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"Well, then, I guess I have no choice but to go with you on this journey of StarClan's. But they had better understand the consequences of it; the world as we know it will be changed forever."
— Aureolering to Stormstar and Falconheart in FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 52

Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age 13 Moons (1 1/12 Years)
Status Living
Debut FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 48
Death None
Names Loner: Aureole
Kit: Aureolekit
Apprentice: Aureolepaw
Warrior: Aureolering
Quester: Aureolering
Mother Tess
Father Sable
Littermates Corana
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Smokefoot
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None/Unknown
Deceased None
Sexuality Lesbian
Best Friend Falconheart
Crush "I'm too busy to fantasize, brat."
Worst Enemy "If you dare hurt my clan you disgusting, pathetic, crowfood-eating..."
Roleplayer Darkstripe
Aureolering is a scarred she-cat with a dazzling white pelt and slanted honey-golden eyes. Her fur is sweet-scented, as though naturally perfumed, and soft like lily petals. She lost most of her tail in a bobcat fight during The Quest to New Land.



As shown in her picture, Aureolering is a fluffy white she-cat with lovely golden eyes, which can become imaginary pools of molten lava when threatened. An aroma of sweet-smelling flowers seems to follow her wherever she goes, and can be completely blinding to the nose who smells the scrumptious fragrance.

During the Quest to New Land, Aureolering lost all but a stubby little chunk of her tail to a bobcat's teeth. However, the fur regrew with surprising swiftness, covering the bloody wound completely. The new hair makes the tail look as though it is naturally short, instead of the result of an attack. On the same journey, Aureolering also acquired two prominent scars: Three straight ones on her outer thigh, and a few others lining her neck.


Even if the she-cat may seem, at first, to have a sweet and shy demeanor, speak to her and you will find you are very wrong indeed. She is known for her sharp tongue, quickness to fight in blind devotion, and unusual toughness for a cat with somewhat of a kittypet-ish appearance. She has a clever mind and definitely doesn't let it go to waste! She isn't very pleasant around toms, but tends to treat other she-cats with more courtesy. She can be uncomfortable when in the spotlight.

Even if it sometimes proves to be her weakness at times, Aureolering is constantly questioning the intelligence of higher authority, always the first to doubt that a decision made by leaders and deputies are really the best for the clan. She even has been skeptical of StarClan in the past. However, though it is true that Aureolering has an argumentative mind, nothing in the world could dampen her unwavering loyalty to FlameClan.

Also, she has a very strange habit of sharpening her claws... constantly. It is viewed as odd by the Clan, considering most cats will only sharpen their claws for battle whereas Aureolering seems to do this all the time. It is not usually stated in the roleplay when she does sharpen her claws, because it happens too often and would be repetitive to write.


Aureolering has an uncanny gift when it comes to fighting, slashing down cats right and left as though she were made of pure steel. She is lethal in battle, and as a young apprentice she mastered several difficult maneuvers that worked in her favor many times over when engaged in warfare.

Her balance, though, was slightly impaired when she lost her tail, resulting in a distinct lack of stability at times. But she is adapting well, and her footing is still unusually precise for a cat without an important limb.


Kithood and AdolescenceEdit

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Coming Soon


Aureole's Apprentice Ceremony

Stormstar: "Aureole, until you receive your warrior name you shall be known as Aureolepaw. Smokefoot, you are a brave and noble warrior with strength even StarClan could not match; please pass down all you know to Aureolepaw."
Smokefoot: "I promise I'll make you the best warrior FlameClan has ever seen, Aureolepaw."
Not Seen in Roleplay

Aureolepaw's Warrior Ceremony

Stormstar: "I, Stormstar of FlameClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her as a warrior in her turn."
Stormstar: "Aureolepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend this clan, even at the cost of your life?"
Aureolepaw: "I do."
Stormstar: "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Aureolepaw, from this moment on you will be known as Aureolering. StarClan honors your strength and passion, and we welcome you as a full warrior of FlameClan."
Not Seen in Roleplay



Mother: Tess - Status Unknown

Father: Sable - Status Unknown

Sister: Corona - Deceased, Verified StarClan Member





"C'mon... C'mon... I won't let you drown..."
Aureolering thoughts

Aureolering and Falconheart are almost like sisters. They are very close friends, and their bond has only strengthened since The Quest to New Land. Whenever Falconheart needs a shoulder to lean on, Aureolering is there, and vice versa. She even saved the tabby's life once! Aureolering would move mountains for her friend if she had to; no friendship is stronger than that.



"Are you challenging me to a duel? Because I will gladly show you how a real warrior fights."
Aureolering to Blazefire

Aureolering and Blazefire started off on the wrong paw, to say the least. In fact, she even picked a fight with Blazefire the moment the Quest began, even going as far as to challenge her to a duel. However, they are beginning to get along far better than before, and Aureolering is a little ashamed of their fight, but she has yet to apologize.


Coming Soon

Sierra JoAnnEdit

"Watch out!"
Aureolering to Sierra JoAnn during the Bobcat Attack

Aureolering doesn't know much about Sierra, other than that she is a quester. However, she feels concern toward the young she-cat, since she often seems lonely and left out. She makes an effort to talk to her and make her feel more welcome, and comfort her when she looks sick or upset.


"I'm one of FlameClan's three. And I'd like to get something straight- if any of you lay a claw on Stormstar or Falconheart during the journey, or even think of hurting any of my clanmates while you're here, then I'll make sure it's the last thing you do. Otherwise... we shall get along excellently."
Aureolering to Rex and the other DarkClan cats

Aureolering didn't know the DarkClan tom very well, and felt nothing toward him but hostility. She never knew that Rex secretly admired her- he died before he could tell her how he felt.


"I was in a beautiful field, when I saw my sister Corona come towards me. She said she had a prophecy for me... and although I could barely make it out over this terrible drumming noise, I think it went like this: The end to this land is coming, you and your two other clanmates, along with three from the other clans, shall follow the blue star at every night and dawn to the new land, the safe haven. Once you reach this home, you will look into the water and see the star shining directly above. Settle there or else... and that was when the sound completely blotted out her words. There was a flash of red, and I woke up. What does it mean? Do we have to leave?"
— Aureolering to Stormstar about the Prophecy FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 52
"StarClan... Protect Falconheart. Protect Stormstar and Blazefire. Protect the young'n Sierra JoAnn. Protect them all, for me."
— Aureolering's thoughts during the Bobcat Attack The Quest to New Land
"Congrats, Falconheart! They're beautiful. I bet they'll make good hunters like their mother."
— Aureolering about Falconheart's kits FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 50


Life ImageEdit

Cat-cute-eyes-golden-white-Favim com-169017

Character PixelsEdit

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  • She is the first cat Dark ever made here, and her favorite.
  • Dark might make a fanfiction based on Aureolering, detailing her backstory and how she ended up in FlameClan. It will also explain what happened to her sister, Corona.
    • It would be called Hiraeth. (It means a longing for a home that was taken from you, or never existed at all.)
  • If Aureolering were a character in Armello, she would be River.