Cinderfire is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Cinderfire is a thickset, dark gray she-cat with brilliant amber eyes.

Current Clan StarClan
Past Clan(s) Rogue, ScorchClan
Age 68 moons
Status Deceased
Debut ScorchClan/Roleplay
Death Exhaustion/Blood loss from kitting
Names Kit: Cinder
Rogue: Cinder
Warrior: Cinderfire
Queen: Cinderfire
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates Unknown
Mate Wispheart
Kit(s) First Litter: Smokeash, Scorchflame
Second Litter: Emberkit
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) Eaglesoar
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None
Deceased None
Sexuality None
Best Friend None
Crush None
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer Bramble

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

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Character Edit

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Skills Edit

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Life Edit


The younger Cinderfire, known as Cinder, was always an interesting cat. She was always flexible for who it came to work with - whether it was on her own, or with others. She knew another rogue tom, Wisp, well, and she was always friendly with him.

However, when ScorchClan came into the area, this interested Cinder greatly. However, not to her knowledge, her friend Wisp was against this Clan. He wanted to get them back in some way, but he didn't know how. He tried to convince Cinder to join him, and she refused, due to her liking to the Clan. Soon after, she joined, and received the warrior name Cinderfire.

Meanwhile, outside the Clan, Wisp was changing his mind. He was still a rogue, nonetheless, but he had gained Cinderfire's interest. He banded with ScorchClan for a while before joining them himself, after his sister, ironically named Scorch, was killed by rogues.

Not long after, Cinderfire, and the now-named Wispheart became mates, and soon after, Cinderfire became pregnant with the tom's kits. Now, Cinderfire is a moon away from bearing their kits, and she has just moved to the nursery...

Roleplay Edit

Not Yet Seen

Pedigree Edit

Mate: Wispheart - Living

Daughter: Scorchflame - Living

Son: Smokeash - Living

Grandson: Alderstorm - Living

Granddaughters: Coastkit - Living
Shorekit - Living
Palekit - Living


Love InterestsEdit

Coming Soon


  • Cinderfire is based of a character in one of Bramble's fanfictions on another wiki.


Life ImageEdit


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