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The kittypets live in a small, quiet neighborhood... or at least it is that way for the Twolegs!

The houses are nestled together in a cup-de-sac, so monsters rarely come here. Fences lie sprawled everywhere, some rotting and old, others caging in big dogs. The FlameClan forest lies to one side of the cul-de-sac... dark and thick foliage rich with the smell of prey. A small, run-down wooden path sticks close to the sides of the fence that border this forest. Many kittypets sit staring into the foliage, but not many are brave enough to venture out, while some have more connections with FlameClan than they let on... welcome to Kittypet Role-play!

If you would like to adopt a cat who has not been roleplayed, go to the Adoption Page, and go to the Kittypets section, and leave a request.




Smokey- White tom with grey patches around his face.

Patch- Black and white tom.

Autumn - pretty dark ginger tabby and white she-cat with blue eyes. (Whiskers)

Stormy- Gray tom with green eyes. Up For Adoption

Neptune - Blue-gray tom with dark blue eyes. (Whiskers)

Biscuit - buff tabby tom with leafy green eyes (Taken

Burnet -ginger and white she-cat (Taken)

Neon-multi-colored tom (Taken)

Sling -gray tabby tom with white paws (Taken)

Cheif - White tom with small brown patches and amber eyes. (Taken) 

Cream - Creamy white she-cat with blue eyes. (Taken)

Martin - Tom. (Taken)

Muezza - Golden tom with black stripes. (Taken, RP'D by Bramble)

Lucie- beautiful, brown-and-ginger she-cat with blue eyes. (RP'd by Blazey)

Maria - Gray-and-white she-cat with green eyes. (Taken, RP'D by Bramble)

Midnight - Dark black she-cat. RP'D by: Kas

Dapplestorm - tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes, former warrior. RP'D by: Blazey