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Spirit - massive chocolate tortoiseshell she-cat. RP'd by: George


Akamaru - Dark red tabby she cat with amber eyes. RP'D by Blue


Cliff - Handsome, battle-scarred dark brown and black tom with ice blue eyes. RP'd By: Whiskers
Willow - silver tabby and white she-cat. RP'd by Ferk
Reed - smokey tabby she-cat. RP'd by Ferk
Ember - Black cat with copper colored eyes, a scar down his right eye, and a missing back tooth.  RP'd by Beasty
Birch - brown tabby tom with yellow eyes and a yellow-brown chest. RP'd by Attack cat
Martagon - cinnamon torbie she-cat. RP'd by Patch
Lemon - golden chinchilla tom. RP'd by Patch
Harry - soft-furred cream and white tom. RP'D by Mink
Ichabod - dark brown tabby tom. RP'D by Mink
Fuli - ginger and white she-cat. RP'D by Mink
Janja - large ginger tabby tom. RP'D by Mink
Roran - red tabby tom. RP'd by: whiskers
Atarangi - black-and-white tom with pale blue eyes. RP'D by: Bramble
Sourise - very pale brown tabby she-cat. RP'D by: Bramble
Spina - Brown-and-white tabby tom. RP'D by: Bramble


Turandot - black she-cat with silver stripes. RP'd by: tosca


Briar - gray-brown tabby she-cat. Mother of Bloom. RP'd by Attack cat
Fuli - See Spikes. RP'D by Mink


Bloom - gray-brown tabby she-cat. RP'd by Attack cat
Wolverine - roan lykoi she-cat. RP'd by: blaze is a liar, this is the /greatest/ looking twin
Boris - small brown tabby tom. RP'D by Mink
Jaeger - black tom. RP'd by Patch
Harmony - grayish brown tabby. RP'd by Patch
Wolf - gray and white tom. RP'd by Patch


Ivy- slender golden-brown tabby she-cat with green eyes and white-tipped paws. RP'D by the better looking twin </span>

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