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Brian - light brown tom with black stripes and blue eyes. RP'd by Blue
Scott — cinnamon and white tom. RP'D By: Ferk
Hope — black she-cat. RP'D By: Ferk
Diesel — sorrel Somali tomcat.. RP'D By: Ferk
Dew - dark brown tabby with a white patch on his belly. RP'd by Patch
Stoat - calico she-cat. RP'd by Patch
Claws - gray tabby she-cat. RP'd by Patch
Newt - ginger and white tabby. RP'd by Patch
Bluepuddle - blue tabby she-cat. RP'd by Patch
Duskwing - dark brown tabby tom. RP'd by Patch


Dust — Brown, white, and black norwegian forest cat with cold yellow eyes.. RP'D By: Blue
Jigsaw - calico & torti tom. RP'd by Kas
Hirondelle — Brown tabby she-cat with a white chest, and blue eyes. RP'D By: Bramble
Diva — seal mink she-cat, purebred Ragdoll. RP'D By: whiskers
Ariadne- white she-cat with one blue and one brown eye. RP'D by: Blazeeee
Otrera- slender, jet-black she-cat with cold green eyes. RP'D by: ^^
Taraheke — Dark brown tabby she-cat with a black tail-tip. RP'D By: Bramble
Quartz — pale silver tom with amber eyes. RP'D By: Storm
Orion- broad black tom with blue eyes and blue-grey splotches. RP'd by Gigglesplash