A poem about Ashpaw, the young brother of Falconpaw, killed by his own sister.

By Stormver

Is This The EndEdit

I see her face,

I smell my blood,

Her eyes, red and menacing.

My death is here.

I scream in pain as she slashes my flank,

Hear them die as my neck breaks,

Watch the darkness take me away,

But I don't feel like it's the end,

I feel like I can do more,

More for my sister, my Clan, my family.

I ask myself, Is there more?

Am I meant to be with her?

I see my ancestor, Falconfeather.

She looks like Falconpaw but older.

She says,

"Come Ashpaw, there is more to be done,

For your destiny has only just begun."

There is more?!?

Yes, there is, I find out soon.

My mission: Stick with my sister for her whole life.

But Falconfeather tells me her future:

"She will be covered in scars when she goes back to her Clan,

Be counted as a scoundrel, a traitor, a killer.

You must stick with her and guide her,

Or the Dark Forest will seize you if you say.

You will die again, never to see life again, if you tell her."

"Do you promise not to tell?"

"Yes," I respond quickly, not just because I want to be with her.

Falconpaw dies; I got to her as her body stops moving.

Here it goes.

She wakes up, looking perplexed.

"Ashpaw," she breathes.

"Falconpaw, I am here, becoming a part of you. Don't fear me, I won't hurt you. I'm a part of you now."

My soul becomes part of hers. We are together!

It was not the end when I died.

It was only the beginning!