Goldie is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Goldie is a golden-furred she-cat with amber eyes.

Current Clan Loner
Past Clan(s) None
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Dusks of Copper
Death None
Names Kit: Goldie

Loner: Goldie

Mother Mercury
Father Caesar
Littermates Titan, Sylvie, Copperdusk
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living Dusks of Copper, Shadows of Ash, Fury of Silver
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer None

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Goldie is a golden-furred she-cat with amber eyes.

Character Edit

Coming Soon

Skills Edit

Coming Soon

Life Edit

History Edit

Coming Soon

Roleplay Edit

Not Yet Seen

Fanfiction AppearancesEdit

Dusks of CopperEdit

Coming Soon

Shadows of AshEdit

Coming Soon

Fury of SilverEdit

Coming Soon

Pedigree Edit

Mother: Mercury - Status Unknown

Father: Caesar - Status Unknown

Brother: Titan - Living

Sisters: Sylvie - Deceased, verified Dark Forest member
Copperdusk - Living

Grandmother: Song - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Grandfather: Thornleaf - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Great-Grandmother: Dapplesong - Status Unknown, Most Likely Deceased

Great-Grandfather: Bushflight - Status Unknown, Most Likely Deceased

Aunt: Dapple - Status Unknown

Uncle: Breeze - Status Unknown

Great-Uncle: Ravenfeather - Status Unknown

Nieces: Leaf - Living
Maplekit - Living

Nephews: Thorny - Living
Dusk - Living
Cypresskit - Living
Waspkit - Living

Cousin: Blitzen - Living


Coming Soon

Trivia Edit

  • Goldie's family all have names based off elements off the Periodic Table. For Goldie, this is gold.

Images Edit

Life Image Edit


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