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"The birdsong might not be that clear in her ears anymore, but her heart was just as well."
— Mallowbreeze to herself about her hearing. in FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive_36

Mallowbreeze is a slender, pale, lithe, gray and white tabby she-cat.

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Current Clan StarClan
Past Clan(s) FlameClan
Age 49 moons
Status Deceased
Debut Luck
Death Unknown
Names Kit: Mallowkit
Apprentice: Unknown
Elder: Mallowbreeze
Mother Silverwhisper
Father Bravelight
Littermates Unknown, possible sister or brother.
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living Luck
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Blazey



Mallowbreeze is a dainty, slender she-cat like her mother. She has grey-and-white fur with tabby patches, a coat she inherited from her mother and her father. She shares her mother's green eyes and narrow but well-defined facial features. 

Even though she is strong on the inside, her outward apperance is now frail and old. She looks at least fifteen moons older than she actually is, due to neglecting herself and spending her life in the elder's den, rarely venturing outide. Her fur is ragged though still soft, and her bones jut out through her pelt. Her eyes are crusted and dull.  


As a kit, she was serious though playful with certain times. She was shy and reserved, preferring to observe her Clan at a distance. Like most kits, she had the desire to be leader, something her family constantly teased her about. Her introverted personality was a great relief to the queens that shared the den with her, as she didn't cause noise or disturbance. But this personality became extreme when her mother died, leaving her parentless (her father practically abandoned her) at the age of three moons. 

This had a massive, negative effect on her emotional state. Mallowbreeze (Mallowkit at the time) was confused and isolated from her Clanmates. She became depressed and miserable, shutting herself out from the world. She did improve, but has become quiet, confused, and negative about herself. She improved her state through the kindness of the elders and became perseverant and unbreakable, but she carries those traits to this day. 


Mallowbreeze'a fighting and hunting skill levels are mostly unknown. However, due to her failed hearing, she has a higher sense of smell and touch than most cats. This is proven when she can sense the sadness 'smell' off of Adderfang when he is thinking about his dead mother. 


History   She lived a normal life, born an average kit. Halfway through her apprenticeship, she started to loose hearing in her left ear. At last, when she was almost killed by a fox, the medicine cat proclaimed her 'deaf' and moved her to the Elders Den. She regained her hearing a few seasons later, but refuses to rejoin the warriors. She stays with the elders, because they showed her kindness when everyone else scorned her. Her past is explored in Luck


FlameClan RoleplayEdit

Coming Soon! 


"" It's a terrible thing loosing mothers, ""
— Mallowbreeze to Adderfang FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive_36

"StarClan can't take me!"
— Mallowbreeze Flameclan/Roleplay/Archive_36


Mother: Silverwhisper

Father: Bravelight

Siblings: Unknown, possible brother or sister.




"Mallowbreeze was startled by his kindness. She moved a step back and shrugged. " No need to be sorry. But what's troubling you?""
— Mallowbreeze FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive_36

Mallowbreeze is unaware that the tom has a crush on her, but she feels considerate towards him. He made her think about the life she'd wasted, and she tried to comfort him over the loss of his mother, a grief she knows as well. 



"He told me stories of great badger fights, times when he fought beside his Clan, strike for strike, blow for blow. If only he could have fought beside me like that."
— Mallowbreeze Luck

Mallowbreeze was said to be very close to her father before her mother's death. She still loves him after he distances himself from her, but feels hurt and sad that he won't see her and leaves her alone in the Elder's Den. Although her feeling of abandonment by him worsens her condition, she wants happiness for him and hopes he'll find another mate and start a new family. 


"Her dappled, silvery pelt fills my early memories as a kit. It was like a river... I remember drifting to sleep at night imagining it was a silver river carrying me all the way to the stars..."
— Mallowbreeze Luck

Mallowbreeze was extremely close to her mother, and was utterly heartbroken at her mother's death. Although she was a kit, she has many memories of Silverwhisper's kindness and love, something that kept her going through the dark days after the death. Silverwhisper in StarClan regrets her early death and grieves for her daughter's tough life. She will always watch Mallowbreeze and guide her pawsteps closer to her fate, though she can do nothing to stop it. 


  • Blazey forgot about her, and then remembered her and decided to give her a 'grand finale' as her death. <3
  • She was Blazey's first cat on the wiki, and is the first elder to be 'registered' on this site. :D


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