love like you

featuring the following couples:

Birchblaze, Pale/Griffin, Falconshade, and Blazerage

If I could begin to be,

Birchblaze:, she couldn't love me, not after what he did to me...

But her eyes, her voice, her fur, her everything. I can't help falling for her.

But she wouldn't love me. She could never love someone whose brother tried to harm him every single day.

But if she did...what would we be? What would I be, a leader who had enemies working against his every move.

I'm not sure what to think.

But I think I like where this is going.



I watch him from the medicine den.

I'm trapped inside, recovering from a fire that has certainly scarred my flank and killed my mother.

Stormwillow. I miss her.

But I think the pain eases when I think about him. He may just be the thing that's keeping me going.

I'm not sure what to think.

But I'll just follow life's callings.



Seal-point. Brown shades.

We're playing, her and I.

I'm liking playing with her; she's really nice and is always there for me

No affecion yet. Maybe one day, but not yet.


Half of what you think of me,


Does she expect something out of me? Something greater..?

Something twinges in my stomach. A warm feeling that warms me in leafbare.

I watch her, play with her, train with her. Something's returning every single time.



She's staring at me. What's she thinking? Is she me?

I try so hard to carry on with grooming.

But her green gaze burning into my fur makes me jittery.

I could do about anything,

I could even learn how to love...


I decide to approach her.

She quietly shifts and I catch sight of what's keeping her inside the den. There's a few horrible burn marks on her flank, but I also see several of her scars.

She doesn't scare me. In fact, I think she likes me.

And I think I like her too.


When I see the way you act,

Wondering when I'm coming back,


She's fully recovered now, and we leave the camp together.

She asks the question - or, rather, I ask her.

"Oh, sweet Falconheart...I didn't think I'd like you this much."

"Nor did I, nor did I..." She presses into my fur.

I lean down and whisper in her ear, "Falconheart, will you be my mate?"

She responds by staring me in the eye with her intense leaf-green gaze. "Yes."

I could do about anything,

I could even learn how to love like you...


Sometime later, after he and I have done so many things, I find myself with four kits in the middle of leaf-bare.

Four of them. Swankit, Songkit, Hawkkit, and Griffinkit.

He supports me as they grow older, but after that one day...I've never seen him since.


I always thought I might be bad,

Rain was pouring, my fur wet with the water. It was like a terror attack of nature. Trees fell and there was the one thing I'd never forget - the tornado.

Now I'm sure that it's true,


A savage thing, the terrifying cyclone, its gray form slithering through the trees, tearing them to bits.

He was there.

Then he was gone.

'Cause I think you're so good,

And I'm nothing like you...


I never saw him again after that.

The day was dark, it was depressing, I couldn't have him next to me.

But he was there, even if he was dead.

He's never been gone, not if I think about him.

And maybe one day I'll learn how much he did love me, but that day will have to wait.

A love like his is a sweet as honey, but as bittersweet as the ocean when it's gone.

I'll probably learn one day.

Learn how to love him like he did with me. ~

Love like you...

Author's NoteEdit


This is certainly going to be a long songfic for me to do. Haha, no worries, this'll be great!

The original song is called Love Like You and it's from the ending theme of one of the shows I enjoy, Steven Universe. The full song can be found on Youtube c:

EDIT: wowie okay I'm done with one part hahahaha

seriously I didn't know how to finish the falconshade part and it was really kind of hard because she really misses him.

oh well, got more to do heheh

seeya guys in the next edit-thingy

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