior, her name would have been Palemist.

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