Key + Ex: 1 week = 1 moon

Cat (Linked) What they'll become New Name Date of Ceremony
Stormpaw Warrior Stormrage May 19

Apprentices/Trainees are apprenticed at 6 moons of age.

Please put your cats on in 3 days advance of their ceremony. If the character isn't listed on the ceremony page, the leader of the Clan has a right to refuse to hold the ceremony. If a character does not have his or her page, their ceremony will not be held until it is created.


Alderpaw, Shorepaw, Frostpaw, Heronpaw Warrior Aldercloud, Frostshore, Shorewillow, Heronwing April 22nd
Congolikit, Breamkit, Wispkit, Whitekit Apprentice Congolipaw, Breampaw, Wisppaw, Whitepaw April 22nd


Acornkit Apprentice Acornpaw February 12th, 2017
Swiftpaw & Silverpaw Warrior Swiftriver & Silvershade June 27, 2017



IMPORTANT: Tribe Cats & "Ancient" Cats are apprenticed at 8 moons of age.

Tribe of Erupting VolcanoesEdit

Smoky Quartz in Rocky Cliff, Rose Petals Falling in Wind Soldiers Smoky Quartz in Rocky Cliff, Rose Petals Falling in Wind January 1


(These cats aren't really Ancient, they just have the formation of the Ancients)

Falling StarsEdit