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Current Clan StarClan
Past Clan(s) Kittypet, FlameClan
Age 31 moons
Status Deceased
Debut Unknown
Death Unknown Illness
Names Kittypet: Fayette
Kit: Maplekit
Apprentice: Maplepaw
Warrior: Mapleshine
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates None
Mate Longleg
Kit(s) Lightningpelt, Leopardspirit
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) Shadowpaw
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None/Unknown
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Whiskers
Mapleshine is a stunning, slender snow-shoe and white she-cat with icy-blue eyes and soft fur. She is currently a warrior of FlameClan, all of her family members being deceased kittypets. Mapleshine was formerly a kittypet, being a rare purebred snowshoe, used for show before fleeing at 5 moons. She was once recaptured, but later saved by Neptune. She wishes to never be a kittypet again, and is the mentor of Shadowpaw. She is the mate of Longleg, her one and true love for life.

She's known for her sweet personality but adventurous side, though she can be shy around newer cats. But all and all, she's a sweet-heart and friendly cat, very loyal to her Clan. She isn't the biggest fan of fighting, but when it comes to protecting her friends and Clan, she will do just about anything to keep them safe.



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Due to Mapleshine's slender build and rather long legs, she's a fantastic runner. She has a fair amount of endurance, but a great amount of speed. Her long legs give her long, swift strides, and her slender, light-weight body allows her to run with ease. Mapleshine's short and slick fur allows her to run even faster, not causing a drag like long-haired cats often receive. She has a strong and healthy heart, not giving her any problems when it comes to dayily exercise. She's fairly strong, allowing her to run with ease, and go uphill at full speed when needed.

Mapleshine is also a fine hunter, one of the best in the clan. She has phenominal tracking skills, allowing her to track down her prey and prepare to stalk. Her lighter weight allows her to keep silent, making it harder for her prey to detect her. She's a well-balanced cat, so she doesn't have a single problem when it comes to the hunter's crouch. Mapleshine's longer legs actually help her hunt, allowing her to leap fairly high and chase after prey at a great speed. Thanks to her patient personality, Mapleshine doesn't twitch or grow impatient while hunting, a very important feature she happens to have. She's notably healthy, due to getting vaccines as a kittypet. Her fur and skin are also white healthy due to her twolegs giving her oils for show.



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Roleplay Edit

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While she's out and about, Mapleshine remembers a scent that she wished she never would remember: her old twoleg. Being a purebred snow-shoe, she's very rare, and is from show cats, so her owner tries to capture her. He is eventually successful, leading to FlameClan evacuating.

While being held captive, Mapleshine discovers that Fallenstar's son, Neptune, is still alive. She talks with him and a few other Kittypets such as Ethel, who figure out Neptune's dark secret. Mapleshine is eventually let out of her cage and struggles onto the fence, eventually falling, as she isn't used to balancing on them. Ethel asks if she's alright, but Mapleshine never responds, as she is caged once more.

Mapleshine is eventually rescued by Neptune, after he fights off a dog and Mapleshine's former twoleg. He is very hesitant to return to the Clan, however, as he fears their reaction. When they return to camp, cats are relieved, but aren't so certain about Neptune. It is revealed that a patrol had gone out to save Mapleshine, but had been chased away by the dog Neptune defeated. Eventually, cats settle down and Neptune is offered to stay in FlameClan by Flamestar, but he declines and leaves.

Before long, it is announced that since Mapleshine returned, FlameClan will be leaving the Tribe of Erupting Volcanoes and return home.


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Longleg - Living

Family: All Unnamed Purebred Snowshoe Kittypets, all Deceased



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Love InterestsEdit


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Though most cats don't trust him due to who is father is, Mapleshine considers him a brave and good cat. Ever since he saved her from her twolegs, she's considered him quite the opposite of his father. At times, she grows curious about him, wondering if he remembers his past at all, and why he decided to become a kittypet. Coming Soon


She doesn't know the tom very well, but Mapleshine considers him an ok cat. She's a little creeped out by how touchy and close he is, and is often a little afraid of him. Coming Soon


  • Her breed is rather rare.
  • She was going to be mates with Hiddenshade, but it wouldn't work out. Now she's heartbroken because Whiskers is a jerk. </3


Life ImageEdit


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