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Current Clan None
Past Clan(s) None
Age 28 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Death Death after giving birth.
Names Dove, Dovepelt
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates None
Mate Jutt
Kit(s) Heronkit and Magpiekit
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) Unknown
Fanfiction Appearances
Living Coming Soon
Deceased Coming Soon
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Up for Adoption
Dovepelt is a quiet white tabby she-cat with pale green eyes.



Skinny white she-cat with silver stripes throughout her whole pelt. Pale green eyes, with a long thin tail.


Dovepelt is quiet and a shy cat. She will always stay hidden in the shadows, and not get into anycat's business. Although she is quiet and shy, whenever it comes to protecting her kits, she will seem like the most dangerous cat in the forest.


Dovepelt is good at hunting, since she is very quiet and observable. She is a skilled running, who is very agile and quick. Dovepelt likes to lurk in the shadows, and keep her bright pelt hidden against the sun.



Dovepelt was born a rogue in the Twolegplace. She was raised by a group of rogues and strays. Then, Dovepelt set out on her own when she was old enough. She grew very close to Koi, and befriended her. At a visit at Koi's Twoleg nest, Dovepelt was introduced to Jutt, and immediately fell in love with the affectionate tom. Jutt and Dovepelt mated, but before the kits could be born, Jutt moved away. Dovepelt was miserable, and went to Koi for guidance.


Dovepelt felt a painful thrust in her belly. Deep pangs of agony clawed at her belly. "Koi!" The she-cat wailed, her yowl to be interuptted by a painful spasm. The white tabby recoiled, her tail shivering with pain. Koi, trembling in fear and shock dashed off across the camp, finding a stick lodged into the ground. She bit into the bark, tugging it out. The calico skidded infront of Dovepelt, lending her the stick. Dovepelt clenched her teeth hard on the stick, pain surging through her pelt. The she-cat let out a piercing wail and a series of spasms clutched the tabby.


Coming Soon


Coming soon.



After visiting Koi's Twoleg nest, Dovepelt was introduced to Jutt, Koi's brother. The two immediately fell in deep love for each other and became affectionate. Dovepelt bread with Jutt, but Jutt didn't stay long enough to see the birth of Dovepelt's kits.


Koi was Dovepelt's close friend. Dovepelt loved playing with Koi in her Twoleg's garden. After Jutt's absence, Dovepelt was reunited with Koi and looked up to her for guidance.


Life ImageEdit


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