Dark Forest

   The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest, also known as the Place Of No Stars, is where evil, ambitious and cats that despise StarClan go.


Former LeadersEdit

Fallenstar — Massive, battle-scarred blue-gray tom with dark blue eyes. RP'D By: Whiskers, mwuhahaha!

Former DeputiesEdit

Former Medicine CatsEdit

Brambleface - black tom of Oriental ancestry. Roleplay by: Mink

Former WarriorsEdit

  • Skylark — Large black smoke tabby she-cat with amber eyes. RP'D By: Whiskey
  • Cougarfang- Light-furred, brown tabby tom with green eyes.
  • Emberheart - small ginger she-cat RP'd by Toscaaa
  • Ivystripe - long furred, muscular, swift, pale tan tom with black stripes. RP'd by: Edits777

Former ApprenticesEdit

Former QueensEdit

Former EldersEdit

Former RoguesEdit

  • Sky - Blue-gray tom with sky blue eyes. RP'D by Stormver
  • Sylvie - silver-gray she-cat with green eyes, former DarkClan spike. RP'd by: brams

Roleplay PageEdit

Dark Forest/Roleplay