Flamescreech is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Clan ScorchClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age 24 moons
Status Alive
Debut Unknown
Death None
Names Kit: Flamekit
Apprentice: Flamepaw
Warrior: Flamescreech
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates Petalwing
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None/Unknown
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Patchfeather
Flamescreech is a handsome, black tom with ginger patches and yellow eyes

Description Edit


Smooth furred, glossy tom with ginger tufted ears, a black nose and spotted pink and black pawpads.


Flamescreech is probably most know for being the most handsome cat in the Clan, at lest he thinks this, he is full of himself and calls himself 'awesome' a lot. He loves to mess with cats and flirt. He is is also very rude, But almost no matter what he is always cheerful and likes to cheer cats up when their down.


He isn't the best fighter, but he is a good hunter. He also has a good sense of smell.



Flamescreech was born to an unknown cat. He was found with his sister, Petalwing, on the FlameClan border, they were only about a day old.

Flamescreech always had his cheerful rude personality. As apprentice, he would flirt a lot, or make things weird for other cats.


Flamescreech is first seen putting is his thrush on the fresh-kill pile, being the proud cat he is, he says how much better he is at it now.


Father: Unknown tom: Status Unknown

Mother: Unknown she-cat: Status Unknown

Sister: Petalwing: Deceased Suspected StarClan member


Mother and Father Edit

He was too young to ever remember them

Petalwing Edit

He was very close to his sister, he would mess with her and tease her a lot but it never made them grow apart, even when Flamescreech told a tom she liked him and she had to break to the tom that she didn't. When she died Flamescreech never felt so alone in his life, he still feels bad for what he did when they were younger.

Friends Edit

coming soon

Love InterestsEdit



None yet

Images Edit

Life ImageEdit

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