Gemstones. We're a family of gemstones.

The story of Ruby and Sapphire, littermates divided by Clans, Tribes, rogues and loners.

Author's Note: This is about my new gemstone rogues - Ruby and Sapphire, obviously. Since it's supposed to feature both of them, I'll be posting the POVS after the chapter, for example, Chapter 1 - Ruby. Enjoy, I think this'll be fun for me and them!

Chapter 1 - RubyEdit


"Sapphire, where are you?!?"

Ruby gazed around the dark box she was trapped in. It was like a prison cell. Iron bars connected at its front, allowing her to see out. A fluffy bed lay under her paws, but she had ripped it up in her struggle.

All she wanted to do was get out and find her sister.

Note to self: Don't ever get too close to a human home.

She bashed against the iron bars, struggling and wincing in pain as the bars did not budge.


A dog suddenly appeared in front of her, causing her to leap back and hit her head on the top of the box. "Who in the world are you, dog?"

The dog glared up at her. "You're facing the end of your time, wild cat."

Ruby didn't understand why she'd be facing the end of her time. She didn't even know what it meant. I'm in trouble...

The human took her inside his home, setting her down on a smooth surface. She pondered it with its granite-looking smoothness.

Suddenly the human barked and picked up the box once more, taking her outside again.

Where am I going?

Sapphire...wherever you are, I'm trying, I'll get back as soon as I can.

Chapter 2 - SapphireEdit

Where's Ruby?

"Garnet! Ruby's gone!" Sapphire struggled to her paws.

The dark russet shecat blinked up at her daughter. "Ruby's gone?"

"Yeah, vanished into thin air." Sapphire kept her voice calm and cool, even though her heart was pounding.

Garnet turned her gaze towards Sapphire. "She's always wanted to explore past our den."

Sapphire sighed. "Yeah...but, she wouldn't go without me..." She turned her gaze outside the hollow tree. Would she?!? I have to find her, she could be in danger!

She turned to Garnet. "Uh, mother...I want to look for Ruby."

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