FlameClan is a reasonable, yet rather defensive Clan, who often lives in times of peace, remote from the Tribe of Erupting Volcanoes. Though they may have a rocky past and may have numerous enemies, they stand strong and bold. They live in a warm forest-y area. However, their camp is in a small, dark cave surrounded by rocks and boulders. These cats have a wide variety of abilities, but are generally are swift. They also have a strong stance and balance to help them leap from place to place in their territory. 

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Note: Inactive cats have been removed and listed here. Check this page if you cannot find your cat, and contact Warriorfan123 to have them restored.


Stormstar - Handsome, athletic dark blue-gray tabby tom with blue eyes. Lives 6/9. RP'D By: Whiskers


Copperdusk - A dark ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes. RP'D by: Bramble

Medicine Cats Edit

Moss - tortoiseshell she-cat. RP'd by: Ripple

Medicine Cat Apprentice Edit

Crowfrost - blind black tom with pale blue-gray eyes. RP'd by Storm


Hiddenshade - handsome black smoke tabby tom with vibrant green eyes. RP'D by Silverwhisker
Shadowwhisper - dark blue-gray tom. RP'd by Whiskers
Silverfeather - Gray she-cat with white patches, and yellow eyes. RP'D by: Bramble.
Phoenixflame - massive ginger-red tom with black stripes. RP'd by: Blue
Falconheart - brown tabby she-cat with leaf-green eyes. RP'D by Stormver
Maplestripe - Dark ginger she-cat with black rings on her tail, and green eyes. RP'D by: Brams
Rainwillow- pale gray tom with darker flecks and rain-blue eyes. RP'D by: Brams.
Griffinflight - brown tabby tom with a lighter brown head, paws, and stripes. RP'D by Storkver
Cypressshade - black smoke tabby tom. RP'd by: whiskers
Brightfern - little white she-cat with ginger ears and blue eyes. RP'd by: Blue.
Violetheart - white ticked tabby she-cat. RP'd by Patch
Cherryblaze - dark reddish-orange she-cat with blue eyes and yellow chest. RP'd by Attack cat
Tigerfrost - Bengal tabby tom with icy blue eyes. RP'd by Attack cat
Hopfoot - ginger and white tabby she-cat with a twisted front paw. RP'd by: Blue
Tornadostorm - attractive dark blue-gray tabby tom. RP'd by rebel spawn
Ashbreeze - pale silver tabby she-cat. RP'd by whiskers
Brightwhisker- longhaired ginger tabby she-cat with hazel-green eyes. RP'D by: Blazey.
Lionfire- golden-brown tom with amber eyes. RP'D by: Blazey
Crowclaw- large black tom. RP'D by: Mink
Jackson - very light ginger and white tabby tom with green eyes. RP'd by Blue
Blazefire - thickset ginger tabby with green eyes. RP'D by Blazey</span>
Greystream - grey she-cat. RP'd by Mink
Raptortalon - black smoke tabby tom with blue eyes. RP'd by whiskers
Orchidbloom - blue smoke tabby she-kit. RP'd by whiskers
Jaystep - dark gray tabby tom. RP'D by: Brams
Redheart - red smoke tabby she-cat. RP'D by Patch
Ploverlegs - mostly ginger and white tabby tom. RP'D by Mink
Reedtail - pale grey tabby she-cat with a reed-like tail. RP'd by Mink
Sedgecreek - brown tabby tom. RP'D by Mink
Topaz - dark orange tabby tom with amber eyes. RP'd by Storm
Amethyst - dark gray tabby she-cat with indigo eyes. RP'd by Storm
Flyheart - ginger tabby tom with brown eyes. RP'D by: Blaze
Otterstrike- ginger tabby tom with green eyes. RP'D by: Fred
Minkdance- ginger tabby tom with green eyes. RP'D by George
Horsestorm- ginger tabby she-cat with brown eyes. RP'D by whiskers.
Creekfrost - black tom with ice blue eyes. RP'd by Patch
Talonfang - gray speckled she-cat with pale green eyes. RP'd by Patch
Thunderblaze - ginger and white spotted tabby tom. RP'd by whiskers
Juniperstream - dark gray tom. RP'D by Storm
Yarrowwhisker - orange tabby she-cat. RP'D by Storm
Elkheart - chocolate smoke tabby tom. RP'D by QueerSquad
Ospreystorm - tabby and white tom. RP'D by QueerSquad
Snakestorm - dark brown tabby tom. RP'd by Mink
Boulderleap - dark gray tabby she-cat. RP'd by Patch


Copperpaw - dark orange she-cat with white paws and green eyes. RP'D by Storm
Peregrinepaw - light brown tabby tom with amber eyes. RP'D by Storm
Buzzardpaw - golden-brown tabby tom. RP'D by Bramble
Wisppaw - ginger and white tabby. RP'd by Patch
Whitepaw - white tom. RP'd by Patch


Ashbreeze - (See Warriors), expecting Alderstar's kits. RP'd By: whiskers
Meadowsong - lilac cream tortoiseshell tabby, expecting Shadowwhisper's kits. RP'd By: this'll be fun
Splashheart - fawn ticked she-cat. RP'd by Mink


Congolikit - dark brown tabby tom. RP'd by: Mink
Breamkit - brown and white tabby tom. RP'd by: Mink


Frozenstream - white tom with icy blue eyes. RP'D by Bramble
Streamwing- Blue-gray she-cat with deep streamy blue eyes. RP'D by Stormver.

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