I Will Find You Edit

Prologue Edit

Breeze's eyes flashed as he looked at the dead body of one kit. Her silver fur was covered in blood. "You see, Lilywing," he snarled, his eyes wild, "I can do what I want with my kits." The white queen screamed and threw herself at the aggressor once more. "Die!" The jest black tom threw her aside and ripped the life out of the other kit. It squeaked feebly then lay still. Breeze purred with delight.

"Breeze." Breeze started. Whoever had messed up his catch would pay. He whirled around to face the cat he thought he would never see again. "Lilywing," he breathed. A change seemed to occur in the snowy white she-cat. Her eyes burned and she stepped forward menacingly. "Are you excited to die?" she hissed. She leaped at his throat and slashed. Breeze fell backward and gasped. "Tell my kits I love them..." Lilywing said. "No. Not even the dark forest will accept you."

FlameClan Edit

Lilywing closed her eyes, trying to block out the screams of her children. "Lilywing?" A dark ginger head popped into the nursery. "Redpaw, is there something you need?" Lilywing padded after the apprentice. "Yep!" The she-cat jumped around Lilywing. "There's no one to take me hunting and I want to go hunting. Can you take me? Please? Please, please, please, please, plea-" Lilywing rolled her eyes. "I'll take you hunting."

"Squirrel!" Redraw dashed off. Lilywing carefully stepped away not wanting to disturb her catch. She smelled another cat. A tom. A scent that she knew very well. She walked toward it and nearly crashed into Redclaw. He didn't seem to notice her and she didn't want to disturb his hunting, so she padded off.

"Get away, Redclaw..." Lilywing woke with a start in the nursery. Redclaw wasn't there, but his scent seemed to follow Lilywing wherever she went. At first she thought this was a nuisance, but then a feeling stirred in her belly. No, no, no. No. Not again. Please Breeze don't do this, please. she couldn't fight it. Please, I swore. No Breeze, not this. Not love. She couldn't be falling in love with a handsome, kind, perfect.... Snap out of it, Lilywing! she told herself. Breeze, you took vengeance on me. Lilywing let out a quiet, mournful wail. Love hurt.

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