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Current Clan FlameClan
Past Clan(s) None
Age 22 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Death Unknown
Names Kit: Ashkit
Apprentice: Ashpaw
Warrior: Ashbreeze
Mother Blazefire
Father Stormstar
Littermates Littermates:
Rebel 1, Rebel 2, Dapplestorm
Younger Siblings:
Otterstrike, Minkdance, Flyheart, Horsestorm
Mate Alderstar (Betrothed)
Kit(s) Expecting
Mentor(s) Griffinflight
Apprentice(s) None
Fanfiction Appearances
Living None/Unknown
Deceased None
Sexuality Mono-heteroromantic
Best Friend Brightwhisker
Crush -cough- waitwhat?
Worst Enemy None
Roleplayer whiskers
Ashbreeze is a pretty pale silver tabby she-cat with hetero blue and green eyes.



Taller, slender, light-weight, not very muscular but fairly toned, thin, fairly attractive, longer tail, well-groomed pelt, pale blue eyes with poorer eyesight, small and round paws, short and thicker fur, high cheek bones. Coming Soon


Sweet, gentle, kind-hearted, wise, shy, quiet, distant, gullible, understanding, easily made jealous. Coming Soon


Swift runner, average hunter, great swimmer, stealthy from light weight, but an overall poor battler. Coming Soon



Coming Soon


Coming Soon


she's still here noobs



Blazefire- Living


Stormstar- Living


Dapplestorm- Living

Brightwhisker- Living


Tornadostorm- Living


Scarletflame- Deceased, verified StarClan Member

Emberwish- Living

Mintfrost- Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member

Brightfern- Living


Ivy- Living


Sunsetflame - Living

Nightstripe - Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member

Phoenixflame- Living

Shadowpelt- Deceased, Residence Unknown.

Unknown Uncles/Aunts:

Three Unnamed Stillborns- Deceased, Suspected StarClan Members.


Infernopaw- Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member

Violetheart - Living

Sunriseshadow- Living

Sisalkit- Living

Hopkit- Living


Redriver - Living

Cardinalblaze - Deceased, Verified StarClan Member.


Unknown - Status Unknown

Birchstar - Deceased, Verified StarClan Member.


Falconstripe- Deceased, Residence Unknown.

Unknown Great-Uncles/Aunts:

Three Unknown Stillborns- Deceased, Suspected StarClan Members.


Unknown, Unknown (maternal)- Presumed Deceased

Primroseheart, Dapplepatch- Deceased, Verified StarClan Members.


Owlscream, Foxtail, - Deceased, Verified StarClan Members.



Stormstar & Blazefire:

"I love my mother and father and admire them greatly, even thought they betrothed me to someone I don't love. My father's a fantastic leader, probably the best the clan has ever seen. And my mother? If I ever needed someone to disappear, I know just who to ask, she can kick tail."
— Ashbreeze's thoughts on her parents thoughts


"I...think that when he was born, mom was in a tree and he fell out or something. Okay, I love him, but he's nuts. Not dumb, just crazy, a very crazy 'rebel' who just doesn't give a crap to anything. It's kinda cool, I admire him for that, but at the same time, feel bad for him. Most people would see him as a jock, but I know the real him. He's a mastermind of craftiness."
— Ashbreeze's thoughts on Tornadostorm thoughts


"Brightwhisker and I started out alright, until she got, well...a bit too much like Tornadostorm. Rebels. Then she claimed to love Cypressshade, I got betrothed, and everything went down hill from there. We fought a lot, and it was terrible, until we had a few sisterly moments...but no matter what, I'll always love her as a sister."
— Ashbreeze's thoughts on Brightwhisker thoughts


"Unfortunately, I never knew my sister well, and I'm very sure we could've gotten along greatly. She was a wallflower like me, and when I was a kit, I tried to make both of us known by dragging her outside...didn't go well."
— Ashbreeze's thoughts on Dapplestorm thoughts

Coming Soon



"I was betrothed to him in order to seal a peace treaty. Before anyone else blames my father, doing this was my idea on behalf of my Clan. I want to keep them safe...Alderstar doesn't seem all too bad anyways, I think he'll be an ok mate, especially since he was born in my Clan. He seems kind enough as well, but we do not love each other. But after he saved me from that fox, and I tried to heal him, I must admit that I consider him a friend. I was a bit surprised to have him jump to my aid and save my life, giving up one of his own in the process...but expecting his kits? That surprised me even more."
— Ashbreeze's thoughts on Alderstar thoughts
Although she is yet to be overly fond of her mate, like most cats are of theirs, Ashbreeze holds a decent amount of respect for the ScorchClan leader. After all, being betrothed to him was her idea to seal the treaty between the two Clans. She holds no attraction to the tom, and barely sees him as a friend, but knows it is now her job to stand by his side as his mate. Every few days she visits him in his Clan, primarily because it's her job, but also because she's curious to get to know him. Ashbreeze may never hold him as a love interest, but she does wish to become a close ally of his, especially because she has a lack of good friends. But after he saved her life from that fox, giving up one of his own in the process, Ashbreeze can't help but to now consider him a good friend of hers, although she doesn't see him often. When she learned that she was expecting his kits, she was taken back, and currently isn't very excited by the news, and fears telling him.

Love InterestsEdit

Cypressshade: (Formerly)

"I-I, well...I've liked him since I was young, obviously. I always found him handsome and very very brave, especially when it comes to speaking his mind. Everyone sees him as big and scary, me, he's my big warm teddy bear....I just wished, at that time, that we could be together. Even though we were unable to be mates, he was always there for me, and sticks with me through thick and thin. I know he'd kill to keep me safe, and I'd do the same for him. Words couldn't describe how I felt about him. But...I was young, and he was my only friend, and we both realized that our love was just powerful friendship, and we were each other's only friend."
— Ashbreeze's thoughts on Cypressshade thoughts
The two were quick to become friends after Torandostorm and Brightwhisker targeted Cypressshade as one of their teasing things. After Ashbreeze came to his defense, the two became the greatest of friends, and hung out strictly with each other, as they never found any other friends previously. Due to the fact that they were each others' only friend, they mistakened their feelings of friendship for romance, thus firing up a false attraction to one and other. It took Cypressshade to hang out with Brightwhisker all day for both Ashbreeze and Cypressshade to realize this, and for now, they are only really good friends.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


"You butted your big head into his business first, sister...So I have every right to do the same!"
Ashkit to Brightkit while defending Cypressshade FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 64
"And no random tom can just come around and hit on my sister if she doesn't want to be hit on, unless this someone wants to get hit over the head."
Ashbreeze to Crowclaw as he tries to hit on Brightwhisker FlameClan/Roleplay/Archive 67


  • Spirit has plans...





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