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Nightshade warrior file
Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) ScorchClan
Age 3 years
Status Alive
Debut Unknown
Death Unknown
Names Kit:Nightkit
Warrior: Nightshade
Mother Marigoldfrost
Father Unnamed tom
Littermates Tigerpaw, Duskpaw (SC)
Mate Scarlet (formerly), Brightshine
Kit(s) Nettlekit, Viperkit
Mentor(s) Sagewing
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None/Unknown
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Darkstripe
Nightshade is a musky black tom with blue eyes. He is currently a warrior of FlameClan, formerly of ScorchClan. He is the son of Marigoldfrost, a deceased warrior of ScorchClan, and an unknown kittypet. He is the brother to Tigerpaw and Duskpaw.



He has short, thick, musky black fur. He large bright blue eyes. He is a bit small, he is skinny and a little scrawny with a long thin tail, and long powerful legs.

He has a narrow face with pointy ears. He has a black nose and pawpads, small paws as well.

He is about the same height as any other cat, maybe an inch or so shorter. His fur always has a few tufts sticking out here and there from going on his little adventures and getting stuck in brambles.


He likes running off on his own and going on little adventures. He loves to explore and find new things and meet new cats.

He is pretty chill most of the time. He is really kind and sweet. He is also brave and loyal. He likes talking to cats and lightening them up when they are down.

He also has a fiery side. He can be feisty and stubborn and he doesn't give up easily. He feels a bit lonely because his family died when he was young but he doesn't think about that too much, as there's always a cat nearby to chatter to. Oh and not to mention, he's chatty.

And he can also be pretty lazy, and quite annoying sometimes.


He is a skilled hunter and not the best fighter but is alright. He is small and sleek, making it easy for him to run far and fast.

He also can climb trees quite well, his light paws help him get to one branch to the next without making a sound.

His small size makes fighting harder though. He uses his speed as his weapon but can be overpowered quickly if he loses his breath



Nightkit is born to Marigoldfrost and an unknown tom, along with Tigerkit and Duskkit, in ScorchClan's nursery. Nightkit and his siblings never met their father, and Nightkit always wondered who he was. Marigoldfrost always told him that his father was fierce, charming, and brave. Nightkit thought it was strange that his mother never said what his father was named, but was proud of his father, and always thought he was a deceased warrior of ScorchClan, named Snakefeather.

The Clan didn't really pay much attention to Nightkit, but he didn't care. At the age of six moons, Nightkit, and his siblings, became Nightpaw, Tigerpaw, and Duskpaw. Nightpaw was given Sagewing, a younger warrior, as a mentor. He loved Sagewing very much, and thought she was the best mentor in the world, and often bragged about how lucky he was to be apprenticed to such an amazing cat.

Nightpaw went hunting on his own for the first time and he crossed DarkClan's border, chasing a rabbit and not noticing the scent marker. Nightpaw had just caught the rabbit when a DarkClan cat pounced on his back, snarling in rage. The two fought savagely for a little bit, the young DarkClan she-cat had great moves, that Nightpaw secretly admired. The she-cat pinned him on the ground with her paw on his chest. Nightpaw didn't know what to do, then remembered Sagewing's training. He kicked her in the belly with a powerful blow of his hind legs, pushing her off. The she-cat didn't strike again, but instead, got up, panting and asked who he was. Nightpaw replied with his name, with a proud look.

The she-cat looked pretty impressed with Nightpaw. A DarkClan patrol is near and told him to leave. Nightpaw nodded and began to leave but paused one last moment to ask the she-cat what her name was. She smiles and replies in "Scarlet".

Nightpaw hurries back to ScorchClan after this. Scarlet and him meet at the border nearly every night to play or just chat, but one of these nights, Duskpaw follows Nightpaw to see him speaking with a DarkClan trainee. Duskpaw is extremely angry and hurt at her brother and calls him disloyal. Nightpaw is hurt by this and the two argue until Duskpaw starts crying and runs off. Nightpaw goes back to camp to see that Duskpaw and Tigerpaw are now fighting. The Clan secretly watches while Duskpaw demands to know who her father is. Marigoldfrost sadly tells her kits that their father is just a kittypet. Now the Clan starts to fight with Marigoldfrost calling her a traitor and disloyal. The Clan also turns on her kits, not trusting them and thinking they were soft kittypets.

Nightpaw is angry with his mother. He couldn't believe she lied to him. Nightpaw sulks back to his den while the leader and deputy decide what to do with Marigoldfrost. Nightpaw wakes up the next morning to see Marigoldfrost missing, he guesses she had run away because she was too much of a coward to take a punishment. Tigerpaw is upset, but Duskpaw is in mad grief. She freaks out and runs away, Tigerpaw and Nightpaw follow her. The corner Duskpaw by a tree. She is acting wild, her eyes wide and her muzzle curled in a snarl. She attacks them, without seeming to think. The two brothers are shocked by their sister and try to calm her but she doesn't stop, she just seems to get more crazy.

They try to get away from her but she chases them. They have no choice but to fight. They fight Duskpaw lightly, hoping to just tire her out, but this fails and she pins Nightpaw to the ground. Nightpaw, without thinking, lashes her throat with a heavy blow. Duskpaw falls over in pain and shock. Tigerpaw runs to camp to get the medicine cat, but it was too late, Duskpaw was dead.

Nightpaw is in deep grief over the fact that his sister had died at his paws. Not long after, a fox attacks a hunting patrol and Tigerpaw is killed in the fight, making Nightpaw even more depressed. A few moons later, Nightpaw is made a warrior with the name Nightshade. He is proud of his name and this makes him feel better. Nightshade meets Scarlet by the border once more and she brings him the news that she's going to have his kits. He is overjoyed to hear this and promises to be the best father ever, better then his.

Scarlet has her kits, a tom and a she-cat, she names them Nettle and Viper, short for Viperkit and Nettlekit. Nightshade doesn't see them but from what he hears about them, he is proud. A short time after, ScorchClan and DarkClan get into a fight at the border, and Sagewing is killed in the fight... by Scarlet. Nightshade, in angry grief breaks up with her, Scarlet is in raged and says she'll get her revenge.

A few days pass and Scarlet is found by Nightshade on the border, again. They fight with teeth and claws. Scarlet tells him it was a shame he never met his kits, and now he never would. Nightshade realizes with dread that she killed them. He kills Scarlet and leaves her for the crows. A couple moons go by with him being depressed. In his state, he gets mad at an apprentice and yells at her. A few days later she is found dead with badger scent covering her. Nightshade takes her back to camp, where they blame him for the apprentices death, as his scent has washed over the badger scent.

They exile him, and he becomes a rogue. He is found by a FlameClan patrol. He has been thinking for awhile, he wasn't a rogue or loner, he was a Clan cat. ScorchClan would never take him back, so he decides to join FlameClan, to start over with a new life.


He is lying on his back in the FlameClan camp while boredly thinking. He wishes there was a badger attack or another Clan attacking them. He quickly feels guilty at his thoughts and scolds himself. He goes to the fresh-kill pile to get some prey, but Icicleleap stops him and orders him to hunt first. They argue a little until, at last, Nightshade gives up and goes hunting, Icicleleap goes with him to make sure he's really hunting.



Marigoldfrost: Status Unknown


Duskpaw: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Tigerpaw: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Unnamed tom: Status Unknown


Scarlet: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Nettlekit: Deceased, Residence Unknown

Viperkit: Deceased, Residence Unknown


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