A poem by Stormver

POV: Stormwillow

A poem about Stormwillow's feelings about Cardinalblaze


StarClan has saved me so many times,

I was able to survive.

Lucky me.

I survived isolation and starvation.

Do I see feelings?

Do I see appreciation?

Do I see anything other than what I think?

I'll never believe anything against me.

Am I a waste? 

Am I wasting my energy?

I know you see me different.

I know you see something else.

I know you see me for the wrong thing.

I'm sorry about anything against you.

I see the same thing with different eyes.

A smiling kit wouldn't make me feel better.

I know you see a different cat.

Betreyal, insanity, a traitor.

I promise you I have changed.

I hated my past actions against you.

Give me a chance.

We can make this right!

Just see my deeds and trust me.

Trust me, and we'll make this right.

Just trust me, and we'll make everything right.

No more feelings against each other.

Don't think about the past, I have tried.

Think about the present and my current state.

My daughter has kits. I have been blessed with grand kits.

My mate left. I got through. 

I want to be friends with you.

Can we just be friends and give me another chance?

Just trust me, and we'll make everything alright.

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