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Crowleg is a black tom with blue eyes. He is the mate of Leafshade and father to her kits. He is a warrior of FlameClan.

Current Clan StarClan
Past Clan(s) FlameClan
Age 47 moons
Status Deceased
Debut Waterfall
Death Waterfall - Killed by Stella
Names Kit: Crowkit
Apprentice: Crowpaw
Warrior: Crowleg
Mother Unnamed She-cat
Father Unnamed Tom
Littermates Unnamed Sister, Unnamed Brothers
Mate Leafshade
Kit(s) Buzzypaw, Jaykit, Cameron
Mentor(s) Unnamed cat
Apprentice(s) Cameron (Formerly)
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Buzzy



Crowleg is a black tom with blue eyes. He has a strong, muscular frame. His legs are long and powerful, with tough black pads. His fur is slowly tinging grey, but is still glossy and short.


Crowleg can be hot-headed at times, but most of the time he is calm, and a little stressed. He is a caring and protective father, and will do anything to make his kits happy. Sometimes he can be angry and terrifying, but has the ability to calm himself and channel his agressionn.


Crowleg is a naturally skilled fighter and hunter, passing on his skills to his son and former apprentice, Crazypaw. He can beat alomst anyone in a fight, using his strength and skill.



Crowleg was born to two unnamed FlameClan cats. His father died when he was an appenticee, and his mother got a new mate, but never had any more kits. He recieved his warrior name slightly earlier than the other apprentices and his littermates. He eventually became mates with Leafshade and fathered her kits. He trained Crazypaw until the time of his disappearance.


Crowleg is first seen by the Waterfall with his mate, Leafshade. He describes their relationship as 'rocky', because one of their sons is dead, their other son is missing, and their daughter is distanced from them because she is now an apprentice.

He is then attacked by Stella, who sunk her fangs into his neck and cracked his windpipe.


Family Edit

Unnamed mother - Crowleg got on well with his mother. She is now an elder, and Crowleg mainly looks after her. They have a close bond.

Unnamed father - Crowleg was intimidated by his father. They almost never interacted, and Crowleg is grateful for it. He is now deceased.

Littermates - Crowleg had one sister and three brothers, all of which are living.

Leafshade - Crowleg's mate. They currently have a rocky relationship, due to Jaykit's death and the disappearance of their other son.

Jaykit - Crowleg's dead son. He still misses him and wonders if he is in Starclan.

Cameron - Cameron is Crowleg's former apprentice and son. Crowleg knows his son is still alive, somewhere.

Buzzypaw - Crowleg's only daughter. They have a very close bond, but are growing apart because of Buzzypaw's apprenticehood.

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