This is a poem/song about Riverwish's love toward a certain tom. It is by ThunderWaves.

I love you.
You are the love of my life,
And nothing could seperate us ever.
Not death.
Not a feud.
Not anything.
You are my new haven.
You are my new comfort,
Now that they have left.
Never leave me, love.
You are the love.
The love of my life.
I shall cherish you forever.
Your comforting voice.
Your soft eyes.
Your warm breath.
Your sweet scent.
Forever, we shall be together.
Forever, we shall be in love.
Unbreakable love that shall never be broken;
You are my all.
You are my everything.
You are my completion.
Without you, I am incomplete;
My love, never leave me.
I love you.


  • This poem reflects Thunder's own immense emotion of love.

Fans Edit

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Love is necessary for everyday life. Where one dies, another is born.
And the world will rejoice and mourn 01:56, September 6, 2015 (UTC)

(I LOVE YOUR SIG... O.O) I love loveee <333 If you want to climb a mountain, don't look for the stairs. 23:00, October 6, 2015 (UTC)

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