A poem written on the rivalry of Copperdusk and Sylvie, written by Brams.

It's a very interesting format that I've tried - I hope you guys like it. <3

Fear to Fury Edit


Loyal, intelligent.

Copperdusk, FlameClan warrior,

Always curious, past reflection.

One she loves - unreturned feelings.

She lives in fear from her -

And she is looming, and her life

Is threatened - but she has other to help.

As the time comes closer - closing in, unforeseen too,

She will fight for her life - she will defend herself -

And when the final battle comes, only one will stand victorious.

Tooth and claw she will fight, until her enemy falls,

Only she understand her reasons - from her shrouded past,

Inspired for revenge - her collar reflects her means.

Her hate for flames festers, and she

Wants revenge - she can't hold it -

Not willing to love her,

Not willing to return.

Sylvie, DarkClan spike

Unrelenting, forced


Author's NoteEdit

I swear, I really liked this rivalry, and it all started when I was drafting Dusks of Copper. Originally, (Spoilers for the RP and Dusks of Copper) Sylvie wasn't originally meant to turn evil. She was only meant to tease Copperdusk until she left for FlameClan, but when I changed my mind to the current plan, and it also changed Dusks of Copper to its current format. (End of the spoilers)

In the poem in general, this format is interesting. In one line, there is (at most) eleven words, and the number increases or decreases by one every time. Well, if you count the total words in the poem, there should be 121 of them. 121 is eleven times eleven.

Scary, but true.

Anyway, I enjoyed writing this, even though the draft (which is slightly different to this) was written on a stuffy Friday afternoon, on the way home from school. :P

Comments are greatly appreciated!

Until next time,

--The Ash Falls Down 05:45, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

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